Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan, Director HR, Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Appreciates The Efforts Of ROZEE.PK In Rendering Todays’ Hiring Needs!

sajid-aziz-qarshi-spot-lightQ.1. Due to rough economic situation and soaring price rise, how does your company deal with keeping itself cost effective and attractive for job seekers?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: We have not allowed the prevalent economic scenario to adversely affect our employment practices. We have recently revised our salary structure and are fairly competitive in the market. We are growing as a company and hope to remain viable and cost effective despite the situation around us.

Q.2. Do you believe that Pakistani Universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your Company strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Pakistani Universities cannot be all bracketed in one category. There are some universities which are producing talented young men & women for the corporate world, while a lot of others need to improve the quality of their instruction and education. For our company, we tap the usual sources like fresh university graduates through university placement offices and recruitment companies.

Q.3. What is your policy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: It is important for every individual to lead a balanced life and no policy, however well defined, can do it for any one. I am a committed family man and like to apportion my time equitably between my profession and my family obligations.

Q.4. Can one be certain to imply that workforce should make no emergency plans considering the heavy job cuts by the companies?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Well, one always should be prepared for any emergency, and progressive workforce continues to look for better and more rewarding prospects. We therefore, wish to remain cognizant of this possibility and maintain a competitive edge at all times.

Q.5. How would you rate success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: is a breath of fresh air in Pakistani’s corporate world. It has opened up new vistas for reaching out to the talented human resource of our country. Therefore, one looks forward to more firms of this kind who can render quality service in the field of recruitment.

Q.6. As far as Industry linkages are concerned do you feel that Industry will continue to support academia?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Without support of the industry, academia is bound to die a painful death. Therefore, nexus between the two is vital for social and economic growth of the country. It is essential that the industry should strengthen its links with the academia to produce and nurture high quality HR for the country.

Q.7. Human Resources are the first causalities of an economic slowdown. What is your company strategy to deal with this challenge?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: As I earlier stated, our company continues to grow despite the economic recession. Therefore, we have not made our vital asset the traditional scapegoat. We see the present adversity as an opportunity.

Q.8. How has ROZEE helped your firm regarding recruitment i.e. Have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE e.g. Job Fairs/Job Postings/CV Search?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Rozee has become a great source of recruitment and we have been involved in many of their ventures & initiatives and find most of them very useful.

Q.9. Tell us about your educational life?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: My educational life has been a mixture of sorts. I completed my F.Sc. (pre-engineering) from one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan and then joined the Pakistan Army. In the Army’s system of development, besides doing many professional courses at home and abroad, I acquired both bachelors & masters degrees while in service. Later during my corporate career, I completed my Executive MBA and earned a gold medal. I believe in self education and continue my quest for self development through reading on diversified subjects such as management sciences, current issues, Urdu and English Literature etc. I also have a passion for conducting trainings and consider that to be highly rewarding for personal development.

Q.10. What is your secret of success in life?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Sincerity of purpose, hard work and intense commitment and care for people that I am meant to deal with.

Q.11. What are the biggest turn-offs in an interview/a job applicant?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: When applicants cannot even introduce their own personality with any degree of conviction & confidence, the right atmosphere for a productive interview can never be created.

Q.12. What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: I look for positive potential & attitude. Training & coaching can take care of the rest. Since you insist on four key things, I might like to provide you my list which is:
i. Clear aim
ii. Sincerity of purpose.
iii. Desire and willingness to work as a team player
iv. Attaching more value to achievement rather than material benefits.

The advice I can give to young men & women who aspire to join HR field is “Search your souls and if the feeling inside is of empathy for other humans, then alone choose HR as a career; otherwise, become a salesman as most of us like to be”.

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  1. I have known TAK for almost three decades now and has always found him to be a source of inspiration for others. I am writing a detailed post on him in my blog shortly.

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