Why Create a Facebook Jobs Page?

ROZEE.PK has come up with the ultimate solution for all the students, job seekers and employers, with its Facebook Job Page Application. The Job Page allows you get unlimited exposure which translates into boundless job opportunities for job seekers and gives the employers access to a vast talent pool.


Not only does the Facebook Job Page let you access information easily, it also lets you distribute the information you want to spread to thousands of people.

The ROZEE.PK Facebook Jobs Application displays jobs on any of your Facebook Pages.

You can display your company’s current job openings posted on ROZEE.PK if you are an employer. Once you post a job opening, it will be distributed virally to each and every person on your network and so on. This will result in a greater turnout for every job application that you put up and eventually draw a bigger talent pool, from which you can select the perfect candidates.

If you are an administrator of a ROZEE.PK powered Campus Job Portal, you can create a Page for your university’s jobs. You can also use this page to distribute career options to your students. By creating an individual page for your university, you can keep your students informed about the various openings in the job market and make sure that they make the most of their education.

And if you are an individual, you can drive more traffic to your Pages by listing relevant jobs based on search keywords or job channels from ROZEE.PK. Since ROZEE.PK allows you to customize the job content, you can use the JOB PAGE application to form communities based on job openings and divert more people to your page. This will eventually help you in creating a large professional network, which can help you in boosting your career to new heights.

The Facebook Page on which the ROZEE.PK Jobs Application is installed becomes social and viral – visitors who apply to listed jobs automatically convert to fans of your page.  Jobs can be shared on news feeds and draw in friends of fans back to your page, increasing your traffic and exposure.

Get started, it’s easy.

For clarification on installation and use, you can visit the following link:


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