Dissatisfied With The Current Employment: What Is The Best Time to Switch?

Question from Job Seeker:

I have been working with my current employer in the Sales department for the last 3 years. I like my employer and don’t have any major issues as far as the Administration and my Manager is concerned. The only thing that dissatisfies me is the work routine. I sometimes get sick of being overburdened while at other times of sitting idle. I feel like I am not doing anything constructive for the company. Is this the time for me to look forward to switching my job? I do have a few other options with a better salary offer. Please assist.
Humaira Khan

Answer from ROZEE:

The most important thing to do in life and one’s career is to be positive at all times and be eager and willing to learn. Work routines have a tendency to become monotonous after a while but it is necessary to be not let down by this. As a professional you have to set your priorities straight and ask yourself a couple of questions like:

“Have I learned everything that this organization has to offer?”
“Have I given my 100% to my work?”
“Have I achieved personal targets in this organization?”
“Is there further room for professional and personal growth in the other job?”

If the answers to such questions are positive then it is the right time to move on and find a new job.

A good professional does not hop jobs for the heck of it. A minimal increase in the new offered salary might look very promising to begin with but may not give you enough learning and professional growth opportunities. Changing a job is a very important decision and make sure you spend ample time on making it. Being impulsive about it will not help.

Best of Luck!

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