I Am Leaving The Job But Can’t Fulfil The Notice Period, What Should I Do?

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I am leaving my current job for a great position at another company. I have been with the current employer for the last nine years and I have had a lot of learning opportunities here. I hope to end this on good terms but unfortunately the new offer I have received makes it impossible for me to give the 1 month notice period that is required by the company. How can I address this problem as I do not want to miss the opportunity given to me by the new company while I am also not willing to leave this company on bad terms. Is there any way for me to make it work as I have been dreading going to the boss and telling him I will be leaving in 2 weeks time. Please respond soon so that I can solve this problem.

Haleem Asghar

Answer from Rozee Team

It is understandable that you want to leave the job on a good note. After all you have invested 9 years of your life in that company and have made some very good contacts. It would definitely be wrong to end the terms badly so there are basically two solutions for you.

First, you can simply tell the new company that it is not possible for you to leave the company without a notice period of one month. Tell them that you are bound by ethics to stick to the notice period and owe it to the company. A lot of employers will understand your dilemma and appreciate the fact that you stick to the ethical code and acre about a company you are leaving.

If, however, the company insists that you join them within 2 weeks, the second course of action would be to explain the situation to your boss and apologize for the inconvenience. You can offer to put in more hours at work and make sure that you hand over all the pending work before you leave. You can also volunteer to come in on Saturdays in order to tackle the work load. It is quite possible that the boss will appreciate your conduct and approve your resignation without any hard feelings.

We hope that you will be able to resolve this problem.

Rozee Team


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