Are You The Victim Of Job Related Stress?

job_stress_1Several surveys and examinations confirm that work-related pressures and fears are the most prevalent sources of stress. Anyone who works will agree to the fact that we all go through job stress at some point. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. It can affect our physical and mental health. Therefore, it is very important to control stress in time or else it can lead to serious depression. With desperate economic conditions it has become even more difficult to deal with hard situations at work. Stress due to personal reasons can also affect your work with no one wanting to lose their job at any cost.

Job related stress makes one unproductive at work and though it might not be easy to totally avoid stress from work, but every effort must be made to mitigate its affect. In order to do this, we must look at different sources of job stress.

1. Control:

With a lot of responsibilities and less decision making power, an employee can feel inferior. If a worker’s point of view is that his boss does not trust him with decision making, it can affect his performance which will result in to stress.

2. Increased Responsibilities:

Another thing which can be very stressful is additional responsibilities. It can get even worse if you have a lot to do and still you cannot say “No” to new tasks. It becomes more stressful if you are spending extra hours just to finish the work.

3. Job Insecurity:

Organizations go through metamorphic changes under intense economic alterations and consequent pressures. Reformations, invasions, mergers, downsizings and other changes have become most important stressors for workers, as companies try to live up to the competition to survive. These restorations have put demand on everyone, from a CEO to mere executives.

4. Communication Gap:

At work place it is expected of us to interact with our colleagues, managers. Sometimes poor communication skills prevent you from talking to your co-workers which results in unhealthy relationships and can cause job stress.

5. Less Support:

Lack of support from your boss or colleagues can also be reason of your stress. Poor social environment and so not welcoming office can affect your work a lot.

6. Stressful Activities Like Traveling from One Place to Another:

If your work includes physical activities such as running from one place to another or going for meeting can result in to physical exhaustion which can directly affect your work. For a healthy mind it is very important to have a healthy body and if you are not physically well, you won’t be able to work.

7. Bullying, Harassment and Violence:

These things if related to work place can definitely be a major reason for stress. If an employee is suffering from constant bullying, offensive behavior or harassment he won’t be able to concentrate on his work at all which will result in to work stress or even suffer from severe depression.

8. Meeting Deadlines

Another major reason for job stress is that sometimes we keep on putting things off until the last possible moment and afterwards when we have to meet deadlines and are unable to do so results in to stress. Unrealistic expectations, especially in the time of corporate reorganizations, which, sometimes, puts unhealthy and unreasonable pressures on the employees, can be a tremendous source of stress and suffering.

Effects of Job Stress

1. Lack of Concentration:

With all the stress going around, it becomes really hard to concentrate on work, which will inevitably cause you to forget even the most basic things.

2. Low Productivity:

No breaks and long hours of work will lead to mental stress and will predictably cause worn-out employees. It’s no surprise that working longer hours will initiate a huge decline in productivity.

3. Mental Preoccupation:

Job stress can lead to mental preoccupation. If you are unable to concentrate on your work because you are stressed out due to various reasons, it will directly affect your performance. It becomes more difficult in such situations when you have to do a group work and you may not be present in the team at all times.

4. Headaches:

Experts agree that work stress plays a major role in developing headaches that are directly related to particular cases of increased worries and concerns and may lead to more complications.

Tips on Job Stress Management

Bring the Change You Can:

It is very important to change something you can. For instance, if you have a problem sitting with someone or something else at work is bothering you, try your best to make changes which will ease the situation.

Reduce Intensity of Emotions and Enjoy Your Work:

Don’t let your stress control your emotions in fact, try to ignore your stress. It is very important to enjoy your work. Higher levels of fun in the workplace may result in to less exhaustion and more job satisfaction.

Organize Your Work Schedule:

Organizing your work and desk will help you finish your tasks on time and will also make a good impression of yours. It is recommended that you manage your job responsibilities in such a way so that you could avoid stress and give your best performance at work.

Give Yourself Quality Time:

Do not take your work home with you. Do not take work related calls when you are with family or friends. Avoid checking work e-mail at home. It is necessary for you to take time for yourself and communicate with your family members. It will reduce your stress and you feel fresh to be at work the next day.

Take the Right Decision:

If none of the above options works for you, it may be time to switch your job. Explore all of your options but before that make sure that it’s your job that is causing problems for you and not yourself. Before quitting your current job, make sure you have another door open for you because being jobless can be more stressful. You should know when to quit your job. If you have tried everything and are still unable to get rid of your stress, it is time to get rid of your job.

22 thoughts on “Are You The Victim Of Job Related Stress?

  1. I really appreciate the efforts done by the ROZEE.PK to guide the employees and employers about how to tackle the job problems and to search for a new job. The mentioned topic is very useful as nowadays majority of us are facing job stress due to current economic and political chaos in country. I wish very good luck to ROZEE.PK.

