Getting a Good Job, Securing a Stable Career– The Monis Rahman Way!

Back in January 2011, Superior University invited Mr. Monis Rahman, the CEO of Naseeb Networks, to enlighten the attendees of the prestigious event in aspects of securing a good job that is not only secure but also leads to a stable growing career. Mr. Monis Rahman is an Electrical Engineer by education but his entrepreneurial nature took him to the stars with his ROZEE.PK venture. As insightful as he is, the fairly young CEO explained the entire process of landing a good job meticulously. Observe the points he laid out:

 Starting the Job Hunt – Grooming Yourself

The hunt for that “good job” does not start by searching for jobs – although most of us would like to think so. In order to secure a good job you will need to be pro-active rather than being reactive. A successful job hunt starts from “self-grooming”. Education; your GPA will only take you that far; because universities and educational institutes no matter how highly rated they are will only be able to educate you that much. Mr. Monis illustrated this by saying that he uses only 5% of the knowledge he picked up at an educational institute, the rest comes from grooming and his observations. Polish your interpersonal skills by expanding and diversifying your peer group; yes, that means interacting with Uncles and Aunties. You may even ask your faculty how professional do they think you are; their responses will help you fine tune and make changes where necessary.

 Preparing Your CV

In the words of Mr. Monis Rahman, “your CV is of utmost importance because it is your ticket into the company”. Almost 80% of the applications are rejected based on the layout of the CV – if it has many spelling mistakes, bad formatting and simple copy paste text, chances are it will end up in the bin. You should be creative while making your CV, have a friend proof read it for you just to make sure there are no grammar or composition mistakes. Usually, for every advertised position a company receives hundreds of responses; it is understandable, most of the times hiring managers just glance on a CV – so make sure yours catches their interest at first glance. It should tickle their fancy, and once they start reading, your CV should incline them to meet you. A good resume answers a key question before it is posed – “why should they hire you?” You will need to highlight the skills, interest and passion you have along the lines of the company’s expectation and of course the job description. For example, if you are applying for the position of a “Financial Manager” you should highlight your passion and interest in number crunching, financial matters; you should also mention project work from your Financial Management course work. Tweak your CV into something the managers “expect” to see.

The Best Way To Find Out A Good Job

During his talk in Karachi, Mr. Monis Rahman asked the audience what they thought was the best way to find a good job; some of them said online job portals others said newspapers – one said “talking to people”, that’s it said Mr. Monis and explained further. Ask your friends to recommend some places – this does not mean you are asking them for a “request for employment” or asking them to get you in a company. You are just telling them that you are “ready and available for a job” and are actively seeking one. Those among your friends who are employed will ask you to turn in your CV; once you give them one, they will pass it along to their superiors with the words “Sir, this is my friend and he is good” or “Ma’am, I know someone who will definitely bring value to the company”. What this does is, it brings your CV on top of the pile of hundreds received through advertising – not a “request” but a “recommendation”. The superior will proceed with trust, since your CV came through an employee’s testimonial and this will improve your chances for an interview.

 Importance of Internships and Experience

Practical experience is very important because it shows the employer you have a hands-on experience in the field you are being interviewed for. A simple 3 month internship as Mr. Monis says, will be the best investment you can ever make to secure a stable career. In response to one of the questions about difficulty in finding an internship, Mr. Monis Rahman said no one can refuse a free employee with fire in the belly and a spark in the eye. He suggests you be aggressive when it comes to finding out an internship – go to the companies and personally speak with them, bring your passion out and talk to them about the ways you can add value to the company, because the only reason a company will be inclined to hire you is the assurance that you will add value to the company.

Reaching Out – Searching For A Job

Ask your friends and your network to let you know about any company they know is hiring. Besides that, online portals also improve your reach three folds. ROZEE.PK is one of the best online portals you can register to for a job hunt. Having over 30,000 employers having both medium and top tier stature, just with submitting your CV to ROZEE.PK you can reach out to a big chunk of hiring companies. Call up HR Managers and ask them if there are any positions open – Mr. Monis Rahman added that the supply and demand of jobs and willing employees is badly unbalanced due to the economic conditions, there are far more potential employees compared with companies hiring for new resource so you will need to stand out to secure a job in these times.

 “To Do” Before The Interview

It is of utmost importance to know about the company before you go for your interview, particularly about their way of operations and the weaknesses that they might have. If the company went through tough times in the recent past, you should know about it and have some suggestions of way you could improve had it been you were in position then. You will need to tailor your profile and CV in a way that incorporates the company’s needs and requirements.

 Attending the Interview

“Once you are called in for an interview, you will need to bring out your best side” said Mr. Monis, he also said you should present yourself in a way that appeal to the customer. In the case of the company and the interviewee, the company is your customer. “People like who are similar to people” added Mr. Monis. Your dressing should be in accordance with the culture of the company you are going to; if they prefer suits and ties go for it even if you don’t like to wear suits. Do not be stubborn, be flexible. During the interview you will be asked all sorts of questions, some would be simple for you others might pose a challenge; the key here is to convert every answer into your strength. “Be confident and respond to questions with an affirmative voice”, suggested the young CEO.

 Responding to Offers

While responding to offers you need to tread carefully, particularly if it is your first job. You need to give an impression that you are not greedy; but, on the same side you need to put a price which is neither below nor above. Mr. Monis elaborated a simple trick to answer technical questions like “how much are you expecting?” You should answer the question flexibly, for instance; “Oh I am flexible sir, but what bracket do you have in mind?” By responding like this, you are getting a bracket the company is willing to pay – you never know the company might be paying more than you are expecting, this is why it is wise to let the company quote you a bracket. Once you have the bracket, just quote something within that bracket. While negotiating offers, Mr. Monis suggests interviewees not to be harsh or rude – being firm and confident is something else. At this point you cannot afford to be arrogant. According to Mr. Monis, one should “lean towards boldness rather than humbleness”.

 Luck and Destiny’s Play in a Job Hunt

Towards the conclusion of the speech Mr. Monis Rahman allowed a Q&A question, during which one of the attendees asked “how will you relate the influence of luck and destiny during a job hunt”. As a response, Mr. Monis said; “Right place and right time is obviously very important, but it is not in your own hand. All around you, there are numerous examples where people seem to be more lucky than normal – the reason behind that is they make their own luck”. You can make yourself “lucky” and be at the right place at the right time by being aware of the market – what are companies looking for, what issues are they facing and how can you add value to the company? This value addition is what the company desire to hire. You will need to have a good set of skills combined with good knowledge and also you will need to illustrate these throughout your interview process to land a good job which will indeed lead to a growing career.

 What Mr. Monis Rahman said is something which we all know well. In fact, we know it all so well we often put it in the back of our minds and this is why finding good jobs is hard. The wisdom Mr. Monis shared so passionately with aspiring young professionals will indeed help them towards securing a brighter future.

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