I Want To Flypast The Probation Period Successfully, Need Your Suggestions?

Question From The Job Seeker:

I have recently been hired by a large multinational company on a very suitable post. The company requires me to go through a probation period for the first six months of my employment. The company promises fringe benefits and a 10% pay raise if I am able to pass this probation period successfully.

This is almost a dream-job for me and I cannot even imagine losing it. However, I am quite nervous about passing the probation period successfully. Due to this feeling of anxiety, I tend to make some mistakes in the work assigned to me. I need to pass this probation as efficiently as possible so that I may get the status of a ‘permanent employee’ and be able to benefit from all the great facilities provided to the permanent employees. I would like you to advise me in this regard.

Mazhar Ali Shams

Answer From Rozee:

Dear Mazhar,

First of all, you should not be scared or nervous about the probation period. Most jobs, throughout the world, require that you pass through a probationary period before the employer decides to retain you as a permanent employee. This period can last between 90 days to six months after your joining date. Basically, during the probation, the employer closely evaluates your performance, capability and ability to learn your responsibilities. Thus, it is very important for a new joiner to pass through the probation period successfully. Especially, for a person like you, who is very enthusiastic about getting the tag of a permanent employee on his favorite place, getting through the probation period is almost inevitable.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind during your probation period:


Always arrive at work 15 minutes prior to the start time. Set your clock one-half hour earlier than necessary. This allows time to deal with anything that might go wrong in the morning. It also leaves a good impression on your boss or supervisor and vouches for your efficiency and interest in work.


Do not miss a single day of work during your probation period. Each day at a new job is an opportunity to learn and to prove yourself. Missing work tells the employer that you are unreliable and non-serious about your job. Do not ask for a leave when you are sick, rather let your boss know that you are not feeling well and find out if he wants you to stay. In case of an emergency, it is very important to inform your supervisor about it the minute you know you will miss work.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about the job and the work assigned to you. However, make it a point not to ask the same question repeatedly. Remember to carry a notepad with you to jot down the answers to your questions. Also ask for clarification if answers are unclear.

No Breaks

Do not take excessive or extended breaks during the work hours. Your supervisors and co-workers should be able to find you when they need you. Taking too many breaks will make you look lazy and scrimshank.


Be careful about your appearance and dress properly for your job. Try to dress as professionally as possible during your probationary period. If you arrive at work looking untidy or too casual, your boss may perceive you as careless person. If your job requires a uniform, do not be negligent towards it. If your company has a specific dress policy, try to adhere to it. It should be the quality of your work that should draw peoples’ attention to you, not your appearance.

Once you pass the probation period, your status as an employee is secured. Try to maintain the same routine even if you do acquire the status of permanent employee by your company. Getting a job may be difficult but maintaining it is even more complicated. If you are so fond of your new job, there should not be any stone left unturned in order to retain it.

Best of luck!

Rozee Team

2 thoughts on “I Want To Flypast The Probation Period Successfully, Need Your Suggestions?

  1. I just want to advice everyone that there is no point in thinking that you are not good enough for a job. If you have the potential then every job will follow you.

  2. Self confidence is the key to success. If you want to succeed anywhere in life, you got to trust in yourself. Your supervisors will obviously know the reason behind your mistakes, and during their conversations, they will be discussing that. Essentially, if they need you at that position, they will work with you to build your confidence.

    Just be yourself. Anyone can make mistakes, however, refrain from blunders. A blunder is a repeated mistake. When you do make a mistake, accept the fact that you’re nervous, and being a human, you have the tendency to make a mistakes and then learn from them.


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