38 thoughts on “Email Etiquettes – An Important Aspect of Professional Communication

  1. A very informative article. I will certainly keep these points in mind while writing an email in future. Thank you.

  2. This is very nice article as the line “People normally adopt email etiquettes by observing what others do, and gradually incorporate their actions into our own communications” sums up the current situation.

  3. I was suggested to read this particular piece of writing in which ROZEE Team has put special effort and dedication. I am now confident in stating this that it was worth reading. The credit goes to the brain and effort of those who like to enlighten many of us unaware and incognisant people. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is a very useful article. Some people use abbreviations in official emails. They must read it several times and correct it their self. I think one thing should be added that people should first write the email on MS Word and then paste it on email text box. This will be very helpful for good text formatting.

  5. I would like to thank the writer of these informative and important Tips and I hope to receive many more articles like this.

  6. An excellent article! Very nice piece of work. You have shared really helpful ideas. This area of communication is very important for not only the individuals but for the whole organization as well. Thank you again for Rozee Team for sharing such brilliant ideas with us.

  7. Great work. Really good Article. I want to share something with the users too i.e. the miss use of ‘Group Address’. Employees send emails to the whole group without thinking that some people are not the intended recipients and this creates disturbance to the users. So, avoid mailing everyone until it is essential.

  8. An excellent article! The awareness about the importance of an email is very much required. We do not think anything while writing an email. This area of communication is missing in our daily communication. Thank you ROZEE.PK

  9. A really good effort by the writer. I liked the points raised by the writer such as, Attachments, Subject Line & Tone of Communication. As electronic communication has become an essential communication channel, Netiquettes are the basic ethics to be considered.

  10. Very enlightening and informative article. It will definitely help me in writing emails professionally.

  11. Netiquettes play very important role in our daily correspondence. I am really thankful to the Rozee Team the way they inform us about latest techniques used by professionals is very helpful.

  12. A very useful article especially for the younger generation which is falling pray to slang and incorrect language. Netiquettes can also be held good for daily life email writing.

  13. These are quite useful guidelines for email writing. However, I would like to add a piece of information that if a person forgets to attach a file in the email, he can activate the option of attachment notifier that will remind you to attach your file before sending your message. Good work ROZEE.PK!

  14. Thank you for sharing such an important piece of information. However, it felt pretty good to know that I already take care of a lot of things mentioned in this article. Will try to make my emails more perfect. Thank you once again!

  15. The article is very beneficial, interesting and informative, both for the employees and job seekers. I usually face problem in writing subject line while sending an unsolicited job application. It is a great help for us.

  16. Can you please put up a sample email as well? It will present a more clearer picture.


  17. “Netiquettes” a new word in my knowledge. A very helpful reminder of our mistakes during writing an email.

  18. I appreciate that ROZEE.PK has highlighted this vital part of communication to all the concerns. Normally emails are treated as a very informal piece of writing and these significant things are overlooked. Thanks again for this in time reminder to all professionals and would-be-professionals.

  19. I completely agree with the information shared in this article. Good awareness by ROZEE Team. Please keep blogging such useful information regularly.

  20. ‘Netiquettes’ apparently do not look so important but have great impact on the over all personality of the sender. Thank you for enlightening us with communication etiquittes.

  21. Thank you very much for another very informative and timely article. Your basic tips are very useful for new as well as experienced professionals. I would like to add a few things. Many people use chatting and emailing to communicate with their friends and family members which, obviously, does not require a professional approach. However, due to the lack of awareness, they keep on using this casual approach in office, business and formal correspondence.

    Another factor is the misuse of TO, CC and BCC:

    TO: Include only those who are to be ‘directly’ addressed.

    CC (Carbon-Copy): Include those who are ‘indirectly’ addressed. CC to those who really need to be copied, instead of putting the complete address book here.

    BCC (Blind Carbon Copy): It is just like CC, but the only difference is that the addresses in BCC are for unknown addressees. It is also used to avoid misuses of any of your friend’s email address by scammers.

    Good awareness by ROZEE Team. Please keep blogging such useful information regularly.

  22. I would like to put forward some good piece of advice for ROZEE.PK’s members and all the job seekers. One most important aspect in today’s job-hunting process is that you should know yourself first and then know the company you apply for before you click the “APPLY’ button! The growing HRQ (Human Resource Quotient) in Pakistan awaits with a very focused vision and strategy now to choose only those candidates who really measure up to stringent job criteria. Do not take it for granted. You have to go that extra mile in even getting your CV noticed in the first place! So, be prepared, consult everything that steels up your nerves, courage, determination, sharpens your wits and skills. Get down on toning up that badly needed body language.

    Take a deep and close look at what’s happening on three distinct levels of employment – entry, middle and senor. Get acquainted with the career pathway, the winding alleys, the pit-stops, the falls, the climbs, the prairies, the storms and the rich rewards that a professional would reap so as he sows. Be proactive. Read, learn, apply the learned knowledge, share, create a network and take on the career world. Never wimp or limp in your endeavors and aspirations.

    Wishing you all the best in life.


  23. Excellent piece of writing. I completely agree with it. It will help me much in future communication through email.

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