Human Resource Management In Pakistan Has Many Facets, Claim Some Of The Top HR Managers In Pakistan

Over the last decade, Human Resources Management has evolved as a significant part of every organization and people in Pakistan have come to realize the importance of having a fully functional HRM department in every organization.

Previously the HRM was mistakenly considered as the administrative department responsible for minor tasks. However this view has now been corrected as the significance of the functions and responsibilities of the HRM department became clear to the multinational organizations in Pakistan. Nowadays every small and big organization has a fully functional HRM department which makes sure that the functions of the organization go smoothly.There are many aspects that lead to becoming a valuable HR manager and performing the tasks at hand properly. Moreover the HR managers can give valuable tips for the newcomers in the professional field and the job seekers.

Here is what some of the HR managers working for the top organizations of the country have to say:

Mr. Hamid Ikram:
Country Head, Professional Employers Private Limited

HRM in Pakistan is still at an immature stage and needs to grow up! The potential for HRM is very good in Pakistan, but only if organizations and individuals take it in a professional manner. Organizations must realize that their employees can be their most important assets, while individuals must realize that nobody owes them a job and they have to work for it.

Mr. Faisal Bhatti:
Manager Talent, Techlogix

To date, HRM is focused on recruitment and assisting senior management in daily operations. However, a change in people’s approach to this domain is underway. Employees are spending more time at work than home. They require more professional focus on mentoring, guidance, support and true advice from HRM.
Contrary to the general misconception, HRM is not just about policy making, processes and record keeping; it is also about going the extra mile that will make a difference in the lives of your employees.

Ms. Sanam Mujeeb Sheikh:
Manager HR, KSB Pumps

Scope of HR Management in Pakistan is very bright. Operationally HR has become very strong now as almost every organization is following the basic practices of HR Management. However, from a global perspective we are still at the primary stage of HR Management. The HR department of any organization should be a strategic business partner for the company. Human Resource is the bridge between the employer and employee and this makes the role of HR department important.

Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar:
HR Manager, FSD Solutions

Human Resource Management in Pakistan is in the development stage at the moment. I believe that serious professional attitude and individuals are required for its development in our country. HRM is being introduced in many companies in Pakistan thus expanding its scope.

The HR managers also have some advice for the new and old jobseekers which can help them in getting their career in the right direction. Here is what they suggest:

Mr. Kamran Sadiq:
HR Manager, Xavor Corporation

I would advise the job seekers to always appear for interviews well prepared and not to lose confidence at any point in time during the interview or even in the professional field. This will surely take them to the level they wish to achieve without falling at any point.

Ms. Sarah Khan:
HR Manager, About Us

Remain professional at all times. Work towards constantly improving and updating yourself in your area of interest. Remain humble, regardless of the success you have achieved, remain open to opportunities even if they do not initially match your ‘dream’ job!

Mr. Nabeel Safdar:
HR Manager Systems Limited

Identify the reason to work, do not carry unrealistic expectations from yourself. Ask questions and understand what is expected of you. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders – Delegate. In the contemporary world in which we live, the order of the day is change, henceforth one has to be a good manager of ambiguity resulting from change. Last but certainly not the least, put perseverance into action.

Mr. Hussain Ahmad:
HR Manager Avanceon

I will suggest to all the candidates to invest in themselves. Whenever you work for a company, you should be a dedicated worker but do not limit yourself to the boundaries set by company. Ideas do not have limitations, so think in general and customize your ideas for the company you are working for. It will add value to you and to the company.

Mr. Muhammad Manshah:
HR Manager EGC Pvt Ltd
Exploring job is not something easy rather I would say that seeking job requires full time attention. It is not just to explore and apply for jobs and attending interviews. Actually, recruitment sources must be explored and should be followed up with interviews. Presentation should be as per the job requirement and up to the expectations of the hiring company. Outfit of the interviewee should also present him as a professional.

What the HR professionals have to say about the role of ROZEE.PK in job hunting process and the job market:

Ms. Shama Saghir:
HR Manager i2c Inc

We have been using the ROZEE.PK portal for two years now, and have also participated in the job fairs arranged by ROZEE.PK. Our booth at the last ROZEE.PK job fair generated very high interest and attracted more online traffic than any other booth. As I mentioned earlier, we are trying to fill over a hundred vacant positions, and, naturally, that is something that engages people’s attention. We also made sure that a facilitator is always present at the booth to guide the job seekers.
We appreciate the platform that ROZEE.PK has provided us to demonstrate our success and potential, and reach out to a very large audience in the job market. We hope that ROZEE.PK will continue to play its important role, and look forward to strengthening our mutually beneficial relationship.

Mr. Yousuf Jamshed:
HR Manager, ABB Pakistan

Hats off to Mr. Monis Rahman and his Team! ROZEE.PK has drastically changed the ideology of employers towards employees and vice versa. I have seen a lot of people having benefitted from this online job portal. We are planning to get benefited from its services very soon.

Mr. Mian Tahir Javed:
GM, HR & Training McDonald

Online Recruitment technique is relatively a new concept in Pakistani Job Market but gradually companies have realized the importance of time saving and effective tool to make quality hiring decision. And ROZEE.PK has been the leading trend setters in the industry.

Syed Zulfiqar Zaidi,
Head of HR & Recruitment, Mobilink

Online recruitment is simplifying the way we recruit. It is efficient, easy to manage and saves you a lot of physical resume storage space. ROZEE.PK’s customer service and how the relationship teams are able to customize solutions are remarkable. We have indeed derived significant branding mileage from our participation in ROZEE.PK’s career fairs. Moreover as clients of your web based recruitment services, we have noticed a marked increase in talent finding its way to our career portals. As a result, there is immense diversity in terms of fresh human resource available for recruitment from our colleges and universities.

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  1. I went through the comments of my senior HR Professionals, obviously the HR in Pakistan is still in its initial phase. but being optimistic what i perceive is that if we compare our initial phase with initial phase of HR in USA nd Europe, we are much better than those countries. now it is up to us that how we impart it in the minds of our employers that HRM is now the theme of progress nd development.

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