Question from the Job seeker

I had been working in a multinational company for the last one and a half year and was doing well. However as the economic recession began hitting the Pakistani job market and many companies started to shut down our company decided to narrow down its structure and after a month it was decided that three departments were to be shut down. Unfortunately, my department was among one of those which were shut down and thus I had to lose my job. After dealing with the stress and disappointment of being let go, I have decided to start again and look for a job. I have a good work history and good references but there is one issue I need help with. I have no idea how to address the issue of being terminated, should I mention it in the CV? If so, will I get any interview calls? Please guide me on how to proceed.

Adil Hassan

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Adil,

It is indeed stressful and traumatic to lose your job without any reason and warning but the good news is that you have realized the fact that it has nothing to do with your performance and capabilities but was a financial decision on account of the company. Furthermore the fact that you have good work history and references will also help in strengthening your chances of getting a job soon enough.

Addressing the issue of being laid off is sensitive indeed and one can take two different approaches. If you are more comfortable in full disclosure from the beginning and wish to mention the fact in your resume, there is nothing wrong with it. You can use the cover letter to explain why you were let go so that the employer can understand your problem.

Most people are comfortable in concealing the information till they get an interview call. This way you can explain in person why you were let go and then build a strong case highlighting your strengths and accomplishments. If the employer asks why you chose nondisclosure, you can explain that you felt more comfortable in explaining the whole situation personally rather than putting it on paper.

When you give details of the layoff, stick to the truth and refrain from exaggeration or lying. Give the contact information of your previous employer and ask him if he would vouch for your performance if contacted. This will help in getting your reputation improved and get you a fair chance at getting a job.

We hope that the solution given above will help you in making the right choice and wish you all the best for your job hunt.

Rozee Team