Our People Are Our Future, And To Sustain The Strength Within, We Must Invest In Their Success, Says Ms. Fatima Asad-Said, Director Human Capital Solutions, Abacus Consulting

1234Q. 1.   What makes your company an attractive employer for job seekers?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said: The most critical enabling factor in achieving the mission statement of Abacus Consulting is the presence of high performing, knowledgeable and engaged teams and people. Our commitment to building long-term partnerships includes our people and we provide them opportunities to work with client organizations, ranging from top multinational to national companies, as well as many leading government agencies and public sector organizations. This relies on developing an extensive knowledge base of consulting methodologies and processes, which are delivered through our people. Our people are trained extensively to deliver high performance in a diverse and culturally rich environment.

At Abacus Consulting, we believe that our people are our future, and to sustain the strength within we must invest in their success. We are committed to attracting and maintaining the best, by providing a safe and health work environment, valuing diversity, offering opportunities for professional and person development and competitive compensation packages.

Q. 2.    What is your policy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said: We have created an environment conducive to deliver high performance, where expectations are clearly communicated, priorities are jointly agreed, HR policies allow people the flexibility to work independently. This has allowed greater success in achieving long-term work-life while delivering on results.

Q. 3.    Due to rough economic situation and soaring price rise how does your company deal with keeping itself cost effective and attractive for job seekers?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said: In a downturn, organizations are driven to streamline their activities, priorities and budgets. Our strong leadership has maintained a focused approach that prepares us to effectively deal with adverse situations. Simply put, it’s about ensuring that business strategy is delivered through the right set of priorities. Our clients recognize the value proposition we bring to the table and the partnership model that is an inherent part of our value system.  In addition, our robust and strong internal mechanisms allow us to closely monitor project and business performance on a timely basis.

As mentioned earlier, we ensure our people are communicated that they are an integral part of what and how we are as a firm. Thus, despite tough times, our leaders, whether business leaders or project managers, they recognize that their commitment and achievement of targets will contribute significantly to the firm’s performance.  They in turn motivate and develop their respective teams to create further opportunities.

Q. 4.    How would you rate success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said: ROZEE.PK has certainly contributed significantly to building awareness and refining the way potential candidates the process of identifying the right careers. Similarly, employers have also been facilitated by real-time and easy access to a rich pool of potential employees, positively impacting recruitment effort, time and cost. I believe that such initiatives should be supported strategically by organizations to further mature recruitment processes and increasing the caliber and professionalism of the pool of job seekers.

Q. 5.    What are the biggest turn-offs in an interview/a job applicant?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said:

1.    Impulsive/irrelevant responses to questions
2.    Lack of preparation
3.    Shabby appearance and casual behavior

Q. 6.    What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said:

1.    Positive Attitude including energy level
2.    Honesty
3.    Relevance of candidate experience to the role competencies
4.    Desire to learn, re-learn and un-learn

Q. 7.    Any good advice you want to give for our job seekers who want to join HR field and otherwise?

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said: It’s all about the right attitude and displaying the energy to do what it takes to contribute as a professional. HR professionals should manage their careers from a holistic perspective. Get to know your internal customers! The challenge extends beyond technical knowledge of the HR discipline. It’s about relevant application of that knowledge. Its’ about understanding business strategy, the roles that exist, and knowing how to shape and channelize organization and individual behavior to achieving organizational objectives