Question from the Job Seeker:

I belong to a poor family. My parents were not able to get me educated from some reputable institution in any of the major cities of the country. Therefore, I got my school and college level education from my own town’s institutes.

I have recently moved to Lahore to find a job, so that I can do MBA from Lahore. Since I don’t have a strong background and have my Bachelors degree from Charsada, my resume is being continuously rejected. The only jobs I am able to find are Data Entry related jobs, but I am afraid, a data entry experience may cause a negative impression while applying for career oriented jobs in the future. Please advise, what should I do to find a better job?


Answer From ROZEE:

Dear Abdul-Ahad,

You are right that it helps to have a degree from a well-known college; this is true world-wide, not just in Pakistan. However, what is also true globally is that there is no replacement of experience that an individual attains from working. My advice to you will be to become a part of the workforce as soon as possible. Instead of going from an interview to interview, take that data-entry job and work hard at it.

Getting an entry-level low-paying job is not a huge issue as long as you are careful in choosing a growing company where your supervisor will give you a chance to move into a more productive and senior role if you perform well at the job they give you initially. I personally, have seen many people advance from simple Customer Service Reps to senior managers over time in the same company as they showed that they were good employees. You just have to keep two things in mind. One, make sure that you do an excellent job, better than your peers, and do it consistently. And two, that the company you choose has the potential and the growth opportunity to reward your hard work with a more senior position.

Best of Luck,
The Rozee Team