A Lucrative Job Offer Requires Me To Pay A Fee, What Should I Do?

Question From The Job Seeker:

I have posted my resume for different jobs at different job search engines, including ROZEE.PK. Recently, I received a call from a DSL Service Provider company which was said to be a franchise of a UK-based enterprise. The caller told me that the company is considering my resume for a certain post; however, I am required to submit certain amount of money in order to be eligible for this job. He gave me an account number and also mentioned a deadline for submitting the amount. The excitement of getting a lucrative employment opportunity made do a quick deposit in the said account. The very next day, when I tried to call that person back to let him know that I have made the deposit, to my surprise, rather my disappointment, that number was switched off!

My haste has made me fall into trouble and I am very embarrassed by my careless attitude. I seek your suggestion in this regard and request you to propose some precautionary measures  so that no one falls for such fraud companies again.

Abdur Rehman

Answer From ROZEE:

Dear Abdur Rehman,

Your saddening story simply tailors out the moral “haste makes waste”. As you have mentioned that you have already been victimized by an online job scam, there is no way you can recover the amount you have already paid. There are thousands of stories of job-seekers receiving emails from scammers after posting their resumes and contact information on one or more job websites. While the Internet and online job search engines have revolutionized the job-hunting process for millions of job seekers and employers, there is also an increase in deceiving individuals and companies who scam innocent job seekers.

Here are some precautionary measures for avoiding potential job scams:

  • Never provide your sensitive financial or personal information. Do not release your CNIC number, bank account or credit card information. There is absolutely no reason why a recruiter or employer would require any such information from you before giving you a job. You will eventually have to provide your financial information to the employer once you get a job or employment contract.
  • Do not apply for such job postings or emails that state that no experience or expertise is required for the position. All legitimate job openings have some sort of job description that includes information about education, skills and experience required to qualify for the position.
  • Ask for further details from prospective employers who provide little or no details in their job postings or emails. Promises can be very persuasive, but the truth lies in the details. So request detailed information about the services they provide or the job they are hiring for.
  • Do not get influenced by lucrative testimonials or money-back guarantees. These are simply marketing gimmicks designed to make you feel more at ease in falling for the scam. If you come across a job offer which you think is ‘too good to be true’, do not fall for it.
  • Use the power of the Internet to research and scan all job opportunities. Conduct a background check of the prospective employer or visit their website. This is the easiest way to filter the fake companies from the original ones. Also visit different blogs regarding discussions about such fake companies. You may benefit from the experience of some people who have already been victimized by such scams.

Think twice before responding to any job posting or email that promises you easy money. There is no harm in trying for ‘easy money’ opportunities if you have enough time and money to sue such fake companies. It is always best to be cautious, especially when your personal and financial information, identity, and credit are involved.

If you ever receive a call or an email from some company which says that they got your CV or personal information through ROZEE.PK, please go the website and check if  that company is registered at ROZEE.PK or not. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Company Listing’ option at the bottom of the main page of the website. Remember, ROZEE.PK does not ask you to pay any fee to apply for a job.

Good Luck!

Rozee Team

12 thoughts on “A Lucrative Job Offer Requires Me To Pay A Fee, What Should I Do?

  1. Don’t worry my dear friend. It would happen with anyone from top to bottom. I remember one great saying ‘GIRTAE WOHI HAN JO KISI SE KAM NAHI HOTE’. So, don’t be embarrassed with yourself. Keep looking for new things and also try them out, but do think twice before entering into such things. Always try to keep yourself forward while keep ingnitioning your brain key with right intended mind and in an optimistic direction.
    Thank you Rozee.pk

  2. Some organizations do ask for an application processing fee (non-refundable). This is usually to be sent out along with your other documents, when you first apply.

    Real companies don’t send you text msgs through regular mobile numbers. They usually call through landline numbers, if a representative is using a mobile number they will be contacting you to set up an interview. They will not ask you to deposit money in order to ‘secure’ the job.

    Always research the company, and if it is a multinational company, visit the ‘original mother website’ to see if they are even operating in Pakistan, or if they’re really hiring.

  3. A couple of days back I also received a call from a so-called employer and the person said to me that I will have to deposit Rs 750 to be able to appear in the interview but I didn’t do so.
    Good job ROZEE.PK. Keep it up!!!

  4. It took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really loved the article. It proved to be very useful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also engaged! I’m sure Rozee Team had joy writing this article.

  5. I have been surfing around ROZEE.PK blog and it looks very elegant. It is obvious that you know the topic and you are passionate about it. Keep it up!

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