CEO Engro Foods Reveals Key Properties Of A Potential Job Seeker

img_spotlight11Q1. How does Engro keep its graduates and faculty up to date with cutting-edge trends?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: Our youth is technology savvy and today technology is a way of life. We are a very young organization so understanding the need of the day we continue to leverage technology in many areas of our business. We are investing heavily in world’s renowned ERP solution (SAP) and have developed in-house systems for sales, marketing and inventory management. Our engagement with ROZEE for online recruitment is another initiative to further benefit from what technology has to offer us.

Q2. While the dairy, chemical and fertilizer industry among others are facing increased competition, where do you see Engro overall in the next 5 years?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: Our vision is to be a Premier Pakistani Company with an International reach. Our fundamental strategy is based on being significant in the sectors we operate in and in the next 5 years Engro will be the leading player (or close) in these sectors.

Q3. Do you believe Pakistani Universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is Engro’s strategy to attract and create the best talent in Pakistan?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: People are the heart of our business. We believe in hiring the best talent available, however, we feel that Pakistani Universities face challenges in meeting the demands of current age. Engro is known for developing sound professionals. We believe in investing in our people and therefore give them challenging assignments, exciting projects and relevant training. We also tend to rotate people in various facets of work, thus giving them diverse experience and preparing them for future leadership roles.

Q4. Does Engro emphasize on work life balance in its organization and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: At Engro, it is the responsibility of each individual to manage work in a fashion that they are able to keep a balance between work and personal life. However, this is not easy to accomplish in the expansion and project phase, but it is clearly the intention of the organization to achieve it.

Q5. As a major partner in ROZEE.PK’s online recruiting tools, how would you rate the success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: Internet is an integral part of our youth now a days. Online recruiting tools not only help us reach out to a wider range of talent but also enable us to manage the ensuing recruitment costs. We believe that this recruitment channel has a huge potential to grow and can innovate to reach the desks of line managers so that they have direct access to the available talent pool. Our recruitment portal is powered by ROZEE.PK and we are happy with this partnership. I wish them continued success.

Q6. What are Engro’s principles of success?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: Engro’s passion to win, appetite for risk-taking, sense of ownership and operational excellence has been the core of its success. Our secret of achievement is the exceptional and unparalleled performance and growth in each of the areas that we operate in. This was possible due to the SBUs that managed each area. Each BOD has the independence to operate according to its industry dynamics. Above all as a company we have a strong belief in the future of Pakistan and its potential to grow. Our growth strategy builds on this belief and we are playing our role for its realization.

Q7. Human Resources are among the first casualties of an economic slowdown. What is Engro’s strategy to deal with these challenges?

Sarfaraz A. Rahman: Fortunately, we are in a position to convert this perceived problem into an opportunity for ourselves. We are expanding at a phenomenal rate and we feel it is important to continue to attract the best talent. We want to keep the hopes high in the job market even at a time when the economy is not at its best.

Sarfaraz A Rehman is the Chief Executive Officer of Engro Foods Limited. He has 24 years of professional work experience, mainly in the FMCG industry. He started his career with Unilever in 1983 and spent time in Finance, Marketing Services and Projects. Then he moved on to Smithkline Beecham and was involved in the Merger and Strategic Planning. Later he spent several years with Jar dine Matheson in the Middle-East, mainly in business development and then set up a logistics service provider for them. He then moved to Pepsi International and spent several years managing the Pakistan and Afghanistan Unit.

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  2. My name is Muhammad Bilal Umar from Sahiwal I am good for your company my experience are Nestle Pakistan Ltd three years’ experience, Reckitt Benkiser pvt ltd Four year experience. I want to join your company because your company is the best in the world and is growing at a good pace.

  3. I am professional and join the professionals team. I appreciate his marketing strategies agaist Nestle Milkpack and engro Adverisments are one of the best ever viewded.

