Assistant Manager HR, i2c inc/Innovative Private Limited, Ms. Shama Saghir, Identifies the Key to the Door of Success!

September 30th, 2009 by Rozee Team

spot-light-shama-saghirQ.1. What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers?

Ms. Shama Saghir: It is heartening to know that despite the global economic crisis which has squeezed the life out of many companies, including the IT sector in Pakistan, i2c Inc continues to grow. We are experiencing significant growth in business and employment opportunities and are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

We offer a challenging and rewarding career to individuals who have a passion to excel and can deliver in a fast-paced, team-based environment. Our management culture fosters open communication and flow of ideas Read More »

Can I Show Counterfeit Educational Background Since I Know I Can Get Away With It?

September 30th, 2009 by Rozee Team

Question From the Job Seeker:

I know for a fact that a lot of companies do not do a background check on your degrees and qualification and many people get away with lying about them. There are many jobs that match my skill set and I know I can do well at them but I don’t have the required qualification. I would like your advise on it, even though I know I can get away with it very easily.

Sheheryar Khan

Answer From ROZEE:

Human beings for the longest time have been getting away with evil and that is how failed societies form. Nature as a rule lets you get away with evil initially but there is only destruction in the long run. Read More »

Employer Branding – A Step Ahead!

July 29th, 2009 by Rozee Team

editors-choice-furqan1The challenge of an employer is not to train human resources in branding but to attempt a rare unification between marketing and human resources. Organization that can unite these two departments behind the power of brand will win the war of talent.
M Ritson, ‘Marketing and HR collaborate to Harness employer brand power.’ – Marketing UK(2002)

We have already entered into a new brand world – An improvisation to the statement I came across recently.

The handbag you are carrying has a hanging tag of DKNY; The wide screen with dashing black color says it all that you belong to the higher tier of the league of blackberrians; Red pack of tobacco you place on the coffee table imprinted with Dunhill or yellow flat tin of café crème are all about brands. We are surrounded by brands whether it is the leading chartered accountants affiliated with international brands, or restaurants, or even responding to emails in your inbox i.e., personal branding of whom to respond and whom to not. So, what is branding all about? It doesn’t give you the power to maximize profits over competition instead it means to achieve those benchmarks where the target audience perceives some solution provider to be for their problems. Read More »

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan, Director HR, Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Appreciates The Efforts Of ROZEE.PK In Rendering Todays’ Hiring Needs!

July 29th, 2009 by Rozee Team

sajid-aziz-qarshi-spot-lightQ.1. Due to rough economic situation and soaring price rise, how does your company deal with keeping itself cost effective and attractive for job seekers?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: We have not allowed the prevalent economic scenario to adversely affect our employment practices. We have recently revised our salary structure and are fairly competitive in the market. We are growing as a company and hope to remain viable and cost effective despite the situation around us.

Q.2. Do you believe that Pakistani Universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your Company strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan?

Mr. Taimur Afzal Khan: Pakistani Universities cannot be all bracketed in one category. There are some universities which are producing talented young men & women for the corporate world, while a lot of others need to improve the quality of their instruction and education. For our company, we tap the usual sources like fresh university graduates through university placement offices and recruitment companies. Read More »

Do Not Want A Bad Impression For My Resume By Opting For Data Entry Jobs; Suggest A Way Out!

July 29th, 2009 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker:

I belong to a poor family. My parents were not able to get me educated from some reputable institution in any of the major cities of the country. Therefore, I got my school and college level education from my own town’s institutes.

I have recently moved to Lahore to find a job, so that I can do MBA from Lahore. Since I don’t have a strong background and have my Bachelors degree from Charsada, my resume is being continuously rejected. The only jobs I am able to find are Data Entry related jobs, but I am afraid, a data entry experience may cause a negative impression while applying for career oriented jobs in the future. Please advise, what should I do to find a better job?


Answer From ROZEE:

Dear Abdul-Ahad,

You are right that it helps to have a degree from a well-known college; this is true world-wide, not just in Pakistan. However, what is also true globally is that there is no replacement of experience that an individual attains from working. My advice to you will be to become a part of the workforce as soon as possible. Read More »

How To Take Your Career To The Next Level!

July 14th, 2009 by Rozee Team

9-editors-choiceWe often struggle with how to take our careers to the next level. It is not uncommon for a talented professional to get stuck in the same role with little upward movement several years into their career. This can be frustrating because it becomes clear that after a certain point, it doesn’t matter how many more hours a day you put in, how loyal you are or how well you do your job. You may flat-line in your career even though you are doing everything right. What to do? Read More »

Director Human Resource, Strategic Systems International – Mr. Aamir Iftikhar Ahmed, Shares With Us The Golden Principles Of His Success.

July 14th, 2009 by Rozee Team

Q.1. What makes your company an attractive employer for job seekers?

Mr. Aamir Iftikhar Ahmed: Strategic Systems International (SSI) is an attractive employer because our employees get the best available exposure in terms of their career growth. We provide world class software development services to software companies, technology consultants, online businesses, and enterprises. With offices and partners in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we serve a growing list of clients from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial startups.

Moreover, working under SSI’s management and technical teams that consist of professionals with international educational and work experiences across broad industry and functional domains is an enriching opportunity to grow professionally. Our experiences span financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and services sectors – in a variety of domains. Our technical prowess comprises design and development as complex as large scale highly analytical software applications.

SSI provides competitive salary and benefits for its employees and comprehensive health benefits. We encourage each employee to pursue professional development opportunities Read More »

Can’t Find a Job Through ROZEE.PK. Please Help!

July 14th, 2009 by Rozee Team

Question from Job Seeker:

Dear ROZEE Team,

I have never got a call from employers via ROZEE.PK. My friends get many calls, interviews and jobs through this website but I have never had any regardless of having an account for the last six months. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my resume or cover letter. Please advise.

Syed Arbab Ahmed

Answer From ROZEE.PK:

Dear Arbab,

We appreciate your interest and trust in choosing ROZEE.PK to find a better job for yourself. Please ask yourself the following questions: Read More »

Virtual Job Fair Gets Hundreds Of Students Jobs.

July 6th, 2009 by aisha.sarwari

vjf_imgWhen Mr. Nasir Ali Khan, Area Talent Sourcing Manager, Pakistan Tobacco Company, decided to participate in the ROZEE.PK Virtual Job Fair in May, he wanted to make sure his booth represented the company’s culture of excellence. So he set out to make his virtual booth the most attractive HR booth at the fair. Read More »

Jobseekers and Employers Celebrate Pakistan’s First Virtual Job Fair by ROZEE.PK!

July 1st, 2009 by Rozee Team

virtualcareereventTotal Users registered
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When Mr. Nasir Ali Khan, Pakistan Tobacco Company Talent Sourcing Manager, decided to participate in the ROZEE.PK virtual job fair in May, he wanted to make sure his booth represented the company’s culture of excellence. So he set out to make his virtual booth the most attractive HR booth at the fair.

Like at other company booths, visitors to the Pakistan Tobacco virtual booth could text chat live with the company’s recruitment staff, read about openings at the company and download information about the agency.

“We gave jobseekers from remote areas and cities an opportunity to get to know us and to connect with us directly,” says Mr. Nasir Ali Khan. Read More »