Mr. Shuja Shams, General Manager HR, IFFCO Pakistan Discusses About The Scope Of Engineers In FMCG Sectors And Importance Of MBA Alongwith Technical Qualification

January 19th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

In this weeks ROZEE show, we have Mr. Shuja Shams, General Manager HR, IFFCO Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. joining us to discuss about their Hiring process in his organization and how they are using ROZEE.PK to help them in their talent acquisition needs.

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The conversation revolved around the introduction of IFFCO Pakistan and their successful hiring experience with ROZEE.PK. The focus of the discussion was around the recruitment processes in FMCG industry, the scope of engineers in FMCG sectors and why an MBA is important with a technical qualification.

The show has been aired in collaboration with Apna Karachi FM 107 with RJ Mr. Shaheryar Safdar. Joining him are representatives from ROZEE.PK, Moiz Naqvi, Regional Head of Sales & Marketing South and Abbas Peti Wala, Key Account Manager.

Professional Fulfillment – Achieving Career Goals Along The Professional Road

January 13th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

One of the biggest decisions an individual makes in his life is the source of livelihood or the profession. You may be in a job that you despise, or you may love what you do right now. The fact is that our career may change over our lifetime, but our passions and career ambitions should never change. It is strange, rather disturbing how a number of professionals fail to achieve success in their careers, simply because they have never taken time out to analyze their success rate and to create a plan to get there. Even though luck and circumstance can play a major role along the way, however, the road to success is not so unpredictable. Successful professionals who are able to sustain their success have a vision, a planned strategy and they work very hard and smart to grasp their success. Read More »

Put Perseverance Into Action, Points Out Mr. Nabeel Safdar, Manager HR, Systems Limited, As A Suggestion For The New Comers In Professional World

January 13th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

Q.1. What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers?

Mr. Nabeel Safdar: Systems Limited was established in 1977 as the first software house and computer services bureau of Pakistan. Since then, Systems Limited has successfully marked itself as a reputed and reliable name in the IT sector of Pakistan.

It is primarily the professional and technical challenges that we can, by virtue of being a partner of choice for government and corporate sector clients in Pakistan and in the USA, offer our employees that attracts bright and ambitious young individuals to our organization. When this is combined with a welcoming environment, personnel friendly policies and processes that have evolved over thirty years Systems Limited becomes an attractive employer for job seekers. Read More »

How Can I Cope With A Job I Despise?

January 13th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

Question From Job Seeker

I am suffering from real traumatic situation at my workplace. I have been working at my current employment company from last 2 years and everything was almost perfect. However, just recently, I have started disliking, rather hating my job. When I get up in the morning, I feel very fresh, however, as soon as the thought of going to the office strikes my mind, my heart sinks down to my toes.

The current situation is that I am stuck in the dilemma of continuing in this breathless atmosphere or looking for some new opportunity. I request you to suggest me some logical tips which can be helpful for me as I am helplessly struggling to keep my career on track.

Ali Naqvi

Answer From Rozee Team

Dear Ali,

If you do not feel good about your existing job situation, do no worry. You are not the only one hating your employment. There comes a time in most professionals’ lives when they have to work at a job that they despise. A majority of professionals are inclined towards job dislike and even Read More »

Mr. Muhammad Shariq Saleem, Business Development Director, ROZEE.PK, Talks About Different Hiring Sectors And The Recruitment Trends At ROZEE.PK

January 12th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

In this weeks ROZEE show, we have Mr. Muhammad Shariq Saleem, Business Development Director, ROZEE.PK .

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The focus of the discussion was around how ROZEE.PK works and its support in finding the right job for job seekers. The discussion was also on how different employers and companies can use ROZEE.PK for their hiring and recruitment plans and what are the hiring sectors these days. Moreover, the guest also pointed out how an appropriate CV looks like, different interview questions and how to answer them and how ROZEE.PK hires its own employees.

