Question from the Job Seeker:

I am a Bachelors degree holder and could not continue my studies due to some unfortunate economic conditions. I started off my career in Marketing with a small company, switched my job after 2 years and am currently working with one of the SMEs (small medium enterprises). The good point is that I did not switch my career with the job. I have been looking for a better position since last year as I have almost 5 years of experience by now and am not being promoted to a the Managerial position only because I don’t have an MBA degree. I have seen my friends growing in to higher management positions in other industries who have been promoted for their experience and not for a Masters Degree.
Should I switch the employer or even that won’t help? I can’t afford to get a Masters degree as now I have a family to support.

Sana Ahmed

Answer From ROZEE:

No one can deny the importance of education but over the years we have seen some non-degree holders perform exceptionally well because they were eager to learn and produce results. Employers ask for specializations and degrees because there is a lot of competition in the market and people with specialized degrees are usually the ones who have realized their true potential and skill set and gotten a degree to support it. Having said that, non degree holders can prove to be equally productive.

We will recommend that you have a friendly chat with your managers or CEO, if you can, and discuss your concerns. Any good employee is an asset to his organization and the company will be more than willing to discuss a growth plan. Ask for honest feedback and criticism so that you know where the fault lies.

However, if the promotion is being hindered because of work politics or because you have reached your maximum in the organization and there are no further growth opportunities then it is better to look for a switch.

Best of luck!