Career Advancement Tips: Your Way To Top

Getting a good job is a tough task which requires a combination of luck, hard work and proper timing. Once you get a job it is easy to keep going on the same path which in some cases can lead to lack of growth and success. Every person who is working at some position looks forward to career advancement and success. No one wants to stay at the same job and the same position, so we all try to keep learning and getting better at our jobs. However, not everyone succeeds at getting as advanced in their professional careers as they had hoped for initially.

The key to success in professional life is fairly simple and following some basic principles can help in making a significant change in your career. Many people keep on working hard and enthusiastically but still fail to get the desired results in their professional life. The failure or rather the absence of success in career development leads to disappointment and loss of motivation.

The corporate heads and experienced professionals from all spheres of life agree upon some tried and tested golden rules that can help in advancing one’s career significantly regardless of the industry. Following these basic steps will make sure that you get appreciated for the effort that you have put into work and do not have to face disappointment in the long run.

Go One Step Further:

As a professional who wants to advance in his career, you must always be prepared to go an extra mile and do more than the minimum job requirement. This shows that you are enthusiastic and have the desire to learn and progress. When you are willing to perform added tasks, you learn much more than your colleagues and the experience gained this way will be invaluable.

Take Initiative:

If you want to become successful you have to be proactive and well prepared to take initiative rather than waiting to be asked to take care of a job. Volunteering for work, even if it is not included in your job description, improves your image and helps you in learning valuable skills.

Keep Learning:

Even when you have been in the professional field for months and years, you have to keep the learning process going as there is always the need to update the existing skills that you possess and learning new to keep up with the rest. When you end the learning process, there is no guarantee that you will succeed in the professional life.

Be Innovative:

You need to be creative and innovative at work if you are hoping for a career boost. Doing as you are told is acceptable and expected but it will never get you the level of appreciation that you deserve. Be creative and come up with new ideas and suggestions not only on specific projects but also for the general benefit of the company. This also shows loyalty towards the organization, a trait that is much appreciated by the employers.

Accept Your Mistakes:

A successful professional is one who is ready to accept his mistakes and is able to learn from them. If you are stubborn and refuse to admit that you were wrong, there is no room left for growth and development. Admit your mistake and work on the shortcomings so that you can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Focus On Long Term Goals:

Career growth is all about long term goals so instead of focusing on what you are learning and gaining in the short term, pay attention to the long term benefits and gains. Even if you are not accomplishing a lot in the short term, you might be able to get long term benefits from the organization.

Share Your Views:

You must share your views and ideas in meetings to make a place for yourself. If you keep silent and are reluctant to share views, the seniors perceive you as a laid back person who is not interested in contributing to the team. Such attitude does not help in boosting the career as once you get pegged as a passive person; there is little hope that the manager will give you an important assignment.

Invest In Connections:

Networking and making connections is the most important part of career growth as the more people you know in your field, the greater are the chances of your success. It is a well known fact that when you apply for a job, the employers often ask for recommendations from your previous bosses. To be able to provide such references you need to have good relations with your superiors and colleagues.

Determine Your Goal:

The most important aspect of career advancement is having a decided and determined professional goal. There are many people who are going through their careers without having any particular goal in life and it takes them many years to finally figure out what they want to do in life. You need to decide what you want to do and which career path you want to follow in life. The simplest method to do this is by making a 5 year career plan and start working on the short term goals right away.

Keep Moving:

Career growth is dependent on how much you develop within the same company as well as how much have you gained in different organizations that you have worked for. Remaining in the same company for an extended time period after you know that you have achieved the maximum level of advantages that can be gained from this organization can be detrimental for growth. After a few years, one has to move on and find another job which offers new challenges and opportunities to learn. People often get so comfortable at their jobs that they continue in the same position for years which gets stagnant and all hopes for growth are lost.

Fight Limitations:

If you want to be at the top you need the right attitude to get you there. You have to believe that there are no limitations and if there are some hindrances you must make every effort required to reach the top.

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  1. Dear Conern,

    I am commerce graduate and having diploma in HR(CHRP) and have 10 Years experaince of Accounts, HR and Seretarial job. I wish advancement in my carrear in HR/Acct field. I am ding a job as secretary cum HR Coordinator and want to improve my qulification.

    Plz advise me what should I do? Also tell me the worth of MBA from Virtual University in market.


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