Time To Ask For A Raise: Be Prepared

When you have been working at the same company for an extended period of time, it is obvious that you start thinking about getting a promotion and a salary raise. If you have been performing well and your superiors have been appreciating your work, there is all the more reason for you to expect a raise.

However, if your boss still ignores the appraisal, it is time that you breach the issue yourself. After all there is nothing wrong with asking for a raise, since you have earned the right with your hard work and dedication. The real challenge is to approach the issue with delicacy and elegance so that you get the raise you deserve. If you make a bad impression on the boss when you ask for a raise, there is every chance that he might turn you down or make you wait longer even though you deserve it.

One needs to be fully prepared when he asks for a raise as it is a very important negotiation based on your performance, skill, level of dedication and expertise. You need to work on the timing and what you are going to say to the boss when you breach the topic.

Golden Rules:

Here are some golden rules that you need to follow when asking for a raise, as every employer has some basic standards upon which he decides whether or not to promote an employee.

Get Appointment:

It is important to get a formal appointment with your boss if you are planning on discussing the issue of a pay raise. It will send the message that you have something important to discuss and hence the employer will be prepared as well. If you just spring the question upon him out of nowhere, he will be taken by surprise and there is a good chance that he might just turn you down or ask you to discuss the issue later, which means you’ll have to wait a long time before you can bring it up again.

Be Prepared:

When you go into the meeting with your boss, you should be well prepared and know what you are going to say to him. If you go into the meeting unprepared and start blabbering it will ruin your impression and there is a high chance you might say the wrong thing which you would regret later on. So it is best to make a list of things that you need to mention when you talk to the boss and practice a little so that you do not get nervous at that time.

Stay Calm and Controlled:

It is extremely important that you stay calm when you are dealing with your boss regarding the issue of a raise. If you appear nervous or tense, it gives the impression that you need the promotion badly and it gives the edge to your boss. Staying calm will give you the edge and it will help you in getting a positive response from the employer. On the other hand being emotional will ruin your chances.

Be Yourself:

When you go for an appraisal meeting, there is no need try to impress your boss. Remember that this is not an interview call and you have been working here for some time so the superiors have already made their decision on your personality and appearance. So be yourself and don’t ruin the meeting by trying to be someone that you are not.

Stay Focused:

Do not have a presentation ready or a long speech detailing your every single accomplishment. Instead be precise and focus on the major reason why you think you deserve a pay raise. Ask questions and get your boss involved in the conversation so that it can be fruitful. Keep in mind; it will be easier to remember a conversation than an entire speech so you have a better chance of success if you converse with the boss.

Let It Brew:

Do not expect your boss to give a yes or no answer right away. As soon as you are done with the conversation, thank him for his time and hope to hear from his when he has made a decision. This will give him the time to evaluate your performance, productivity and value to the company. Asking for an answer right then and there again gives the impression that you are desperate for the promotion which does not bode well for you.

Do Not Give Ultimatums:

It is never a good idea to try to pressurize the superior to give you the raise. Some people feel that if they threaten to leave the job if the pay scale is not increased, it will get them what they want. However this is not the case, as there are many candidates in the job market ready to work for less than what you are getting. So, if you give such an ultimatum the most probable result will be you getting fired. Not only that, giving ultimatums is highly unprofessional and such an act destroys whatever positive impression you created with your hard work in the past.

Research Is A Must:

Before you demand a pay raise, do some market research and find out the pay other in your position are getting. Also factor in the added benefits you have brought to the company and get a rough estimate of how much raise you deserve. When the employer asks you about your expectations, it is important to quote an amount that is neither too high nor too low. It will leave the boss with an impression that you are a well informed person with no false hopes.


It is always a tough job to ask for a pay raise, one which makes you feel nervous and scared. However if you are well prepared, there is a good chance that the anxiety will be trimmed down to a great extent and you will be successful. If you are denied the raise, there is no reason to be depressed as there are always other options. Be open and ask your boss what he needs to see in your performance to give you a raise. Once you have the knowledge, work on your weaknesses and try again after a suitable period of time has passed.

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