My Team Members Do Not Take Responsibility And I Have To Finish Their Jobs For Them. What Should I Do?

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While it is true that team work is very important for the success of any project, there are certain problems associated with team work. Sometimes team members simply cannot work in collaboration with each other and make it impossible for the entire team to finish the project successfully. I have been working in an IT firm for the last two years and my superiors have never had a problem with me. However, I have been having problems with my team that are bound to affect my output sooner or later. I am the team leader and have people assigned to me to get the job done. However, instead of taking initiatives and performing their tasks independently, the whole team is totally dependent on me. On the other hand, as the team leader I am answerable to the Senior Management, which puts additional pressure on me. In this situation, I am not only managing my own work load but additional load as well, and other team members do not realize that I am taking up the extra burden. Moreover, whenever I point out to my team members that the team is not meeting the deadlines, they put the blame on me telling me that being the team leader it is my responsibility to manage the work not theirs. What can I do in such a situation, because sooner or later my superiors are going to find out that I am unable to manage my team properly, and as the team leader I will have to face the consequences?

Rizwan Ghulam Ahmed

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Dear Rizwan,

Team work is the most essential part of any job and you have to be good at working in a team if you want to succeed in your professional life. However, leading a team is quite different from working in a team ordinarily. It appears that while you are a good team member, you are facing trouble in leading the team and taking charge. To be an effective leader you have to know how to get the maximum output from your team members and you should be able to assign them duties. Moreover, you have to let the team members know that they have to put in their effort or will have to face the consequences.

Here are some tips that will help you manage your team efficiently:

  • One of the reasons your team starts relying on you more than its appropriate is when you begin demonstrating things rather than to providing directions. This way you are only trying to get the work done with utmost haste while teaching nothing to your team members. In the long run, your team mates will stop taking initiatives and simply delegate the work to you.
  • Make sure your team members are aware of their duties, by properly assigning them specific tasks and asking them to give you regular updates on the status of their progress.
  • Encourage your team members to take initiatives and provide them incentives. For instance, tell your team members that they will be evaluated at the end of the project and the most valuable employee will be rewarded. This will give rise to healthy competition and the employees will put in their best efforts.
  • Hold brain storming sessions and be open to hearing criticism and suggestion. This will not only help in keeping you appraised of the situation, but will also help in providing clarity to the team members. In any group assignment, it is necessary that all the team members are aware of the progress of other members.
  • Whenever you make a decision, be sure to listen to all team members and include their input. This will give them confidence that their opinion and feedback carries weight.

Hopefully, the suggestions given above will help you in maintaining your team more effectively in the future.

All the best,

Rozee Team

2 thoughts on “My Team Members Do Not Take Responsibility And I Have To Finish Their Jobs For Them. What Should I Do?

  1. Few tips that will hopefully work – these are experience based suggestions:-

    – Evolve and develop positive & workable relations
    – Repose trust in your team member through delegation of responsibilities
    – Don’t monitor like a policeman – have Consultation Clinics and list to their views and offer your advice where necessary
    – Motivate for small achievements and encourage them to take initiatives
    – Do not scold for mistakes rather guide to avoid such mistakes it will reinforce their initiative driven attitude
    – Own their mistakes and failures and never expose them to the outside stakeholders and senior management
    – Never point out their weaknesses or highlight the mistakes in front of others, discuss in a closed room

    With regards,

  2. Dear Rizwan,
    ROZEE.PK team has given you very helpful tactics which may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your team.
    Dear, you also point out those members, who are not working properly, to the higher management, because being a team leader, it is your responsibility to drive your team towards the achievement of your objectives/projects. Just think of an army of soldiers. If any one of them (or more) violates his leader’s instructions, they may lose the war and the leader is blamed. So, keep a keen focus on the members and evaluate them on weekly or monthly basis (depending on the nature of task/project) as it will keep you and your team on the track.
    All the best!

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