How To Resign Gracefully, So That I Can Return At Another Time?

Question from the job seeker

I have been working as a civil engineer in a good company for one year. The company is great and I love my work. I get along well with the other employees and the bosses and the pay scale is good too. However the problem is that our project has been completed and the company wants us to move to another place but I can’t move to another place due to some personal reasons. I have already secured a now job but the old company where I used to work is good and I am not sure what course of action should I take? I have not submitted my letter of resignation at the old company yet and I need your help in figuring out how and if I should do it. Can you help me in writing a resignation letter that will help me in getting my old job back?

Ameen Ali

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Ameen,

The problem you have stated is understandable as leaving a job that you are good at is not an easy task. All of us keep looking for the perfect job and once we find it, we hope to stick to it for as long as possible. Since you have acquired a new job and have not resigned at the old company, it is clear that you have doubts about leaving the job. In these circumstances, it is best to re-evaluate your situation and see what options you have. Look at the pros and cons of relocating to where the company is moving. If you feel that you can make a few changes and relocate easily then go for it. If not, then focus on all the reasons why staying back and getting a new job works out better for you.

As far as your fears regarding coming back to the company later on are concerned, here are a few things you can do to make sure that the gates are open for you.

  • First and foremost, talk to your boss and explain to him why it is impossible for you to relocate. Be polite and tell him that working at the company has been a great opportunity for you. Remember you do not want to burn any bridges so be nice to your boss.
  • Give full 2 week’s notice (or whatever time period was agreed upon in the agreement) so that the company does not have to suffer. Finding someone to fill the position that you just left can be a hard task so it is better not to leave the company in a difficult position.
  • Recommend someone who you think might be able to fill the post that you are leaving so that the company does not have problems to deal with. They will remember you as the responsible employee who caused minimum trouble when he resigned from the job.
  • Take some time to compose your resignation letter. A resignation letter should be brief, non-confrontational and professional. For example you can write,

Dear Mr. C,

It has been an honour to work with you. This letter is to notify you that I will be leaving to accept a new position with another company as of (a date which is AT LEAST two weeks from the date of your conversation and letter). Since the company is relocating and it is not possible for me to move at this time, I have to resign from the post. Please accept my thanks for our association, and best regards to you and the entire company for the future.



We sincerely hope that the suggestions given above will prove helpful in making the right decision and the doors of your old company will remain open for you if you wish to come back.

Good Luck,

Rozee Team