How Can I Be A Professional Employee When I Have No Prior Experience?

Question from the job seeker

I am a fresh graduate working in an NGO. I have finished my degree in BBA (HONS) before joining the NGO. The problem with me is that I am totally new in the practical field and am facing difficulties in fulfilling my duties. Moreover, my boss is not at all happy with my work as he claims that I am not a professional employee and cannot handle the work satisfactorily. I agree that I do not know anything about my work but the fact is that I am new in this field so obviously I do not have any relevant experience or the required knowhow. However, in order to prove myself worthy and to please my boss I do my work with maximum possible effort, but still get no response or recognition from him. Please suggest what should be done to improve the situation and make sure that my boss does not fire me. I have no experience in the professional field which is why I am totally unable to solve the problem on my own. Help me get myself out of this quagmire and get on the road to success.

Sahil Khan

Answer from the Rozee Team

Dear Sahil,

Entering the professional field is not easy and once you get a job it is even harder to keep it. It is true that for a newcomer or a fresh graduate the professional life is scary and the fact that the boss or supervisor expects them to be good at their job makes it even harder.

However the harsh reality is that wherever you go, the employers will expect you to be professional and know how to do your job. Most companies do offer orientation and guidance in the beginning but now owing to the troublesome job climate, the employers prefer to hire employees who know what they are supposed to do and accomplish the task at hand without any help from the supervisor.

Given your situation the best option would be to make sure that you listen to the instructions given by your boss clearly and try to follow them to the letter. If your boss has to repeat the instructions he might get angry and feel that you have a careless attitude.

Also try to meet the deadlines, even if it means sitting late at the office and working hard to get all the work done. If you do not understand something ask about it clearly rather than risking making a mistake which will be worse than asking for help.

You can also learn from your colleagues and coworkers. Try to find a mentor who is willing to guide you so that you can learn the ropes while staying in the boss’s good books.

Internet is a very effective medium that can help you in enhancing your learning capabilities by providing professional guidance. Look for tips on time management, professionalism and skill polishing. All these can help you build a strong career.

Lastly, keep your spirits up and take the criticism positively. Learn from your mistakes and makes sure that you never repeat them. This is your first job so make the best of it and use this opportunity to learn as much as you can.

Best Of Luck,
Rozee Team