Worked 6 Years For A Software House; Currently Unemployed: Guide Me To The Right Career Route

Question from Job Seeker:

I have 6 years of work experience and I am jobless for the last 11 months. I have master’s degree in Computer Sciences and my last job was in a software house where I worked in oracle as a DBA. Thrice it has happened that the job was offered to me but after 3-4 days the company excused for one reason or the other. Kindly advise me the right career route.


Answer from ROZEE:

You have a good technical experience of 6 years in the field of software engineering along with good academic qualifications. You have also mentioned that you have been offered jobs thrice within 11 months which mean you have been a prospect candidate for the companies you have applied for.

The field of IT is open for prospective candidates. The problem is not your skill set actually, it is the company you have selected to join for professional purpose. You probably have applied for the companies who are small and are project based and have their main offices are in UK & US etc. Due to the global economic crisis the reason could be that the project pipe line got dried up and the companies who extended the job offer were unable to honor their professional commitment with you.

The option for a skilled professional like you is to apply in big multinational companies who have their own in house software houses and are not project based. They have their own development projects and will be willing to utilize your experience.

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9 thoughts on “Worked 6 Years For A Software House; Currently Unemployed: Guide Me To The Right Career Route

  1. I want a job in IT filed (Networking). I found a job 7 months ago, and many interviews after that, through, but I do not get selected. I am tired of finding a job.

  2. Being an HR student let me give you an insight about the process. Perhaps this will help “THE” rejection part.
    In recession almost all the departments every where are directed to cease the hiring AND to keep the HR processes running. Recruitment and section is big part of the HR process (as we all know) so during such times to keep the employees in touch they keep performing their day to day activities. Recruitment comes into the activities but selection does not. That’s where you get rejected. Even if the Manager or who ever took your interview hired you they have to back off the offer, because the company can’t afford more employees.

    And the luck part, always counts. Let me give you an example. I won’t mention the company’s name but it’s an oil and gas company. They fired a person due to recession, who had been working in the recovery department for 5 years, only on a 3 hours’ notice. In a country like ours of course you can’t sue them back but the most important part is that a lot of people don’ t know about it.

    Anyways what I can suggest is, don’t get out of touch, keep reading and try some online job related to your field.

    Good Luck

  3. Hi everyone, it’s nice to read comments about employment based on degree. It’s true that for the very first job someone gets, degree is the tool that makes employer fool. But after that the only thing that counts is your skill in your particular field. If you have enough potential to hit the higher ranks in company, you will get it anyway. Trust me, for that you will not be asked for a degree from IBA or LUMS. Even one from KU will work out for you.


    All we could do is work hard, pray & try. You know what my teacher used to say “if something is written in your fate or naseeb, can any one else get it?” We all said “NO”.

    There’s always a moment for every one, 6 years of experience can get you a good managerial level position easily, the problem is not with your qualification, experience, skills & competencies. Take a look around, the world is suffering from economic recessions.

    When one is so numb, he needs to look at all those people, who didn’t even get what he has already!! So please don’t feel bad!!

    What is written for you, is only yours, none else would be able to get it!!

  5. Dear Mr. Faisal, Omar and Shahid !

    I have just read your comments and really appreciate Mr. Faisal’s thoughts. He is right and I am witness of that because I am a simple graduate from UK and I got some technical skills from institutions and now I am working as an IT Manager in Karachi. Honestly, I am telling you that I was also the person who used to blame his luck but when I realized that there is a luck but it depends on my hard work and my dedication, I got a lot of success in my life. I also wanna share one single rule for all the people who are reading this article that please do something every day for your career, read at least one book in a month related to your field and when you will do this, your luck will never be the same as it is now where you are blaming the luck.

    Thanks & Best Regards.

  6. Nice Omer, your questions are genuine. But we as a contestant for a good job, should work hard with a view in our mind that God sees everything and He will give us a good career according to our capabilities.

    No doubt in our country there is no job without reference, but we should work hard which is the Real Reference for us.

    Well Article From ROZEE was great and Very Helpful to improve our Resumes.
    Thanks Rozeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………

  7. Mr. Omar Khalid I think you can get your answer with in your question. As we know “Rozee” is from God with some “if else ” statements but how to get it, is your luck. But you can make you luck with hard work regardless of any family background or anything else. A common man with average luck can do anything with hard work as he can make his luck.

    What you should do (like me common man)

    * Just realize what you are
    * Define your goal
    * Define the requirement
    * Grade yourself (where you stand)
    * Make a To Do’s list to make yourself update
    * Work hard until you finish

    Then publish your self with confidence

    It’s not all about getting a degree! Degree only represents your qualification but if you are applying for any job it is very important that you have the required skills. If you do have the skills and a good personality, you can get your dream job. One should be prepared and if you are dedicated than nothing can stop you.

    As far as the decision makers are concerned, I know a lot of people personally who worked really hard during the initial stages of their career but when they got success they did not care for it. So you should be more concerned about your own self and not look up to someone. I would like to quote here:

    “Khudi ko kar buland itna ka har takdeer say pahlay
    Khuda banday say kud poochay bata tari raza kia ha”

    Summery of all the dicussion is :
    hadrwork + dedication + sincerity = luck + honour

  8. I would like to ask the Rozee gurus to tell me that do a person gets his / her remuneration based on Naseeb or educational and family background.

    Does references, parchee and source kills merit and ineligible people get the job while on merit people get rejected and become peons, clerks and cab drivers with PHD degrees?

    Are the decision maker of our country who gets good money like government officials, ministers, city nazims, police comissioners who control the country graduates of LUMS or IBA.

    Why is our country has a sinking economy and what are the LUMS and IBA gold medalist doing about it, if they are so genius?

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