Is It Wise To Take A Year Long Break From Education Or Work?

Question from the job seeker

I have done my bachelors in economics recently and wish to achieve a master’s degree in the future. However, before I embark upon the journey to attain higher education I am planning to take a break from the strenuous routine. I have been thinking of taking a year off and then get enrolled in the Master’s degree programme. However, a lot of people are advising me against it as they are of the view that I will not be able to get into a good university if I take a year off. After considering this argument the second thought that I had in mind was that I could take a year off after I complete my MBA degree and start looking for a job after that. However, people have been advising me that it will affect my job hunt if I wait for a year since all the fresh graduates will start looking for a job as soon as they are done with the final submissions. As a consequence I am now at a total loss as to what course of action should be taken to avoid problems in my professional life as I find it necessary that I take a break from the hectic routine that I have been going through. Please give me some advice in this context and help me sort the problem out.

Asrar Ali

Answer from Rozee team

Dear Asrar,

Let us get straight to the point, taking a year off from education or job hunting just to rest and relax does not appear to be a great idea. Your friend and family are right in advising you against it as there are a lot of problems that can arise from this situation. For instance:

  • The enrollment criterion for MBA degree is often changed and it might be that you find it harder to enter the programme if the criterion has been changed from the last year.
  • After sitting at home for an entire year you might get rusty and when competing with other candidates who have recently completed their degree, you might not perform as well as others, thus diminishing your chances of getting in.

If you are thinking if taking a year off after completing the education, then you must keep in mind that:

  • Fresh graduates have better chances of getting into the jobs as they have the latest education and skill set at their disposal.
  • You will have to explain to every prospective employer why you waited a whole year before applying for a job.
  • Saying that you took the time off to rest does not bode well with the employer as it indicates inability to take pressure over a long period of time.

If however you are adamant on taking the time off, then make sure that you make good use of the time rather than wasting it sitting idle. Here are a few suggestions that will help you making the most of the time off:

  • Take up any diploma courses that will help you in enhancing your skill set.
  • You can also take course for spoken English and polishing presentation skills. Such courses are easy and do not require too much studying so they will not in any way burden you during your time off.
  • If possible find an internship so that you can learn the basics as well as have something good on your resume.
  • Rather than sticking to a single internship throughout the year, try taking two or three different and diverse internships that will help in educating you in different fields.

We hope that you have found the answer that will help you in your education and career advancement.

All the best,
Rozee Team

8 thoughts on “Is It Wise To Take A Year Long Break From Education Or Work?

  1. When one gets to the end of ones life, one will realise that we took no time off. Even sitting still and without thinking opens another passage on our short journey.

    What’s important is to do what one believes is best even though we may be wrong.

    Enjoy the journey and give back whenever you can.

  2. Hi Asrar,
    To me, there is no break if it come to Education. I will push myself pass my limit.
    Lots of Audio Subliminal can enhance your drive….

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