One Should Not Short-List Candidates On The Basis Of Their Institutes As It Has Been Proved From Time To Time That Low Profile Universities Can Also Produce Great Individuals, Says Sarah Zulfiqar, HR Executive, FSD Solutions

Q. 1. What are, in your view, the basic principles of success in a professional life?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: Be it professional life or personal, people say dedication and hard work are the success factors in life. I agree to this but I think these factors are activated when you choose the right career path for yourself. If you do not like what you do, you will never be able to commit to it.

Q. 2. Tell us about your educational life?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: My schooling is from St. Josephs Convent School which created a strong foundation for me. I graduated from Institute of Business Management (CBM) in Human Resources. I have participated in various seminars, conferences and workshops to further develop my skills.

Q. 3. What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: FSD Solutions provides a cordial and professional environment to its team members thus eliminating office politics. We believe in creating long term relationships with our team members. FSD is an equal opportunity provider. We recognize talents and skills of an individual and work to further develop them.

Q. 4. What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar:

We look for the following 4 A’s in a candidate:

  • Attitude (behavior and posture)
  • Appearance (attire and expression)
  • Aptitude (skills and talent)
  • Agility (communication skills)

Generally an individual excludes the first 2 A’s and concentrate on the last two. Observing the attitude of the interviewee helps the interviewer to determine if the candidate will fit in the prevailing organizational culture and environment. Appearance indicates interviewee’s interest towards the job and respect for the employer. According to a wise saying “You dress for the person you are going to meet and not for yourself.”

Q. 5. What is the scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: Human Resource Management in Pakistan is in the development stage at the moment. I believe that serious professional attitude and individuals are required for its development in our country. HRM is being introduced in many companies in Pakistan thus expanding its scope.

Q. 6. How would you rate the success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: Online recruiting firms such as ROZEE.PK play a vital role in speeding the recruitment process. It is time saving and is cost effective. I believe such firms have proved to be environment friendly as less paper work in involved in using their services.

Q. 7. How has ROZEE.PK helped your firm regarding recruitment i.e. Have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE.PK e.g. Job Fairs/Job Postings/CV Search?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: Yes. We place an ad on ROZEE.PK whenever there is a vacant position in our company. We never felt the need to use CV Search, as the response for ad posting almost always helps us in filling the vacancy.

Q. 8. What is your strategy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: My strategy for work-life balance is very simple. I classify my time into two categories:
1. Work time and
2. Personal time

When I’m working I just concentrate on what I’m doing. I keep the two from overlapping thus maintaining a balance between my work and personal life.

Q. 9. Do you believe that Pakistani universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your company’s strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: Yes. I believe talent mainly depends on the student. Educational institutes help the individual in developing their skills and talents. One should not short-list candidates on the basis of their institutes as it has been proved from time to time that low profile universities can also produce great individuals.

Q. 10. What is your formula of success in life?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: I learn from my experiences and the experiences of others. Learning from experiences of others gives a different insight. You get to learn about the things that were not even in your list. I consider this to be a great factor of success in my life.

Q. 11. What are the biggest turnoffs in an interview of a job applicant?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar:

1. Coming in late without informing
2. Attitude and appearance
3. Lying and over-exaggerating

Q. 12. Any good advice you want to give for the job seekers who want to enter and prosper in the professional field?

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar: The task of a resume is to get you an interview and not a job. Concentrate on writing an effective resume that gets you through to the interview phase. Read the answer to question 4 to help you clear an interview. Highlight all your strengths using strong factual examples. To prosper in your career make sure you choose the right job and work hard to achieve success.

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  1. Respected madam,
    I am very pleased to see your precious and valuable answers.
    We always to keep a grip on these things, but thanks for reminding again.
    Thanks ROZEE.PK

  2. Nice interview and replies.
    I just wana add one things! During job just don’t do it for the salary. Try to learn and improve your skills. Sometime we get disheartened if we not get appreciation from the employer, but have faith and keep working towards you goal.

  3. Salman Raza:

    Writing a good resume/CV:

    1. Each designation requires a separate resume/CV. Do not use 1 resume/CV for all the jobs. Read the job description and write your resume/CV accordingly, highlighting your skills required for the job.

    2. Keep it simple and to the point. Due to shortage of time lengthy resume/CVs are often overlooked. If you are applying for a marketing job, include experiences or projects related to marketing only. It indicates a sense of direction and eliminates confusion.

    3. If you are a fresh graduate and you do not have relevant experiences then use your projects as examples to explain your competency for a job.

    4. Avoid placing your picture on resume/CV . If required by the employer, use proper passport size picture and not the one taken out of your family portraits.

    5. Write your resume/CV in Word or PDF format only. Avoid using other formats. Never design your resume/CV as an image.

    6. Make sure your resume/CV does not have grammar and spelling errors.

    Zahid Khan:

    I cannot give you any tips on how to be a good marketer as I’m an HR professional. However, I can tell you what interviewers look for in a marketing candidate:

    1. Hygiene and appearance
    2. Ability to convince
    3. Delivery of speech
    4. Courtesy
    5. Ethical behavior

    Unfortunately I cannot explain the above mentioned points in detail at the moment. If you need further explanation please provide me with your contact details and I’ll get back to you later.


    Before answering your question I need to know the industry and department you want to work in.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  4. We Carefuly read out your sole comments on the hiring for the staffing which is your comprehensive guidlines are here by appericiative & impressed us much from your own talent & wide verse for the tools of hiring so you are nice talented of course. thanks. if you reciept these comments of us so contact to us forhwith for costing out of the venture plz.

  5. It will indeed prove to be very helpful for the up comming individuals to prepare for a successful interview. It really is in the best interest of all of us. Good job done.

  6. I need to consult with you regarding my career. Actually I am working in Dubai with a reasonable salary, but I do not want to continue this job because I am interested in working in Pakistan.
    I would like to ask you, is it good for me to return without any confirmed job?
    Your early response will be highly appreciated for me.

  7. Dear Sara, I like your comments. I am a graduate and wish to get some marketing experience. Please send me some comments about a good marketer.

  8. Respected Madam,
    It was really a great, realistic talk. I liked the approach of 4A’s and especially the one you said about the short listing of candidates by ignoring their institutes. I have observed that many of the universities have a strong monopoly over the market and that is most frustrating act for a fresh graduate from a low profile university.

  9. Dear Madam,
    It is really beneficial but still many of us do not know exactly about making not only an impressive but also an effective CV. Would love to have your able advice on that as well.

  10. I really appreciated the candid, honest remarks given by Ms Sara. The 4 A’s are definitely required to give a complete portrayal of ones personality. General attitude and outlook is sometimes much more than what you learn from the book and experience more than anything is invaluable.

  11. Ms.Sarah
    Appreciated for offering useful tip for interview. I have got ideas for successful interview.
    With regards.

  12. Dear Ms. Sarah

    It was fantastic interview and will surely be helpful in my professional career. I liked your way of assessing candidates on the basis of 4As. Very realistic and professional approach and said wisely experiences make man perfect and if not perfect, atleast lead towards excellence.



  13. Ms. Sarah
    Really appreciable!
    I am pleased and surprised that you have got realistic approach as you look young and professional.
    Allah Bless you and show you more success.

  14. Respected Madem, i want to join your institution .i have a degree & MBA Continue from vu .kindly plz give me a chance.

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