Identifying One’s Shortcomings, Learning From Past Mistakes And Never Being Complacent Are The Hall Marks Of A True Professional Says, Faisal Bhatti Manager Talent at Techlogix

Q. 1. What are, in your view, the basic principles of success in a professional life?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Continuous improvement is the key, I guess. Identifying one’s shortcomings, learning from past mistakes and never being complacent are the hall marks of a true professional. One must inculcate a winning attitude and be open to face new challenges.

Q. 2. Tell us about your educational life?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: I went to the University of Arizona for my Bachelors (Economics) after Aitchison College and finished off with an MIS degree from Iowa State University.

Q. 3. What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Techlogix offers a dynamic and global professional life. Apart from being financially competitive (compensation wise), we focus on inculcating a spirit a professionalism and perfection in our employees. The employees are part of the Techlogix family and hence the resulting work environment is friendly, open, relaxed but at the same time competitive and professional.

Q. 4. What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti:

1) Confidence (there is a fine line between being confident and over confident)
2) Enthusiasm in the area/field they want to work in
3) Knowing their limitations
4) Ability to work with others

Q. 5. What is the scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: To date, HRM is focused on recruitment and assisting senior management in daily operations. However, a change in people’s approach to this domain is underway. Employees are spending more time at work than home. They require more professional focus on mentoring, guidance, support and true advice from HRM.
Contrary to the general misconception, HRM is not just about policy making, processes and record keeping; it is also about going the extra mile that will make a difference in the lives of your employees.

Q. 6. How would you rate the success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Online recruitment is the future of HRM. It is simple, easy and efficient.
ROZEE.PK should focus, in the near future, on customized offering accommodating the recruitment needs of employers from various industries.

Q. 7. How has ROZEE.PK helped your firm regarding recruitment i.e. Have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE.PK e.g. JobFairs/Job Postings/CV Search?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Yes, we do attend ROZEE.PK events, and I have used Job Postings/CV Search every now and then. I have had decent experience with the quality of people that applied to us through ROZEE.PK.

Q. 8. What is your strategy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: A productive mind is also a relaxed mind. Stress and tension, as we all know, kills productivity. I enjoy what I do. It’s always good to take a little break from work and analyze your work/life situation in a relaxed environment. This helps me prioritize what’s important both at work and in my personal life. Living a fast paced life and meeting deadlines all the time hampers my thinking process, and to get new ideas and aspirations, taking a back seat in life once or twice a year does really help my cause.

Q. 9. Do you believe that Pakistani universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your company’s strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Unfortunately, the gap between practical on the ground status and the expectations of fresh graduates is huge and is widening every year. There is a critical need for industry professionals to interact with college graduates to balance their idealism with a pinch of realism. Professional mentoring should start as early as A-Levels or FSc; after all, students and their families amongst a vast majority of Pakistanis have selected a particular industry by then. Professionals will be able to give a very practical picture which will assist the young generation in an objective evaluation process.
It can be quite traumatic for a young graduate, full of enthusiasm and ideals, to face the real world at times. Lack of guidance and career counseling at schools and universities leave him unprepared to the amount of sheer hard work and persistence required in a competitive job.
I have seen a lot of confusion amongst IT graduates. They go for a career in IT simply because that was the ‘in’ thing to do at that time. They realize too late that career selection should be based, first and foremost, on your passions in life; you spend an extreme amount of time at work and it is all heading for disaster if you do not have an insatiable passion for your work or industry.
To attract the best talent, we attend different career fairs at all universities and hire the students before they graduate. We work closely with career service offices at most of the universities in Pakistan and try to minimize the gap between academia and the professional world out there. We at Techlogix don’t focus only on grades when we hire individuals. We try to understand the main reasons why an individual has chosen IT as a career. There is technical as well as personality assessment and only those individuals are selected who perform well in both.

Q. 10. What is your formula of success in life?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Success is different for different people. For some it is going up the ladder, for others it is about making money for still others it is about being famous. I believe you have had a successful career if you have a respectable reputation in your industry and you have no regrets looking back.
Life will always give you opportunities to succeed. What matters is that are you equipped with knowledge and expertise to take advantage of that opportunity.

Q. 11. What are the biggest turnoffs in an interview of a job applicant?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti:

1) Low on energy
2) Being shabbily dress up
3) Not knowing what they want to do in life
4) Ideas or statements that they cannot back up with logic

Q. 12. Due to rough economic situation and soaring price rise, how does your company deal with keeping itself cost effective and attractive for job seekers?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: I read it somewhere that 90% of your time should be focused on new opportunities and the remaining 10% on fixing the issues. From my 7-8 years professional experience, I have gained that you can’t achieve much by cost effective techniques, you only lose quality people by tightening the screws. No matter how bad the economy is, there is always something new that you can try or do to keep up the corporate growth.
You should have practical and rational policies in place all the time to maintain check & balance and this has nothing to do with how the economy is doing.

Q. 13. Any good advice you want to give for the job seekers who want to enter and prosper in the professional field?

Mr. Faisal Bhatti: Do a lot of research before you pick a career and once you have done that, stay honest to it. There are no shortcuts and there is no alternative to hard work.

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  1. The success are the key notes for professionalism only if it is rightly perceived and content with lucrative decisions to incorporate values that determine the cause of success which means, taking in account the measures that plays role of conjecture with the reality of the situation not just winning task or meeting target by all means. Most of the recent banking crises are indicative of the failure in attitude of most professionals who went on believing the theory of make right wrong and equally wrong the right without considering the options carefully

  2. As I had worked in Techlogix for three plus years, I agree with Faisal, Techlogix is one of the best blend of Professional and Personal growth opportunity. About Universities output in current years we need people passionate for technology and hard work & patience in Software Engineers as They may not benefit in shortrun but hopefully person benefited in career and growth in long term.

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