How Much Salary Should I Demand In An Interview?

Question from the job seeker

I have read your articles on appearing for an interview and have found them most helpful, but I have a problem that I need you to help me with. I become very confused while answering questions that revolve around the salary issue. For instance, in an interview when I was asked by the interviewer how much salary was I expecting. Although I had a figure in my head, I felt like I would be laughed at if I demanded that amount and so I quoted something much lower to what I wanted to ask. Later on I regretted my decision but it was already too late. When I received a call from the employer they offered me something even lower than what I had quoted. As a result I had to turn it down and keep looking for a job. Also once before I was turned down from a job because I demanded salary that was too high. Now, I have another interview coming up and I do not want to make a mistake when asked about the salary expectations. Please help me deal with the issue properly.

Wajeeha Khan

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Wajeeha,

The question of salary is something that every candidate dreads. Of course you want to get a salary that compensates you for your hard work, but at the same time you do not want to appear greedy and someone who only wants the job for the money. This is a tricky question and the answer that any candidate give can either make him succeed or fail in the entire interview session.
There are a few things that you need to take into account before going for an interview and answering the question regarding the salary range.

  • Do your research and find out the general and accepted pay scale for the position you are applying for and make sure that you keep your demand within the salary range your demand within the salary range.
  • Keep in mind that the employers will offer you a salary package that is definitely less than what you have demanded. So when you demand a pay make sure that you have kept the margin of bargaining.
  • Do not have extraordinarily high expectations. You must know you limits when demanding a pay scale. You cannot ask for managerial pay scale at an entry level positions.
  • Do not be shy. If you have researched and are sure that you deserve a certain pay scale, then there is no need to be shy. Be confident and put your demands forward. Even if your demands are too high for the employer, he will neither laugh at you nor will he reject you on that basis alone. If you are a worthy candidate, the employer will get in touch with you to negotiate the salary.
  • While negotiating the salary do not be too rigid, make some room for the employer’s demand and try to meet somewhere in the middle. You have to remember that once hired, you can performance well to show the employer what you are worth and thus ask for a raise later on.

We hope that the suggestions put forward by us will prove helpful in your upcoming interview. Do write back to us in case of any concerns or any more queries.

All the best,
Rozee Team

13 thoughts on “How Much Salary Should I Demand In An Interview?

  1. Dear Rozee Team,

    I think that your reply is not complete. What she is asking is what salary should one ask.
    How can you research about salaries that particular employer is giving.
    I think one better ask employer indirectly in an interview about salary of that post.


  2. The above mentioned tips fully cover each and every aspect.
    I think while in an interview we can take a lot of benefit from these questions as we can clear our concepts.
    Great job.
    ROZEE.PK Team.

  3. Nowadays many employers (organizations) offer different kind of contracts to prospective employees based on the work placement and law & order situation in the country. It is worth mentioning to understand the type of contract before negotiating a salary (contract is mentioned by some employers on their website or in the advertisment eg. Fix term, Short service agreement, APW etc)

  4. Warm thanks for such kind of suggestions. These are too much essential. We pray that this site shall lead us in any way. Thank you once again ROZEE.PK

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