Fresh Graduates Vs Experienced Professionals

editors-choice-nov-3rd-091Many successful companies, both national and multi-national, pride themselves on recruiting the best employees, and tag their workforce as being the secret of their success. This set of employees consists of a combination of both experienced and fresh professionals. Two key points in this regard would be the role of employees in the attainment and success of company goals and their own career and personal growth.

Young Vs Experienced Human Resources – An Overview

Starting out as a young professional one is more flexible, eager to work for longer hours and more passionate about coming up with innovative ideas for the company. On the other hand, senior personnel tend to have a great deal of experience; they have explored different phases of their professional life and use their previously learnt experiences to come up with better solutions in different situations.

Many employees with greater experience have a problem with relatively fresh individuals joining their departments because they take this as a threat. The reason is that the fresh graduates show much enthusiasm and eagerness to perform as compared to the employees in their middle ages. Thus, the elderly fellows see a clear potential that these young minds my surpass them and engulf their positions.

Being connected with the developing trends in business and marketing, the fresh recruits bring new ideas to the table. Alternatively experienced workers have better networking in way to develop their career. Moreover, nowadays, companies are using Social Market Strategies in order to be more marketable. Businesses use techniques such as blogging and connecting with customers on sites like and They are depending on the younger employees to lead the social marketing strategy initiatives; after all, they are more aware of the technology and are more internet-savvy. On the other hand, a great barrier that lies with the experienced employees is that they are relatively difficult to train, and not comfortable with new technology.

5 Suggestions For The Experienced Professionals

Following are the five suggestions for the senior employees (from the age of 29 onwards) that are either hunting or striving to sustain a job:

Trim Your Appearance

Improve your outfit and your outlook; but be careful not to do anything unnatural that makes you uncomfortable with your appearance.

Market Yourself

Although experienced professionals work hard, they do not know how to promote themselves to the world. Work on opportunities to speak at a conference or become quoted in an article that appears on the Internet, or update your biography on your company’s website, if you are working at a higher post.

Show Energy And Enthusiasm

You have to keep your energy level up while talking to recruiters and interviewers. During an interview you should be proactive and lively. Experience counts a lot. Many companies staffed with younger employees still want a few gray heads around to call on the large corporate clients and to help the company avoid mistakes.

Demand A Fair Financial Reward

Find an employer who is willing to pay you according to your worth. Play on the fact that you are experienced and you should be remunerated accordingly.

Get Yourself Wired To The New Technologies

Keep yourself socially and technologically up-to-date. Things are changing more rapidly than you could ever imagine. If you want to work in the New Economy, you have to prove you belong there. Being computer proficient and Internet-savvy combined with much experience will make you a perfect choice of the employer.

5 Tips For The Fresh Graduates

Here are five suggestions for the young employees (between the ages of 22 to 28) to help you win at the business world’s game:

Develop A Sellable Persona

Think of yourself as an advertiser with the aim of promoting your own self. Learn to benefit from your skills, and briefly state your achievements. Your persona should be professional and decent.

Establish Profitable Relationships

Business networking is a valuable tool to gain career-related information, increase your recognition in your field and make connections that will help you move forward in your career. Make new contacts and set ideals, people who interest you the most.

Master Goal Setting, Effective Communication And Time Management

These skills will serve you well no matter what future path you decide to pursue. Make the most of your time. Work with your boss to set specific, reasonable, and attainable goals for your present position that will help you advance to the next stage.

Stay Motivated

There is no doubt that the business world is quite frustrating; however, remember that you can ‘choose’ your response to your environment. If you decide to begin each day with a positive attitude, negative conditions at work cannot take that motivation away from you.

Respect Your Seniors

Always respect your senior co-workers no matter how irritating they get. Keep in mind that other people don’t care what you want; they rather want to know what’s in it for them. If you show them respect and maintain an obedient attitude, they will automatically start cooperating with you. By approaching negotiations with an attitude that allows both parties to win, you’ll be ultimately getting what you want.

It is a fact that every organization definitely needs a combination of experienced employees as well as fresh recruits. Hiring fresh or experienced employees depends upon the pre-determined attitude of the employer. Moreover, in every organization there are non-productive  workforce as well as fine and hardworking recruits and this can be applied to young and experienced alike. Well-experienced professionals or fresh employees, both should show the best performance for the sake of their team, their company and their boss. Holding back because one is afraid of working more than others and not be rewarded for it is an immature belief.

Both, experienced and fresh employees, have an equal opportunity to develop their career with their own hard work and commitment towards their job. Salary or other fringe benefits should not be the ultimate goal. In order to acquire success one should concentrate on the performance, ability to cope with his responsibilities, and also the business needs of your company or organization.

