Fresh Graduates: Are There No Openings?

Many fresh graduates complain that they have to suffer a lot when they start looking for jobs after they complete their education. The Pakistani youth have been facing this dilemma for quite some time now and the situation seems to be deteriorating with each passing day. The global recession has further aggravated the situation as millions became jobless and as a result, fresh graduates have to face tougher competition.

There is no need to despair however, if you are a fresh graduate and just started looking for a job. According to ROZEE.PK statistics, plenty of jobs open up for fresh graduates but the candidates far outnumber the capacity of these job openings. However, as a fresh graduate you need to be well prepared and able to leave a good impression on the employer in order to get a job.

Many candidates complain that job interview is a later step as they do not even get calls for interview despite applying for various openings. Therefore, we have compiled a list of things you need to take care of in order to make sure that you at least get the call for an interview.

Checklist For The Job Hunt

As soon as you finish your degree, the first thought on your mind is to get a job. This would be a lot easier if you started working on some of these tips during the final year of your education. Go through all the pointers and see what you can do in each arena to enhance your job search.

Choose Your Career

When we choose which subjects we wish to study most of us think that we have determined our career path and have nothing to worry about in the near future. As a result, when the fresh graduates hit the job market they have no orientation of which industry suits their requirements and often end up choosing a wrong line. Even if you have studied a specified course, there are many different industries where you get a job. Many times the fresh graduates miss good job opportunities because they have no idea of some of the niches that are available to them.

It is best that you go to a career counselor, or if you do not have such a facility, you can always turn to the Internet for help. Do a thorough research on the kinds of job opportunities that are available for your specialties and apply to all of them.

Maintain your network

In order to find a job right after college you should maintain an active network of teachers, colleagues, and other acquaintances. They can improve your chances of getting a job in interview by recommendations or simply by forwarding your CV to the relevant departments. The stronger you network, the better are your chances of securing a job interview.

Social Networking Websites

Nowadays, social networking websites have become and effective medium for finding jobs. More than that, maintaining a professional profile on these social networking websites is becoming more and more essential as now employers have developed a tendency to look at the profiles of the job applicants to make sure that they are choosing the right person.

Application Process

The most trying and testing phase of the job hunt is dropping off CVs at various places and waiting for the call for an interview. Some people believe that the higher number of applications they submit; the greater are their chances of succeeding. Such candidates are much mistaken, as this does not have any positive effect on your job search.

The best way is to find the jobs that are relevant to your field and expressly want a fresh graduate. It is important that you focus your energy on fruitful prospects rather than wasting time in wild goose chase.

Customize Your Resume

One of the most important things one has to keep in mind is to customize your resume for each job that you apply to rather than sending a generalized CV to all openings. The objective for each job should be modified and the skill set for every job should be different. Catering to the requirements of the employers is necessary so put more emphasis on skills that are of value to the specific employer.

Prepare an impressive cover letter stating the reason for your applying to the job and the things that make you perfect for it. Address it the employer and attach to the CV. The cover letter should be brief and concise. Make sure there are no typing errors or spelling mistakes in the cover letter or the CV as the employer will send your application straight to the bin if he sees one.

Lastly, make sure that you include all the important projects and assignments that can show the employer what your capabilities are since you do not have any prior experience to show what you can do for the employer.

Lower Your Expectations

One of the mistakes that the fresh graduates make is that they hope to get the dream job right away. These unrealistic expectations make it harder for the candidate to get the job. Asking for a pay scale that is not in accordance with you skills is also a common mistake. As a fresh graduate, you need to lower your expectations and be ready to work for less pay as all you need from the first job is the valuable experience. Once you get the experience, you will be able to ask for the pay scale according to your expectations and the employer will be more willing to accept.

Prepare well for the interview

Once you get an interview call for a job, you need to be well prepared for the interview session. Do your research and practice a lot to make sure that you do not make any huge mistake when you appear for the interview. Dress appropriately and follow the interview protocol that has often been discussed in the ROZEE.PK articles.

