10 Things You Need to Avoid at Workplace

We all know what to do when at work, how to manage the jobs at hand, how to talk to the supervisor, how to handle clients etc, but many of us are unaware of certain things that we need to avoid when at work. There are certain behavioral patterns which are unacceptable at work and if you indulge in these practices, there is a good chance that you might lose your job sooner than later.

Here are 10 most important things which you need to avoid when at work at all costs:

1. Talking About Your Salary:

Many people indulge in salary discussions with their peers as they do not see anything wrong with this but the fact remains that telling about your salary and comparing it with others can be a big mistake. If you are earning more, it will lead to jealousy and discontent among the peers which will be harmful for your career in the long run. If you salary is lower it will lead to disappointment and you might start feeling that the others are better than you.

2. Discrimination:

If you are working in a company where there are employees belonging to any other religion, country, province or even city, be respectful of their ethnicity and do not pass rude or discriminatory remarks which might create resentment. Many companies even fire an employee if he is passing discriminatory remarks on his peers. So steer clear of discrimination as it is not only offensive to the other person but also a potential job terminator.

3. Spreading Gossip:

Gossiping at work is never ever a good idea as every gossip is bound to reach the ear of the person whom the gossip is about. When the person hears something about himself and you are pointed out as the originator or the spreader of the gossip, you are bound to get into trouble.

4. Threatening to Leave the Job:

Many people when unhappy with a development at work threaten to leave the job when discussing with their peers, although they have no intention of acting on it. If you do this often, the bosses are bound to get to know and there is a good chance they might replace you soon. Even if you are going to leave the job, there is no reason to announce it to the peers without having another job.

5. Dressing Unprofessionally:

No matter how relaxed your work environment is or how casual the company dress code is, you need to be dressed properly and make sure you look acceptable. Do not go to work in clothes without ironing them and having an unruly beard.

6. Blaming Others for Your Mistakes:

Working as a professional is all about maturity, you need to be able to accept your fault when you make a mistake rather than denying it and putting the blame on your team members instead.

7. Discussing your personal life:

While you might be frank with your colleagues and even make some very good friends at work, it is still a bad idea to discuss your personal life issues with your colleagues. The best approach is to keep your personal and professional life apart as far as possible.

8. Sleeping at your desk:

A lot of us have had days when we feel over sleepy and can hardly keep our eyes open but this does not mean it is okay to rest your head on the desk and take a nap even if that is for a few minutes. You never know when your boss might come and seeing you sleeping on the desk will create a negative impression that will be hard to erase. Instead take a walk, wash your face or drink coffee but never ever sleep on the desk.

9. Inappropriate Internet Use:

When at work, using the internet to watch videos, browse various websites or download videos and songs is not a good idea. Not only is it unethical but also many companies monitor the use of internet by the employees and you might get into trouble at work.

10. Making personal calls:

Again, if you have a telephone at your desk, this does not mean you are at liberty to use it to make personal calls all the time. Keep it professional and do not make any calls other than an emergency since the company has a record of all the calls made form that number and you might be asked to explain your number or duration of calls.

10 thoughts on “10 Things You Need to Avoid at Workplace

  1. Refer to the point 6, i would like to add even if you are not at mistake and if your boss ask you then simply negate, rather than pinpointing other collegues…

  2. Great artilcle!
    I liked it…

    Tahir Mansoor , All Political and Religous discussions come into the “Discrimination” category.

    Let me know if any concerns.


  3. “Imran Says:

    January 6th, 2011 at 11:33 pm
    Avoid maulvis as much as possible. ”

    Avoid discrimination, i think you miss above mentioned rules

  4. i agree with above ten points n also with tahir bhai. Political, and religious Discussions leads to unhealthy environment.

    best wishes to all

  5. Hi,

    I strongly agree with these 10 points. I would like to add two more points specially for professionals working in Pakistan:

    – Avoid Political Discussions
    – Avoid religious Discussions

    Tahir Mansoor

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