Am I Being Penalized For Switching Jobs?

Question From the Job Seeker:

I have studied Fine Arts from one of the reputable institutions of the country, and have also been naturally endowed with unique talent. However, even after so many years, I have only been able to sell a few paintings. I am married and have a family to take care of. Thus, being a male and head of the family, it is my obligation to earn for them. The circumstances have not been complimenting. On the other hand, I have a very cooperative wife. She has a job and earns far more than me. I need your suggestions about how can I earn more without compromising on my passion for art.

Qaiser Ali

Answer From ROZEE:

Dear Qaiser,

First of all, you must realize that financial rewards may not always match with one’s talents. Although it is a fact that, being a male, you should be earning the main hand of the family so as to fulfill their needs and wants, getting indulged in self-pity would not help much. There are a number of ways in which you can earn a better living while staying in the profession of your fashion. The most preferred way is to opt for teaching Fine Arts in a local college or university. Almost every institution offers the subject of Fine Arts, and such institutions are always seeking for new and talented professionals. This is a much respectable, stable and career-oriented job, which will be enough to keep the wheels of your household moving.

Secondly, the advertising agencies and production houses also need artists to design their programs and campaigns. You can make use of your flare for art to create colourful ideas and effective images for the advertisements and television programs. They pay quite a handsome salary to such gifted individuals. This too is a good and rather interesting career. Also, being in such a career, you can make a lot of contacts for further support, as such areas of profession go hand in hand with your own field.

Meanwhile, you can continue with your passion for painting and can go for your own art exhibition after a year or so.

I hope our suggestions would give you new lines to think on. Keep your hopes up, and remember that talented people always make their way out of troubles.

All the best!


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