Freelance Work

While you are looking for a job, it is a great idea to work as a freelancer as there are many such opportunities available in the market. Not only will this help you financially but also give a boost to your CV as you can mention the freelance work you have been doing to fill the time between your graduation and the interview. This shows the employer that you are someone who makes the best of things and does not believe in wasting any time.

All these tips can help the fresh graduates in getting a job if followed with persistence and patience. It is easy to feel discouraged and get disheartened if one fails to get the job for a prolonged period of time. However, if you keep on trying and improving yourself in the time being, sooner or later your luck is bound to change.

47 thoughts on “Fresh Graduates: Are There No Openings?

  1. Here I would like to add that you should never leave your education in pursuit of a job, if you can afford or manage take professional courses and participate in advance study programs. Work as a freelancer in the meanwhile if you need money to support your education and opportunities will knock on your door.

  2. I cannot stress enough on the fact that fresh grads expect too much. I come across so many of them, attending their first few interviews for their first jobs. The common thing I notice in all of them is the fact that they still think it’s cool to be rebellious. They wear torn jeans to interviews, make spelling mistakes, use chatting lingo in their resumes and cover letters. On the contrary, it would raise a red flag with an employer. No one would like to have a rebel on the team.

    I’d say it is high time to notice the dire circumstances around. As an employer, I see hundreds of them every year. Each of them thinks that they are unique. I don’t even remember their name as soon as they leave the office. I’m not interested in what a candidate is wearing, or how fancy he/she talks. I’m only interested in how well a candidate can cover the JD, and how well he/she may work with my existing team.

  3. I think you are right, I will follow your instructions and try my level best and leave the rest on almighty ALLAH.

  4. All the instructions you give are helpful but there is not the exact solution of basic problem we all are facing. Its now a dilemma of our beloved Pakistan that one who has a fake degree is a minister but the one with the original masters degree is jobless.

  5. It’s right, “Great Expectations” after graduation is wrong. Students don’t have those skills which are required by any Enterprise or Organization because he or she is not habitual of working in that environment. Experience + skills in any particular field is counted.

  6. These instructions seem to be very helpful and effective. But I think capacity should be created for undergraduates so they can reach a particular level of experience before entering the main stream.
    Thank you.

  7. Present your achievements in your CV in an attractive manner. You will definitely be called for interview.

  8. Very effective toolkit.
    Find the best and appropriate role you have to play…not just look at the career as a job only… then you will get on.

  9. Dear brothers,
    Keep moving towards your destination,how much hurdles you face and believe in Allah. Inshallah you will get good reward.

  10. The article is good and it is extremely sad that the fresh graduates are facing a lot of problems……I faced similar problems at the start of my career and no doubt such things really demotivate but one should not give up……..keep on applying and definitely things will change……apply to all the recruitment sites.
    Moreover, strong networking is a MUST as there are many organizations who do not advertise in the newspaper just to avoid receiving thousands of CVs….One more thing, call directly at the HR dept of the company you wish to apply and just inquire about the vacancy and the requirements and email them your CV.
    While looking for a job, you can get enrolled for additional courses relevant to your field to add value to your CV.

  11. Hi
    Great and comprehensive article.
    I really like these efforts from ROZEE.PK team.
    Thanks to the whole team for such such nice efforts.
    I really appreciate this job

  12. It is true that fresh graduates face this problem. They fail to get their desired jobs in the field in which they have specialization.

  13. Such an article may lead the fresh graduates to a successful path but I want to add one thing, that is me being an fresh graduate realized that the many private institutes/companies require more than what the fresh graduates possess.

  14. It is Good article, but now in days the things is that the opportunities are very little that’s why this problem is exist.

  15. I did my Civil Engineering from UET, Lahore. but have not gotten a job even not an interview call. I am even ready to work on a low pay scale. Only references can give you jobs opportunities, not education and skills.

