How Can I Cope With A Job I Despise?

Question From Job Seeker

I am suffering from real traumatic situation at my workplace. I have been working at my current employment company from last 2 years and everything was almost perfect. However, just recently, I have started disliking, rather hating my job. When I get up in the morning, I feel very fresh, however, as soon as the thought of going to the office strikes my mind, my heart sinks down to my toes.

The current situation is that I am stuck in the dilemma of continuing in this breathless atmosphere or looking for some new opportunity. I request you to suggest me some logical tips which can be helpful for me as I am helplessly struggling to keep my career on track.

Ali Naqvi

Answer From Rozee Team

Dear Ali,

If you do not feel good about your existing job situation, do no worry. You are not the only one hating your employment. There comes a time in most professionals’ lives when they have to work at a job that they despise. A majority of professionals are inclined towards job dislike and even then they are unable to leave it as they feel that they are stuck. Also, it is not responsible from financial point of view to quit a job without finding another one first. The following steps will help you to deal with a hated job until that better one comes along.

•    Key out the fact why do you hate your job. Is it your actual work, the environment, the financial benefits, your boss or your colleagues? Once you identify the stimulus, you can easily focus on the solution.

•    Brainstorm about logical reasons for staying at the current job. It could be because you have a family that you love and need to support or because you have some other objectives that keep you intact with your job. Such reasons may motivate you to try to be as much contented at your current job as possible.

•    Refuse to let others demotivate you. That is the most dangerous aspect of disliking your job and it acts as a catalyst that erodes your spirits. There are some people in every organization who can make the workplace miserable for you, but it only happens if you let them do so. Be hospitable and kind towards them and try to avoid them if you can.

•    Begin each day with a positive focus. Imagine yourself putting on a protective shield that cannot be penetrated by negativity. A change in attitude will get you farther in your job and you may see your circumstances changing from job hatred to job promotion.

•    It is quite possible that the stimulus of your job dislike may lie within yourself. In such case, try to figure out what it is and how to cope with it. It can be a boredom from current job description or the feeling of being over-learned, which can impact your job and ultimately your ability to advance your career. If you feel fed-up from your work or you think that you have gained much in your field, try to indulge in other projects with in your company or advance towards a promotion. The new wave of motivation will certainly help minimize the job hatred in you.

Detesting your job is a very serious issue and can cause hopelessness and depression in the employee. Make a plan for the future, instead of complaining about your job, think about where you are going with it. Strive towards a promotion or think about what you hope to obtain by working at your current job.

If you have no goals for your current job, think about finding a new job or career. Actively seek a new job that you might hate less and spend time practicing how you are going to approach it. Decide what you really want from a job so that when you find another one you are not stuck in the same situation of trying to deal with a hated job. Do not take your job issues lightly. Turn the tables and take actions to improve your job situation.

Best of luck!

Rozee Team