Should I Keep On Working For A Company Which Refuses To Pay Me?

Question from the reader

I read your articles regularly and find them very helpful. Nowadays I am facing a serious problem at work and I am unable to solve it on my own. It would be great if you could help me find a way to deal with it properly. I am currently working in consultancy firm and the work I do is of my choice. The boss is good and the office environment is great, but there are some financial problems with the company. As a result the company has not been paying me my salary for several months. I have reminded the seniors that my salary is pending but have failed to get a positive response. Now my patience is running out and I am really starting to get worried. I want to switch my job but I have failed to find anything that is according to my level of education. I am completely swamped as I do not know what course of action I should take. Please advise me accordingly and help me get out of this quagmire.

Naadia Rana

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Nadia,

The problem that you have mentioned here is of the most extraordinary nature as one does not often come upon such issues in life. However, it is also true that the situation is not completely unheard of, as some people in the past have reported that they are having similar problems at work. The reason that such issues have started arising is indeed the economic crunch that has lead companies to cut costs at all fronts. You seem to be employed in one such firm and the problems that you have put forward is not an easy one to tackle, but it is not entirely hopeless either. Here are a few suggestions from us:

Talk to the boss

The first thing that you must do is go to your boss directly and explain your problem to him. As you say that you have talked to your seniors about the problem and no response was achieved, it is quite possible that they failed to mention you complaint to the boss, who is unaware of the entire situation. So it is best to talk to the boss directly so that you can get a direct response which will clarify both your and the boss’s situation.

File a written complaint

When you go to the boss make sure that you articulate your problem on a piece of paper. It is quite possible that the boss assures you to look into the matter, but forgets it the moment you step out of the office. If you leave a written complaint on his table it will serve as a reminder later on and increase the chances of your problem being looked into. Also submit a copy of the complaint to the HR department so that the matter does not get ignored.

Ask for instalments

If the company tells you that it is unable to pay the salary due to a financial crunch, you can ask them to pay you in instalments. This way the cash outflow for them would be minimal and our inflow will help you in maintaining your finances.

Keep looking for a job

In the mean while, it is best that you keep looking for another job so that you can shift as soon as you get a better offer. It might be that the company you are working for has major financial issues and you might not get paid for quite a while. However, it is wiser to get a job first and then leave the previous job as it has a bad impact on your job search if you are jobless. Meanwhile if you are working even without pay, you are gaining considerable and invaluable experience.

We hope that the suggestions put forward by us will help you in solving the problems that you are facing at work.

Best of luck,
Rozee Team

2 thoughts on “Should I Keep On Working For A Company Which Refuses To Pay Me?

  1. Nice to see a thorough response and different options. However, bottomline, if the company is having financial problems, and they have not paid your salary, then they will probably won’t be in a position to pay it in the future unless they start doing really well. Not being paid is a dangerous precedent that shows that the company can employ this policy in the future as well. Your best option will be to try to find another job. There are pros and cons in staying with your current employer and looking (gives you a bargaining chip with your new employer that you are not desperate), while the con being that looking for a job is a fulltime job in itself and you are “wasting” time on a non-paying job.


  2. Thanks for the valuable suggestions, I hope it will definitely help Naadia and other people facing similar sort of problems in their organization.
    Best of Luck to NAADIA, May u get another job asap.
    M.Shoaib Anwer

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