  16. It is a good article. I done my M.A M.Ed but still have not gotten a job. I am ready to work on a low pay scale. Its seems that only references can give you jobs opportunities, not education and skills.

  17. I don’t believe on such type of thinkings, its all happened naturally, when you will be able to get the the job no one asked to you for references, experiences and others personal contacts, for the fresh graduates they should wait for good time which will soon be take a turn to you, its my experience from the last ten years, also try as much as you can, but wait for……?

  18. Very nice suggestions but the thing is that because of this recession no any company offers jobs or some offering very shortly.
    I agree with Mr. luqnan that refrence in these days will be preferable..

  19. This article should be appreciated. The good thing is that if you have an experience then you are precious and valuable in the market.

  20. These are awesome tips for a fresh graduate but the problem is that fresh comers are bent on seeking good pay job than a good job because of the situation going on in Pakistan. Most of the students starts their professional life during studies to get experience as well as education and for that most of them leave there education and just concentrate for getting more money so it means in this era people think money is more valuable than the experience and education..

  21. It is a good article. I did my MBA finance but still have not gotten a job even not an interview call. I am ready to work on a low pay scale. Its seems that only references can give you jobs opportunities, not education and skills.

  22. Its a good article for motivating fresh candidates and to get wired in the job market; but it is also a fact that here in Pakistan it is not easy to get a job without having contacts. Another bad thing is that all fresh graduates and even experienced people here don’t know about their fields and they are just passing time. The more important thing is to modify our schooling system to produce educated people not only Degree Holders.

  23. Great and comprehensive article.
    I really like these efforts from ROZEE.PK team.
    Thanks to the whole team for such tremendous efforts.
    All the best,

  24. Well, this happened to me as well when I graduated.
    The mistake I made during my graduation was I never thought about how will I find job after completing my studies. May be it was due the good financial background I had.
    I was not even serious about internships as well which was another mistake I now realize.

    Internships, and Social Networking is must to start a good career. Never miss it.

  25. This is an appropriate article to be published in this bad time. We all are aware of economic conditions of our country, overall economic depression has reduced employment opportunities and our youth is facing hard time.
    Our youth should not be blamed for not setting aims, we as a nation are lacking leadership and direction.
    In this hard time it is advised for jobless individuals to earn experience & learn by doing internships and freelance work, if there is no opportunity for internship/volunteer work then keep revising whatever knowledge is acquired during studies, expand your knowledge by reading journals scholarly articles etc.
    This economic downturn will not last forever, soon when things will turn fine all of you will be having good jobs and desired salaries.

    Trust yourself and stay motivated.

    Suggestions for getting Internship/Volunteer work:

    – The best source of getting an internship is job placement office of your university.
    – Alumni network is another importance source.
    – Hundreds of NGOs and other non profit organizations are operating in our country, these organizations are seeking volunteer workers. Locate them and apply. It is recommended not to apply to these institutions independently rather apply using job placement office of your university/college.

    After each internship/volunteer work students gain diverse experience and they are usually awarded with certificate of accomplishment by their employer which adds value to their CVs.

  26. Article is good but context is wrong, it’s like giving logic in illogical situation. This gets fit if economy and market is not suffering from worst percentage of recession/inflation figure of all time. Current era required proactive approach and business entities should start placement concept for graduate to get them on feet before they graduated. So for now, i’ll suggest to follow these steps and accept whatever business entities are offering at the moment.

    “It’s worth to survive with less rather than die with hunger”

  27. Its a nice article and we should follow these tips and have to set our Goals & Objectives, as matter of fact our youth is not setting their aim in life.

  28. Don’t see a job opportunity in the textile sector even for the experienced people.

    personal contacts are very important get a job in pakistan

  29. I did MBA from CECOS University and got 3.2 GPA but why are still jobless and how I get a chance and proof myself.

  30. I agree that the things mentioned are absolutely right but the main problem these days is that companies are not taking any risk.

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