All Of My Colleagues Are Moving On To Better Jobs. Should I Try To Find Another Job As Well?

Question from the job seeker

I have been reading your newsletter for quite some time now and I find the suggestions given by you extremely helpful. I am an engineer working in a private organization for the last 2 years. The job is good and the coworkers are friendly and helpful. Even my boss is great and very helpful with all the employees. So far, I have had no reason to complain and my job satisfaction level has been high on the scale. However, recently the rumor started that the organization was about to shut down and the employees will become jobless. While the boss denies all this, the employees have already started moving. Many of my coworkers have left for better jobs and many are still looking. My dilemma is that I have grown too comfortable in this job and leaving is not a good option for me. On the other hand, I feel like I have gained all that I could from this job and need something more challenging. Also the rumors have gotten me worried as to my future in this company. Please advice what should I do?

Aleem Kazi

Answer From The Rozee Team

Dear Aleem,
The job situation that you have described is ideal and many of us would do anything to get such a job. However, it is true that all good things have to end sooner or later.There are multiple solutions to your problem according to different situations. Read through and choose the one that best appeals your senses:

  • If you are in fear that the company is shutting down, it is best to have a clear talk with the boss and discuss the situation. If there is such a scenario, he will be honest and apprise you of the situation. If you still feel threatened then stay at the job and start looking for another one. As soon as you find a good job, you can give notice to the employer and leave after the notice period is over.
  • If you feel like you have learned all you want from this job, it might be time to start looking for a new job. However if you are adamant at staying at the current job, you can always ask your boss to get you relocated to another department so that you can have new responsibilities and new job descriptions.
  • The last point is about you getting too comfortable in the working environment. It is not a bad thing and you do not have to move based solely on this problem. Finding good jobs and a healthy work environment is not easy and it is understandable that one might be reluctant to leave such a place. However if it is keeping you from staying despite any chances of growth and long term success then you should think about switching.

Make your decision after careful deliberation and once you have made up your mind stick to your choice.

Best of luck,

Rozee Team