    M.Nadeem Zulfiqar
    M.Com.(Hailey), LLB,
    M.A.(Econ.), PIPFA, ACMA (Stage V)

  4. Engro foods because it is in the hands of professionals,Investment on Labour force is smart invesment. They take care of employees in all respects. My cousin work in Engro Karachi. I also want to join this organizatio. I have sent my CV by postal to Sahwial plant and email to karachi.

    I am resident of Sahiwal and want to join engro Sahiwal

  5. i have four years professional experience in national and multinational companies. i wish to work with engro food at managerial level.

  6. Dear Naeem,

    Professional world is full of competition. It seems like running on the phenomena of survival of the fittest. So you have to fit into the circumstances like the right piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Your qualifications entitle you to a good job however there are a few things that should be determined before hand. The best way to land yourself in a job position successfully depends on the way you have constructed your CV and the way you have performed in your job interviews. Also it is eminent to see if you have applied for a job related to your qualifications or not as it is the only way you can get a career oriented job that you so badly desire.

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  7. It was a good interview,however questions related with educational background should be asked from such personalilities so that young generation can get inspiration from persons who are managing the companies like Engro. The interview revloved around Engro and less on personality of Mr. Sarfaraz, in my opinion more should have been covered on his personilty and leadership as well.

  8. Is the experienced gained through personal business may be considerd as an job requirement? if yes,what ll be its worth as compre to regular job experience?
    look forward to hearing your expert views about.

  9. I have 3 years of experience in Ice Cream field in Dispatch Department.
    As I hear that Engro Foods is launching it’s new ice cream brand very soon.

    I need a suitable job for that as I have the experience as well.

    How can I apply for this?

    Kindly Rpply,

    Warm Regards,
    Tehreem Abbas

  10. Its wonderfull interview like the the interview of CEO Telenor Mr.J.E Abdullah, through such worth reading stuff,not only knowledge improves rather we come to know that how Executives think.But today here i am having some concerns regarding to the hiring process of different companies.I am afraid that currently most of the National & even MNC prefers refrences not directly but through their some employees.So, you need to have some good refrence & than you can easily avoid some shortlisting & scrutinising process and can appear directly in an interview.In this way comapnies lost their competent and deserving stuff. My request is here to avoid such practice and do welcome the pure Human Capital.

  11. It is good to see that there are people who want to invest in people and think them as a heart of the system. This mentality will surely improve and boost the moral of the people working in such organization.

    I am currently working in Dubai, but i will not leave any chance in coming back to Pakistan and serve my country better.

  12. I am pleased to read your advices regarding professionalism,which is much impressive which have lot of learning stuff.I would thank you on giving such advices.
    Take care.

    Muhammad Saleem Akbar

  13. Well I do like the vision of Engro and its work philosophy. Leadership plays a key role in the evolution of a company. It also inspires the workforce to achieve larger goals in short span of time. The current era is all about smart working. Technology will always remain a tool in creating a competitive advantage in any organizations but the most important thing in any organization success are its values, vision, mission statement and off course Human Capital.
    I strongly desire Engro to become number FMCG Company of Pakistan especially giving a tough time to giants like Nestle, Unilever etc and my prayers are that it becomes the first MNC of Pakistan.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Really I feel that this is the best way to get the knowledge about our career. Some days ago I appeared in the interview for the Area Sales Manager (Hyderabad). I passed written test and got a call for the interview But after that I did not receive any call about my recruitment.
    I an very much interested to join your organization as regional sales manager.
    Again I am really impressed by your career advice .

  15. I’ve been a member of an online recruitment firm for the last 2 years but have not received any interview call from any company despite my working experience as Area Sales Manager in a FMCG.

    • Dear Nasar,

      Kindly contact the support team of your recruitment firm and file your complain so that the problem with your account can be sorted out for a smooth flow of your recruitment process.

      ROZEE Team

  16. Wonderful,

    I like the management philosophy of this man. He knows how to plan and when should he execute.

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