The show was aired in collaboration with Apna Karachi FM 107 with RJ Mr. Sheryar Safdar.

Heading for an Interview? Is your “First impression, the LAST”?

January 7th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

A phrase that we have been using time and again. The fact is, it is a profound truth. And it gets at play the most when one heads for the ultimate nerve-juggling task. A Job Interview!

Your first interview for a job unarguably is that decisive moment which has the tendency to influence your entire life, be it personal or be it professional. Have you ever imagined that this moment, if it turns in your favor, will determine the type of outfits you will wear to work, the sort of friends you are going to keep, the kinds of associations you will have to build, the lifestyle you will be leading, to the extent of the rank of schools your children are going to attend? And this makes me wonder, how can we just get away by taking it for a joke? Read More »

Online Versus Offline – What To Choose For Your Online Resume?

January 7th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

Ever heard the term “Global Village”?  I did first in school, wrote lengthy essays on it. But the real understanding of this term came much later. What a miracle it was to be able to search your buddies from school days! And gradually Facebook became our fourth nostril.

Updating status on Facebook at least twice a day, commenting on friend’s recent photo of his trip to the mountains. How technology bridges the gap is phenomenal. That too, within seconds. Friends change their statuses and we bombard them with our comments, living the same moment with them. Neat! Isn’t that? Even get nosey by peeking into everyone’s profile just to know what they are up to. Scanning their albums and Read More »

Managing A Gap In Your Professional Career (Part 2)

January 5th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

As we all realize that regardless of the stability of the professional field in which a person is, and no matter how efficiently an employee performs, it is quite possible that anyone can face a layoff at any part of one’s career road. Other than a layoff, it is quite common for job seekers to leave the workforce because of a disability, illness, maternity, education, or even a challenging job search. Previously, we discussed several ways as to how to carry yourself through an employment gap in the most beneficial ways possible. Continuing to the subject, we will now discuss that, as a job seeker, how can you help employers feel confident about hiring you even after an employment gap. Read More »

Success Doesn’t Ask You To Become A Workaholic, Rather, It Demands You To Act At The Right Time And In The Right Way, Says Hamza Moeen Moghal, Senior Manager HR & Administration, Diamond Paints

January 5th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

Q. 1. What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers?

Mr. Hamza Moeen Mughal: It is the trust and confidence that Diamond Paints gives to its present employees making them realize about their efforts and contribution towards the success of the company. These employees act as ambassadors of Diamond Paints. We are the largest selling national brand in our industry. We have people working with us from more than two decades. Longevity and attraction of service is rooted in customization of policies and procedures.

We don’t let go our employees easily. We have learned, over the course of time, to invest in our people and are dedicated to attract the best Read More »

How To Deal With Time Management Issues In Order To Sustain My Job?

January 5th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

Question From Job Seeker

I am a business development officer at a firm. My basic task is to carve out a specific niche of clients and convince them to take my firm’s services through a chain of presentations and meetings. I am hardworking, motivated and cooperative and have a natural flare for sales and marketing. That is why I have been performing very well in this position and have gathered a number of large clients for the firm.

However, there is one aspect of my professional attitude which disturbs me and my company alike. I lack in the time management of my tasks. My job involves serious deadlines from both the clients and from my managers. Due to my inability to manage time, I often find myself facing sheer embarrassment. It often happens that while being over-burdened with a delayed presentation, I work very speedily, and my phone keeps ringing with a client’s call, but I am unable to answer it. And, before I realize, the line drops and I miss the business.

The frustration I feel, when I cannot accomplish my tasks in a set amount of time, is overwhelming. I am much worried about it because poor time management skills can lead to the termination of my employment. Please help me out.

Nafas Gul

Answer From ROZEE

Dear Nafas,

Your problem is apparently a minor one; however, in reality it is a very important aspect of your professional performance. Achieving effective time management is something that almost everyone strives for, but it can be much harder than it sounds to be. The frustration caused by poor Read More »