A Viewpoint on Working from Home

How would you like the idea of being able to sit on your sofa couch while making the next business report for your boss? Or maybe the flexibility to watch your favorite TV show while work hours? These are a couple of possibilities linked to the latest trend of working from home. Not only is working in an office stressful and demanding, but also costly for both employee and employer. Therefore, most people have always considered the idea of working from home at some point, and thanks to technology almost all of them have the options now as well. Considering the financial and personal advantages that full-time employees would have, even if they only worked a couple of days per week from home, most people would consider it the ideal set-up. However, like everything else in life, working from home has both its pros and cons. It isn’t for everyone; and neither every profession allows for this flexibility but if yours is one the many that do, then following are some pointers to consider.

Advantages of Working from Home

Obviously the biggest advantage of being able to send in your work projects from home is the freedom and flexibility you enjoy. You can construct your daily routine according to your personal needs, whether it is time you want to spend with your family, or at the gym, or maybe at a class, you will have complete control over when you want to work. The second biggest advantage is the money you save. No more commuting expenses; either be it public transport or your own car, the latter also meaning no more parking fees or traffic fines. Also, you save on those expensive clothes for work and the lunch you may buy while there. Another major benefit is the improvement it can have on your health and well-being, including the fact that working on your own lets you handle stress however you see fit. In addition, having employees work from home has huge benefits for employers as well. Office costs are significantly reduced, since fewer people in the office means lower operational costs and lesser overheads. Furthermore, productivity is increased; as employees that happen to have more time to be with their families or to do things for themselves, they’re mostly happier people.  Happier people are less stressed out and are less likely to make mistakes.  Therefore, happier people are more productive, which leads to more work done and more money saved.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

Nothing is perfect, and neither is working from home. As we mentioned in the beginning, it will have its pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is the great amount of distractions you might have to face. Either it being the sickness of your partner, child or pet, you will be more concerned while at home. Even if you live alone, all by yourself, home distractions would range from a broken appliance to the door bell ringing. Similarly, while you try to work on your computer, you may get tempted to read the news online, or check your friend’s latest status update or a video link they posted. Such websites are normally restricted at the office to increase attention and remove disruptions. Another great disadvantage is isolation, especially if you’re living alone; as home-based employees will have to miss out on the social interaction provided at workplaces. Employers also have to face a number of problems with employees working from home. These include; performance monitoring, information-security risks and communication problems at organizational levels. Furthermore, not all job posts are flexible enough to be outsourced to employee’s homes.

Searching Jobs that Let you Work from Home

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for people to work while away from office. The possibilities range from doctors treating remotely located patients to localized journalists covering stories for international broadcasting agencies. You will be surprised at the number of opportunities available in Pakistan for people who wish to work from home or anywhere other than an office cubicle. What’s more is that you can find most of these jobs with well established employers. Search using terms including “work from home”, “home office”, “freelance” and “telecommute.” Since most jobs also give you the flexibility to be situated in a different city, you can search for such a job in a major metropolitan, while even situated in a rural town. All you need at home is a reliable computer and an internet connection. You can start searching for home-based jobs right now on ROZEE.PK using the above mentioned terms. In addition, you can directly search through our job channels. The most popular job channels to look for while considering home-based work include; “Software & Web Development”, “Telecommunication & ISP”, “Network Administration & Automation”, “Media, Advertising & Communication”, “Graphics & UI Design” and “Content Writer”.  Kindly note that; most of the jobs offered will not be entirely requiring you to work from home. Instead, most will still require you to be at the office sometime of the week; however some will have the flexibility and option available to be done from home too.

What is Freelancing?

Since, we are discussing home-based jobs, it also important to mention freelancing. Freelancing is one of the most well-known by-products of home-based work. A freelancer can be described as a self-employed contractor. A simple example is someone asking you to design their website for an agreed price within an agreed time period, without any other formal commitments. Since the pay rate for freelancers varies significantly, they may charge by the day, hour, or page or on a per-project basis. Experience wise this can also lead to a broad portfolio of work and the establishment of a network of clients. The major disadvantage however, is the uncertainty of work and thus a regular income, and lack of employee benefits such as a pension, health insurance, paid holidays and bonuses. Professions where freelancing is currently very common include; computer programming, web designing & development, graphic designing, video production, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, copy-writing, event planning & management and consulting.

Overall, working from home doesn’t suit every person. However, if you genuinely think that working from home is the best thing for you and your company offers this option, then you might want to find out how the arrangement works out for you.  If your company doesn’t have a work-from-home program, you may possibly ask your boss about such an arrangement.

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  1. If you have the skills and the clients for a constant income then this is better to start freelancing. In pakistan, the power is the biggest problem. starting freelancing is at risk, in my point of view, every freelancer has to invest on the UPS and power systems to be online and communicate to the clients

  2. It is a great opportunity for those who are living in remote distinct area and don’t want to move into rush busted cities.

  3. Interesting, though it seems disadvantages over coming the advantages. But, it varies and depends on the nature of the work. My opinion is that in most cases, it wont be suitable, apart from freelance working.

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