  2. I cannot help telecom professionals. I have left that career due to 24/7/365 days.

  3. I am also one of the victim of Stress at job. Due to this stress I have switched almost 6 jobs in 6 years even I have changed my career lines. But story is same in all organizations, bosses putting pressure, over workload & targets.

    But what I have understood and i am quite improving in reducing stress by below actions:

    1. Prioritize and define your daily tasks: when you complete your daily tasks it will give you sense of some achievement and you will go home happily at the end of day. Always prioritize the tasks first told by boss and you can ask for deadlines.

    2. Make weekly plan for big assignments: Make simple plan on paper or excel for just one week and divide how much work you will complete per day.

    3. Take rest of 5-10 minutes maximum after every 2 hrs: Have tea/coffee or drink or chat with some friend or colleague and never take tea at your workplace while working.

    4. Try never leave any task of day on next day as it will increase load on next day.

    5. Give Little time to know volume of your work and divide it in main activities and set target to complete job.

    6. For completing any daily task quickly and efficiently, you should develop decision power as per your boss’ requirements and also develop technical skills to complete it in time. (e.g: For making report/bar chart in excel, if you don’t know how to make then you will surely loose a lot of time)

    These are some points which I try to follow and I am much relaxed now:

    If you think the workload is more then you can make your workload report and send to your boss, i.e. How much work you do per day and how much time it takes to complete that work.

    Bosses put pressure not to give stress but they make one to take serious responsibility and try to finish. They always know how much work load is on you and how much time you will take to do the job. This pressure makes you more confident and develops your managerial skills.

  4. One feels pressure when he/she doesn’t have enough grip on his work. I also agree with extra demands of the clients.

  5. I really appreciate the quick response from ROZEE team when I feel stressed out and was loosing hope for better job search.
    I regularly receive the sun beam in form of job alerts. :)

  6. I had this situation in past. I had very bad stress in my previous job. I had tried everything but at last I left the job. It was due to heavy work load.

  7. It was really a good read. These are common problems those relating to every employee. Most of the people don’t have strong mental extent to resist the stress and depression. So, to avoid that, the tips above are really fruitful.

  8. Very informative article! One thing that I would like to mention is that most of us only blame our bosses & other seniors. Even while going through this article the behavior of my seniors throughout my career was going through my mind, but at once it clicked that what about my juniors & my subordinates? As a Boss, whats my attitude towards them? Am I the cause of stress to any of my subordinates?

    We all should think about it!

  9. In my opinion, the stress during job is a reciprocal of actually our input to job. Most of the stress-giving organization are usually not either well-aware or well-concerned with the mental or physical loss which will be a result of their strategy alterations.

  10. ROZEE.PK is an amazing website that provides excellent services to the general pubic. The tips that mention about job victim are very informative and pulse of most of our cultural organization system that I have seen almost everywhere. Thanks for realizing the problem and hope that it would be solved in our job system.

  11. Any kind of stress is due to poor believe. If we have strong believe in the ALLAH ALMIGHTY then there will be peace of mind.
    So, in order to avoid any kind of stress, we should make our relation stronger with the ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

  12. I totally agree with Mr. Kazim Raza and I also have been a victim of such kind in my last job. I passed 2-1/2 years there but was on starting point (salary & designation). I had much burden of work and they didn’t help me. When I thought I cannot grow here, I decided to leave the organization. Organizations want donkeys to work and don’t want to overcome the employees’ problems. Misbehavior is another issue.

  13. Sorry, I took it wrongly as it is for job seeker stress problem. Please also suggest something for a person of 61 years, an IDP of Swat having suffered total losses with no source of income now, living with relatives in Peshawar, healthier enough to perform official duties, still have the liability to support spouse and one child undergoing medical education.

    Please suggest me something!

  14. The only way to get rid of this situation is patience and if possible, try to talk to your boss. It will release your stress 70%.

  15. Dear Rozee
    10/90 principle also encourages to cope with job stress. Adaptability to change and team work orientation may lead to better environment. Ideas not fit to the region / country should be neglected. Social values can not be ignored. Religious adherence keeps one very comfortable every where.

  16. I think this is one of the most predominant situation that most of the Employees are facing at their workplace. In fact this condition prevails in each and every organizations when your efforts and capabilities are underestimated, even often totally neglected. Seniors always exploit their Juniors and that makes the working relations b/w the two very much exhaustive and trustless.

    Being the Victim of the same situation, I would be glad to share my point of view on this very significant matter. These should be;

    1) Try to avoid these exploitation attitude of your Bosses.
    2) Try to prove your place very distinguished so that your Seniors depend upon you for some important works.
    3) Enhance your knowledge and expertise up to the extent so that your senior doesn’t find your alternative among other subordinates.
    4) Use good sense of Humor to not to spoil working environment and working relation between you and your Boss.
    5) Show your level of respect, loyalty, and sincerity towards your Boss, so that can make some difference because “Only Positive attitude can prevent Negative attitudes”.

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