Online Recruitment Firms Allow Us To Save Time And Give Us Access To A Large Number Of Talented Candidates, Says Mr. Awais Aslam, Manager HR Department, Vital Tech Engineering & Services

Q. 1. What are the 3 principles of success in professional life?

Mr. Awais Aslam: According to my point of view, the 3 basic principles for success in professional life include:

  • To be regular & punctual
  • Being innovative & creative
  • To respect the boss and seniors

Q. 2. What key factors you look for in a candidate during an interview session?

Mr. Awais Aslam: The key factors that one needs to see in a candidate for any job posting include:

  • Must be positive, loyal and reliable
  • Must be an effective problem solver
  • Must be good listener
  • Must be experienced in the relevant field etc.

Q. 3. Do you hire fresh candidates in your company? Why?

Mr. Awais Aslam:Yes, we hire fresh candidates in our company, because:

  • Prove to be new energy for the company
  • Bring new skills for the company
  • Give fresh ideas to the company etc.

Q.4. What are the challenges faced by HR management in Pakistan?

Mr. Awais Aslam:There are many challenges being faced by the HR Management departments in Pakistan but the prominent three include:

  • Globalization
  • Employees’ expectations
  • Change in technology etc.

Q.5. How would you rate the success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE.PK? How has ROZEE.PK helped your firm in recruitment?

Mr. Awais Aslam:Online Recruitment firms allow us to save time; give us access to jobs that we may not find in the open market etc. Online recruitment firms are very important for all sectors. ROZEE.PK tremendously helped Vital Tech Engineering & Services in the recruitment of Telecommunication Engineers last year.

Q.6. What is your strategy on work-life balance?

Mr. Awais Aslam:My strategies in work-life balance are:

  • Keep in to mind the importance of time
  • Hard work
  • Regularity and punctuality in every sphere of life

Q. 7. Name the 3 most common mistakes in a job interview by a candidate?

Mr. Awais Aslam:The 3 common mistakes which are exhibited by a majority of candidates include:

  • Hesitation in answering questions during the interview
  • Repetition of words like mumbling rather than being articulate
  • Changing facial impressions indicating nervousness

Q. 8. What is the single most important skill a candidate should have to succeed in a competitive job market?

Mr. Awais Aslam:There are many skills that are valuable in the tough job market but if a candidate wants to make sure that he at least gets the chance to put up a fight he must be confident and have job related knowledge.

Q. 9. Any advice for the job seekers who are new to the professional life?

Mr. Awais Aslam:New job seekers must keep the following points in their minds in order to succeed in the professional life:

  • What are their goals?
  • Create plans to achieve their goals.
  • Take actions on daily basis.