50 Year Old Job Seeker: After 20 Years Of Work Experience, What Is It That I am Lacking?

Question from Job Seeker:

I am an M.Sc, LLB qualified with over 20 years of experience in HR /Administration. At the age of 50 today I am jobless looking for a job. I feel today that all this education and experience is nothing. What is it that I am lacking?


Answer from ROZEE:

Dear Shamshad,

Let’s come straight to the point. Whereas your 20 plus years of HR and Admin experience is of immense value to companies, your 50 years of age is probably a bigger deterrent. It is an international phenomenon that companies tend to prefer younger (read cheaper) resources over more aged workers. Having said that, let’s focus on what you can do to make your positive (20 years of experience) outshine your negative (your age).

Your experience and your education gives you a variety of options. You have an M.Sc degree, so you can start with teaching in an institute. Teaching is a good profession with your rich experience of work. You can teach the subject of HR even as a visiting faculty and you have a lot of institutes to choose from.

Two, you can focus entirely on an administrative role in a multi-national company that is willing to pay well for your experience. Another option is to highlight your LLB degree with your HR/Admin experience in your CV to showcase that as an HR manager with a sound knowledge of law, you will be a far better resource than a fresh HR manager.

The most important thing to focus on is your CV. Remove personal information, not all companies demand it. Create a Professional Summary statement and include your most important experience in there. It may also help to get your CV made professionally.

Positive thinking leads to positive results. It might seem like preaching right now but it is a proven fact that the more passive you are the more negativity surrounds you. You have a rich experience of 20 years plus good higher education. It should only be a matter of time before you find something to match your background.

Best of Luck!

5 thoughts on “50 Year Old Job Seeker: After 20 Years Of Work Experience, What Is It That I am Lacking?

  1. I am really amazed to see such nice comments from Hiba. We must know that there is no shortcut to the experience, and knowledge you gain through experience is 1000 times more powerful and practical than just studying. I am a young person 31 years of age but solute our experienced professionals.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    It’s not as complicated as mentioned above. You need to understand the complete picture rather than reading the information provided in bits and pieces above.

    You are struggling when people of all ages are doing the same. I am afraid you have no other choice other than ”perseverance”

  3. Dear All,

    I must say I was so happy to read your comments and felt encouraged as well. I felt all that because my father is also at the age of 50+ and jobless for almost a year now.

    It just becomes very gloomy for anyone with so much experience and expertise to be rejected at an age where the requirement is to be acknowledged for the years of work one has been doing. But in our society and all over the world, old age is being taken so negatively.. where I believe experience speaks better then age!

    With such comments of you all I am pleased, and will make sure that my father reads all this and feels the urge to go out there and again search for our better future! …

    I am thankful to you Mr. Imran and Mr. Mansoor for having such an approach plus being so kind as to voice ur choice as well.

    Best Regards & Respects,

    Hiba Menai

  4. Dear Shamshad,

    As Imran has mentioned, please do not focus on the age. As a industry professional I always look for the person who has common sense, presentation skills, consultancy background.

    You should focus on working as a consultant rather than “looking for a job”. You must brand yourself.

    Furthermore, If you network with your past work associates and different companies you may find a consultancy work.

    Moreover, do not show desperation of finding a job. Instead concentrate how “you can help organizations”.

    I guarantee if you only change your perception of finding a job to become a consultant you will be back in the market.

    If you need help, please let me know by visiting my site at http://www.intelisales.com.

    Good luck.

    Mansoor Abedin

  5. Hello Shamshad

    Rozee provides very good suggestions regarding some possible alternatives. I do not agree with Rozee, when she explain age as negative. It is an excuse but not a rule.

    Although you have an excellent set of hard skills and experience but you also need to focus on your soft skills. Often we do not give importance to these skills. Two of the possible soft skills are communication and marketing.

    Key rule of communication is (if you listen to FM 101 you know it very well) “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”.

    Key rule of marketing is (if you have read Immutable laws of Marketing) “Marketing is a battle of perceptions not products”.

    For example if you go for a teaching job first thing you need to do is to present yourself in a nice marketable package i.e. good resume and cover letter are your marketing tools, and good interview skills could be your communication tool.

    Lastly, age is your strenght not weakness, never think or present it as weakness or negative. Always remember key rules of marketing and communication and use them for your benefit.

    Imran Pardasi

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