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  1. The article was very informative and interesting. It gave me a lot of knowledge about professional experience and the value of education.

  2. Whether its an experienced or fresh graduate person to become a vital asset of any company or organization, it is surely very important to have the above mentioned points in one’s mind. It is also very important to set your goals before entering in any organization infact these are the touching points that make a brilliant employee of any esteemed organization.

  3. In the current situation it has been very hard to get an ideal job for a candidate, because of the competition in the job market. Do remember 3 things; try hard for better future, be sincere with your job and trust Allah.

  4. I agree with all of the points mentioned in the article. I think experience and innovation are two different characteristics, and if both are combined in a company, we can get ideal results. So both characteristics should be maintained simultaneously. I would also like to add that time management is one of the best tools for success in professional life.

  5. A well written article but my concern being a trainee manager is that it is difficult to neglect those old employees who continuously irritate us, although we always respect them and maintain obedient attitude with them and achieve goals as per their instructions. They refuse to enlighten us with the knowledge they gain from their experience and always discourage us by saying that we are not up to the mark.

  6. Nice article. But I do not agree with a point mentioned in the article regarding the potential of over-time working in young professionals. Working more hours should not be a positive point. As late sitting culture is one of the main ingredient to kill any business. Late sitting points out to the manager’s weaknesses specially in the planning area. Young professionals are advised to consult “Maslow’s hierarchy of need” to understand the impact of late sitting on the performance of experience employees.

  7. Good article. Thanks for choosing such a delicate issue. Progressive organizations always try to have a combination of both fresh and experienced workers because they believe that “new ideas and enthusiasm” from the fresh employees and “experience and job knowledge” from the experienced ones both are critical to organization’s success.

  8. The article written is indeed very factual and informative. There is no doubt that senior and experienced employees play a major role in developing a sound work environment. As William Arthur Ward once said, “When we seek to discover the best in others, we some how bring out the best in ourselves”

  9. Very nice article. I am a fresh graduate and have recently started working in a company. The work they have assigned me is not what I want to do, which makes me frustrated. But now i will try to stay motivated and try to learn as much as I can from my work.

  10. The article is very well-written. In my views, having an experience of the technical skills is a must. Either you are an engineer or an IT professional, you need to have the latest technical and professional skills to cope with the challenges of your job.

  11. This is a very well-written document. I want add a suggestion that the senior employees also need to blend in and cooperate with the junior professionals. It will help both fresh employees in getting professional tips from the seniors and will also help the seniors to learn new technologies.

  12. The topic is good and is according to the current situation. As an experience professional, I feel that sometimes you do find good and energetic staff, but sometimes lack to workplace attitude creates problems for them, Here experience staff can take benefit. On the other hand, it is necessary for the experienced staff (especially the IT professionals) to update themselves according to the new technologies.

  13. It is a very nice piece of writing. It has given much information to the fresh graduates like me. Respecting your seniors is quite necessary, as written in the article. We should always adopt the best professional attitude at our workplace.

  14. Such articles can help a person tackle his job and other things related to professional life in a better manner.

  15. Nowadays, the need of improving overall personality in job life has become an important aspect. As there is much competition in the professional world, one has to be a part of the change rather than becoming a victim of the change.

  16. I totally agree with all the points mentioned in this article especially the suggestions given to the fresh graduates. I am in the final year of graduation and working with a US-based IT company for the past 9 months. The way I see it, one thing is very important in your professional life that when you give respect, you also get it from others. Respect is given not only to the colleagues but to one’s work also. If you do your work sincerely, employees would be more than happy to have you as a part of their team.

  17. The points mentioned in this article are very helpful for both the experienced and fresh professionals. Professional success can only be achieved by concentrating on the core strategies to enhance and develop the skills and abilities which would help you to move further in your career.

  18. No doubt, it is a real piece of excellent writing. Although, it is a matter of opportunity for the fresh graduates but the companies have developed a mind-set regarding some institutions. For such organizations, the institution from where the candidate has graduated is much important than the professionals skills or projects accomplished by him/her. It is absolutely not necessary that the talented candidates belong to the famous institutions only. This is one of the most grieving factor which is sowing seeds of disappointment among fresh graduates.

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  20. The things explained in this article regarding the experienced employees are very true and factual. If they adopt the mentioned strategies, they can be very successful in the dynamic corporate world. But should keep in mind that seniors are always to be respected.

  21. Very nice article indeed, HP says “We hire intelligent people not experienced people, because they have more potential to learn”, true, but it would be good if an individual is a blend of both the learning potential and experience.

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