Monetary Reasons Can Overshadow Every Priority But One Should Have The Skill To Manage Even The Most Hectic Of Schedules, Says Mr. Saad Mehmood, Head Of Businesss Development, Dasron Securities Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Saad Khan Q. 1. What do you consider the basic principles of success in a professional life?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: In my view these are the basic principles of success in a professional life:
Hard-work, discipline, punctuality, team-work, time-management, confidence not arrogance.

Q. 2. Tell us briefly about your education and professional life?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: I did my Bachelors in General Business from Oklahoma, USA. I’m an ex-banker and served with Union Bank, Standard Chartered & NIB, as Branch Manager

Q. 3. What makes your company attractive and unique for the job seekers?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: We provide the employees with the opportunity to learn about Capital Markets & Money Markets, which has completely evolved. The banking boom is over, its time to shift to investment banking & micro-finance banking.

Q. 4. What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name four key things?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: The four key things in a candidate that are important in selection are:

  • Confidence
  • Verbal skills,
  • Presentation
  • Overall personality

Q. 5. What are your thoughts on hiring fresh candidates in a company?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: Usually reserved as fresh candidates are like pets, they have to be moulded like clay figures & it takes time to master pottery.

Q. 6. What is the scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan? What are the challenges faced by Human Resource Management in Pakistan?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: With the sudden boom in telecom & media industry, jobs have opened up giving applicants the chance to choose various fields other than banking only, which used to be the premier choice of all job candidates in the past. HR is the recruitment unit in an organization and the employers depend on to the HR department to locate the cream of the crop for the benefit of the company.

Q. 7. What is your strategy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: It is great to be career oriented but you should never miss out on life otherwise you’ll eat up all these years working like a mule, not realizing what you have missed in life. Financial reasons can overshadow every priority but one should have the skill and ability to manage even the most hectic of schedules properly.  As we know, all work & no play…

Q. 8. Do you believe that Pakistani universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your company’s strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: I have full confidence in our local colleges & universities, not all but most of them. Teachers are dedicated & students are motivated. Unfortunately supply is beating demand, there are not enough jobs for everyone & sometimes the best get left behind in the race.

Q. 9. A large number of trained educated professionals leave Pakistan every year looking for better job opportunities abroad. In your opinion, what role can the multinational companies play in attracting the talented youth to stay in Pakistan and work for them?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: The only answer is better pay with substantial benefits. Most youngsters leave Pakistan not just because of money or unemployment but also for the stability & security offered by another country. People want to live in peaceful localities where they can raise families without worrying about curfews, political degradation, poor law & order situation, etc

Q. 10. Name the most common mistakes in a job interview which prove fatal for a candidate?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: Interviewees tend to talk too much even when they aren’t responding to a specific question. Keep it simple & rational. Speak when you’re spoken to.

Q. 11. What is the most important thing you need to have in order to succeed in a competitive job climate?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: There is nothing more important than honesty & integrity in life. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Q. 12. Any good advice you want to give for the job seekers who want to enter and prosper in the professional field?

Mr. Saad Mehmood: Don’t hop jobs in the beginning of your professional career. Think smart & choose a company to settle with for the first few years. Take your time when choosing a company to work for, since it is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Don’t quit when things get rough or the pressure mounts, be sure to stand even through the toughest of storms. Once the dust settles, only the winner shall remain. The sales department is the fastest way to grow in any company. Sales personal with outstanding achievements generally get promoted faster than anyone else.

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