Question from Job Seeker:

I have 6 years of work experience and I am jobless for the last 11 months. I have master’s degree in Computer Sciences and my last job was in a software house where I worked in oracle as a DBA. Thrice it has happened that the job was offered to me but after 3-4 days the company excused for one reason or the other. Kindly advise me the right career route.


Answer from ROZEE:

You have a good technical experience of 6 years in the field of software engineering along with good academic qualifications. You have also mentioned that you have been offered jobs thrice within 11 months which mean you have been a prospect candidate for the companies you have applied for.

The field of IT is open for prospective candidates. The problem is not your skill set actually, it is the company you have selected to join for professional purpose. You probably have applied for the companies who are small and are project based and have their main offices are in UK & US etc. Due to the global economic crisis the reason could be that the project pipe line got dried up and the companies who extended the job offer were unable to honor their professional commitment with you.

The option for a skilled professional like you is to apply in big multinational companies who have their own in house software houses and are not project based. They have their own development projects and will be willing to utilize your experience.

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