City switched for job unable to adjust: Can you help?

Question from Job Seeker:

I can’t seem to adjust into my new working environment although the company is paying me well along with a good post. I joined office here a month ago and I feel like I have made a mistake leaving my previous job. Actually I have switched cities as well. I do not seem to be able to settle down into the new environment. Guide me what should I do?

Answer from ROZEE:

To resolve a problem you first need to underline the right issue. Basically yours is not related to work. And to my understanding it is not related to your co-workers either.

It could be due to the change in your living and working environments. Switching cities is not a cup of tea. It needs a lot of consideration to take such kind of decisions. Apparently when your current job was offered it appealed in a way that you decided to even switch cities. It means that you were excited about your job and was thoroughly satisfied with the conditions attached to it. This probably could be the case right now as well.

Your present situation could be due to home sickness. A person is habitual of a certain ambiance of his native city. It is quite obvious that you feel a bit left out between the new city environment and the mood of its people.

Assuming that you have just recently switched your job, do not take hasty decisions right away. Sit back and relax. Give some time to yourself and people around you to get attuned to each other. Do not be a loner. Try making new friend. Get yourself more involved in work.

Time is the best remedy. Give your best at least for one year at your present job place. Exhaust all your options first.
And if even after one year you feel the same as you are feeling today you do not even have to ask me this question. You will be ready for your flight for your next job.