Should I Ask For An Increment That Was Promised To Me At The Time Of Hiring Or Should I Remain Silent?

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I am serving as a lecturer in a UK based institution. This is a privately run institution having only one director who is resident in UK and as he has a lot of other businesses to look after, so he basically takes no special interest in this institution’s matters and he has left everything on Dean. Now truly speaking, the Dean does whatever he likes, no rules and no limitations. I’ve worked for almost 4 years in corporate environment and I know what rules are required in a work place.

When I was recruited in this institute, many things that were initially agreed upon were ignored later on such as my timings etc. As to my salary, I pointed out in the beginning that this is not the proper remuneration for the services I am providing, but I was assured that I will be getting a substantial increment as soon as my first batch was over and if I produced good results. I agreed. I’ve never disobeyed any rule. I’ve produced excellent results so far. My first batch gave 100% result. Dean wants everyone to work like me and he knows how honestly I work.

My probation period expired 2 months ago, but still there is no news of an increment. One important point is that I have not been issued any formal appointment letter despite my repeated demands. My probation letter was given to me after, four months of my service here. That letter, too, has expired. Now I am confused as to whether or not I should talk about my salary. I need your expert advice.

Ayesha Afzal

Answer from Rozee Team

Dear Ayesha,

It is good to know that you are a hardworking individual who concentrates on her work to such an extent that your batch got a 100 % result. Coming towards the problem that you are facing, it appears that you have very clear options.

Since you said that the Dean of your institution is aware of your hard work and dedication and is appreciative to such an extent that he recommends you as a role model to other teachers, you need to talk to him directly.
Address the issue of appointment letter first, explain it to the Dean that you have been working past the time allocated for probation and mention your success in the given time period. There is no need to be modest as you should be proud of your accomplishments and be able to take the credit.

Make sure that you have a written request with you, which you can leave on the Dean’s desk. A written application will ensure that the issue does not slip his mind once you leave the office. Hopefully the Dean will make sure that you get the letter as soon as possible.

The second issue should be that of the increment, so first write a letter explaining the promise at time of your appointment, mention your success and address it to the Dean. After sending the email or letter, wait a week before visiting the Dean and then ask him personally of the development on the issue of appraisal.

Since you have performed extremely well, it might be that the only reason you did not get an increment till now is lack of initiative on your behalf. If, however, even after all the measures taken, the Dean does not give you the increment or letter of confirmation, it might be advisable to start looking for another job as your good experience and performance will help you in getting a good job without any issues.

Best of Luck!

Rozee Team

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