Applying For Jobs, And No Successes?

jobwantedSit yourself down before a mirror and try reflecting upon where you have gone wrong. One mistake that most of us make is of taking our resumes “for granted”. How many of us actually know and realise the significance of a good resume? Well the standard answer will be “we all do”. But think again!! How seriously and sincerely do we follow that?

Do we actually in the real sense of the word realise that our resume is the first and the foremost impression we are making on an employer? And it should have zero errors; rather it should contain content which would make the employer call us for an interview. If you are thinking your resume is the sole piece of document that will land you straight into a job then please note that it will not. Rather, it may land you into the hot-seat of employment.

So, the reality is, and it may hurt, that a resume is intended and I assert solely intended to land into a job interview. Taking it for granted can kill our chances to cease the opportunity that otherwise would have nailed to our bed head-stead. Employers would not know how intelligent, capable and good-looking you are without meeting you in person. And before you get carried away let me tell you that by good-looks I mean the pleasant personality that is so sought-after these days that you see it as one of the most decisive trait so clearly mentioned on every job requirement these days. So In short, this otherwise neglected piece of paper, is the “key” to opening up that treasure chest of opportunities.

It should hold all the relevant details, enough to spark the employer’s curiosity and give you a chance to flaunt all your Gucci’s and Armani’s inside that brilliant glass-door room that smells of corporate culture. This would get far to get your foot into that door and if you are brilliant enough, you may walk out with a gleaming and anointed forehead. An offer to come again for a second interview technically implies that you have ascended one rung of the ladder. The climb is easier from then on, if you keep your anxiety under control and be your true self.
In order to cash in on your resume you have to get your resume rechecked by your own self. Go critical and talk to your resume. Scrutinize and review it as many times as possible.  And do not give up until you are 100% confident that “this is you”!

Major Don’ts For Resume Writiting

Now this does not mean you have your whole biography ready.  Giving meticulous details about you, starting from kindergarten onwards, boasting about yourself, unnecessary detailing, why??? Learn from immediate history! The trick is “make them buy the book”

Begin with a 4-5 line summary on “who you are?” do not begin this summary by telling your name, if you have used the CV Wizard, your name already and clearly tops this document. Showcase the essence of your personality, strengths, key traits and your career aspirations (where you see yourself 5 years down-the-road, leaving behind political ambitions if any) here. You can humbly request somebody, who you feel is good at it around you, to draft it for you! And for that even if you have to dine this person over a posh meal, do it! Your audience needs to know who you uniquely are. However, avoid plagiarism  and especially, do not copy or paste!


A one pager is ideal. An intro with at-the-most your two latest qualifications in chronological order (the latest one first), brief two liners on your final projects, an equal description on current/previous job portfolios, listing your skills, interests and hobbies. But be careful, it should not be a long story. It has to have essential information about you which should be very relevant. Now if you hyphenate all I mentioned before, leaving your qualification, if you find relevant-work-assignments in your previous jobs, relevant-projects in your terminal degree, relevant-skills and so on and so forth. If you discover any interests that you have that may complement your proposed job requirement, put yet another plum in your hat! Try to draw relevance in all you have mentioned in your resume vis-à-vis the job requirement but without extending it beyond that single-page.

An Ideal Resume Format

Here are some tips and suggestions, following these may help you shape an industry-approved and formatted resume:

Cover Letter

It is your general letter of solicitation. A brief on what your documentation is intended for. Some employers consider it obsolete now; others may view a resume without a cover letter as unsolicited. I would encourage you to make one, but keep it simple and short, concise but meaningful. Not with the faintest air of arrogance, rather with undercurrents of humility. A formal request to invite you over for an interview speaking your mind about your goals and vision, and where you want to grow professionally and how this aligns with the opportunity being presented by the employer.

Education and Qualification

Briefly mention your qualification e.g.  Masters in English Literature, Bachelors in Information Technology, and Intermediate in Computer Science in chronological order (last qualification on top and so on). In the interest of conciseness, do not exceed beyond last three qualifications.

Professional Experience

State your experience if any, and yes internships do count for experience and  so does volunteer work as long as you have a certificate verifying that. If you are applying to a job for which you do not have a relevant profile, try exploring and mentioning roles in your previous job profiles that may complement the requirements of the opportunity in sight.


Mention any projects you have taken in the course of your degree programs especially if you are fresh. For instance, if you have conducted a Market Research during your academic career then list the title and a brief description of the executed project. This will help evaluate your analytical and research potential, highlight your niche and would provide a better understanding of where you would fit into the organization.

Courses And Trainings

Mentioning courses/training can be very valuable to your employer. It’s insightful and engaging. Through highlighting major areas of your proficiency you may end up influencing employers’ decision to your selection. For example if you have graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with Human Resource Management as the major and have studied Negotiation Skills, Interpersonal Behaviour and Diversity Management then listing of these courses can persuade the employer to call you up for a detailed interview.

Relevant Skills

The “Relevant Skills” section provides you the opportunity to list your skills such as Interpersonal Skills, Language Proficiency and the essential IT Skills that you would like to communicate to the employer.

Achievements And Awards

This section is provided to you to list all your outstanding achievements or awards received by you during your academic/professional career. These include any Certificate of Merit, Honour Roll, Co-curricular Certificates you have acquired. Publicizing this information on your resume will greatly improve your chances to succeed for a job interview.

Interests And Hobbies

Most of us usually ignore this section of the resume. Interests and hobbies show the kind of person you are. Mentioning some healthy interests and hobbies showcase you as a well rounded person which is a positive thing. Employers do want diverse personalities and mentioning your interests are a glimpse of that. Interests and hobbies can vary depending on your personality, which shows the employer a new dimension of your character

Remember your resume has to be very effective, but not in design and layout, it’s the content that takes precedence over everything. For the sake of analogy, a great resume is like a piece of poetry. Poetry, no matter short has a deep and captivating contextual reference. And the simpler it is, the more engaging it becomes.

Moreover, keep some points in mind while applying for a job. For every Job opportunity the resume` should be tweaked requirements of every job-title present a new scenario to the employer and they vary their approach in assessing prospective applicants and this is true vice-a-versa. So keeping one generic resume and spamming employer’s mailboxes unnecessarily is a redundant idea.

In that case, read the Job Description carefully. Check the requirements and try to match keywords in your resume` with that. This may do wonders for you while employer’s search-engine is at play. Employers while shortlisting resumes employ keyword searches. And all the keywords are mentioned in the job description so if your resume has a matching keyword it pops up instantly. It distinguishes your application among the pool of prospective candidates. A possible pitfall in any great resume can be spell errors and bad grammar. So, always spell check your resumes, over and over again, through spell-checkers and also manually.

Now you can easily tailor or customise it for various jobs in moments. You also have a state-of-the-art Resume Wizard at your service at ROZEE.PK. It provides professional CV Writing service specialized in dynamic, persuasive and interview-winning CV building for its valued users. ROZEE.PK CV Writing service provides different formats of CV to cater to the needs of a variety of users. I hope this discourse could turn out to be of benefit to you. Wish you the best of your efforts!

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