Question from Job Seeker:

Despite being an MBA – Finance, I have already wasted 5 years of my life working in a call center due to some personal reasons. My aptitude is still towards careers requiring public dealings (advertising, hospitality, media, etc.). I am at a stage where I am highly uncomfortable accepting a non-managerial position. I have about 8 years of working experience in different industries, mostly administration. I was highly dissatisfied at my last job due to my over qualification for my position & a difficult phase imposed on me by my immediate supervisor as I used to receive encouragement from the senior management.

What are my options now? I am on a break for more than a year now. The goal was to rebuild my confidence levels and positive attitude. But I have noticed that during my interviews I get highly nervous, anxious and exude a total lack of confidence. So, I never hear from the employer again. Should I go through some sort of counseling? How can I get back on career track? I wish to be independent once again with a job which offers me satisfaction and long terms career path. Please advice.


Answer from ROZEE:

Dear Sofia,

Professional experience in any field always pays off; you must not let negative vibes creep into your mind. 5 years is a long term investment in a specific field. You have this experience in customer care which fortunately does not block your career path. You have quite good options here for yourself as you have mentioned that you have an aptitude for advertising, hospitality and media. So you can start by applying for these kinds of jobs. One drawback, however, is that you have no first hand experience in these specific fields. But you are a trained professional with 8 years of experience which will help you climb the success ladder at a faster pace. Best field for you might be hospitality and media though, as they have a diverse variety of branches to choose from.

On the other hand, you have a professional degree of MBA-Finance which makes you eligible for a good position in banking sector or a good multinational firm. This should have been your first choice after completion of your studies as it is more in line with your area of studies. Anyhow, you can switch back to this field as well which might be more beneficial for you.

When you switch your fields, you are required to get specific training for that field for a specific period of time, where your abilities are better judged, so you might not want to put a restriction for a managerial position at this stage. What we will advise you is to get the feel of the job nature first, judge your market value and then push for a managerial post.

The cause of feeling nervous and anxious during interviews happens with you because may be at the back of your mind you are still indecisive of changing your field at all or you are dubious whether the company you are interviewed for is going to hire you or not.

You need to be confident while you are sitting in an interview. What you can do is plan some mock interviews. You  can seek help from a friend and practice by he/she adopting the role of the interviewer and you of a candidate. This will seem a bit difficult at first but  it will pay big time results.

When you apply for a job, you need to be sure if this is the post you want to work for. When you have made a decision and are positive about it, you will feel confident and your anxiousness and lack of confidence will be dissolved automatically. Also get complete details about the nature of a job and its specifications before applying for it to get a better understanding of the nature of questions you will be asked during the interview.

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Remember, it always needs an effort and to be a true professional to get  a good job and you know it better with such good years of experience.