How To Deal With Time Management Issues In Order To Sustain My Job?

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I am a business development officer at a firm. My basic task is to carve out a specific niche of clients and convince them to take my firm’s services through a chain of presentations and meetings. I am hardworking, motivated and cooperative and have a natural flare for sales and marketing. That is why I have been performing very well in this position and have gathered a number of large clients for the firm.

However, there is one aspect of my professional attitude which disturbs me and my company alike. I lack in the time management of my tasks. My job involves serious deadlines from both the clients and from my managers. Due to my inability to manage time, I often find myself facing sheer embarrassment. It often happens that while being over-burdened with a delayed presentation, I work very speedily, and my phone keeps ringing with a client’s call, but I am unable to answer it. And, before I realize, the line drops and I miss the business.

The frustration I feel, when I cannot accomplish my tasks in a set amount of time, is overwhelming. I am much worried about it because poor time management skills can lead to the termination of my employment. Please help me out.

Nafas Gul

Answer From ROZEE

Dear Nafas,

Your problem is apparently a minor one; however, in reality it is a very important aspect of your professional performance. Achieving effective time management is something that almost everyone strives for, but it can be much harder than it sounds to be. The frustration caused by poor time management is quite maddening. However, learning a few simple tricks can make all the difference in accomplishing your goals with proper time management. Here are some time management strategies for you:

  • Check your workload before accepting more. If you are already overloaded with tasks, tell your manager that you have more work than you can handle. He will probably lessen your workload. This allows you to stay on track so you can finish the tasks you are already working on.
  • Make a list of your jobs for the week and prioritize your tasks. List the most urgent tasks first and the time frame by which you should completed them. Some unseen events may come up, but with a basic plan, you will know where you stand at the start of every day. Stick to what is important and that in the order they appear on your list and get the job done.
  • It can be tempting to put things off until another time, especially if it is a task that has a loose deadline. Delays often lead to more delays, and you end up having nothing in your hand eventually. So, while it is okay to place less important tasks toward the bottom of your to-do list, it is equally important to still complete them.
  • Many people rely on their schedules to get them through their days. Schedules can be made and kept on cell phones, BlackBerries and even in pocket diaries. These schedules tell people where and when they need to do what. Schedules can help you stay on the track, which means better time management.
  • Finally, setting a time limit for each activity during the work hours can be useful. Setting a time limit for each activity forces you to move on when the time is over. Using the time limit rule makes it possible to stay on track and not keep other tasks waiting.

Strategically, using some simple tips can make all the difference when trying to stay on track and managing your time effectively. Time management is something that is different for everyone and it must be learned. You have to work on time management for it to be effective. Keeping yourself on track helps reduce your overall stress during the day. It can be a very gratifying feeling, when you have achieved your goals, at the end of the day.

Good luck!

Rozee Team

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