Question From The Jobseeker

I have an MBA (Finance & Accounting) degree and I have worked with different local companies, but I am not satisfied with the system and the salary packages offered by the local companies. I have been trying to apply to large multinational companies where better salary package and work environment is offered.

One of my relatives recently informed me that he can get me appointed in a large multinational company where the salary package will be much better than the one I am currently working for but the only problem is that the job is in the Sales & Marketing department which is not relevant to the field that I have been working in till now and the courses I have studied.

Now I am confused as to what should I do in this regard? Should I change my career to Sales & Marketing for a better salary package in a large MNC or continue in a local company, where I am working with 8 years of experience in Accountancy. In the field of Sales and Marketing I will start from zero and will have to learn the ropes from the beginning but the company & salary will be better than the current Accounting job. Please suggest what should I do and explain why the suggested move would be better?

Saeed Khan

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Saeed,

The problem that you have suggested is faced by many people during their professional life as they feel that they might not have made the right choice when they choose the courses to study or that they have entered thewrong field. It is no doubt disconcerting but the good news is that in professional life, you can change tracks at any given time and still have success.

There are many examples where people have changed their career paths entirely from what they had been doing in the past and to their own surprise they have excelled in their jobs after switching the career path. You are contemplating changing the field but it will still be relevant to the MBA degree that you have earned, so by leaving the current field you are not altering the career path completely.

Since you already have an experience of over 8 years in Accountancy, changing the field might be just the thing that you need to feel the professional enthusiasm that will drive you to the top. Moreover since the main issue you have is with the salary package and marketing is the appropriate field to earn the kind of salary that you are looking for, it is okay to try the new field.

If you feel unsatisfied and wish to go back to accountancy after a certain period of time, your rich experience and the contacts in the field will make sure that you can get the job in the old field without any problems.
We hope that the discussion above will help you in making up your mind and take the right decision.

Wishing you all the success fro future.

Rozee Team