Your Telephone – The Most Powerful Job Search Tool

March 22nd, 2012 by Rozee Team

We all have telephones, either on the table or in our pockets – believe it or not, the telephone can be employed as a strong tool for your job search. It can either be a huge time eater or an effective networking tool – how you use it, all depends on you. This article details how to make better use of the humble telephone to minimize time wastage and make a greater impact on important contacts.

Basic Problems

Using the phone to climb up that corporate ladder does sound like a daunting challenge; but it is rather easy, all you have to do is talk and we all do it all the time. How to talk? That is a complete different chapter. If you use the phone as if it were a simple transfer device of your voice, there are high chances you will not be able to make a lot of progress. Read More »

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” – Does that Mean I Have to do What Others do Even if it Goes Against My Values in Order to Survive in the Organization?

March 1st, 2012 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker

I come from a religious family and I’m a proud practicing Muslim; the company I work for is a multinational and being such, employs people from very diverse range of cultures and religions. We have gatherings and parties on a regular basis; however I feel like an outcast because I do not indulge in some of the activities that go on during these gatherings. Although I have not felt anything that would suggest I am being tagged as an outcast because of my values; however, I do have a fear that this will eventually catch on.

Any suggestions?

Tariq Rizvi

Answer from ROZEE

Dear Rizvi,

What you are going through is completely understandable. Divided between our faith and our careers we often start assuming things which might not even be there. One starts to anticipate negativity and eventually the negatives do materialize – to start with, stop thinking grim. Pure multinationals that have a diverse workforce do acknowledge and appreciate each and every culture that comes in along with their employees. Read More »

I Have All the Plan to Keep ROZEE as One of My Sourcing Partners for Our Next Manpower Requirement, Says Mr. Zulfiqar Maqbool, Manager Human Resources, Masco Energy Services.

March 1st, 2012 by Rozee Team

Q.1. What makes your company an attractive employer for job seekers?

Mr. Zulfiqar Maqbool: Being one of the pioneers in the Energy Generation Sector of Pakistan, MASCO Energy services has always had leverage in the market. Our Corporate Brand is easily recognized in the Energy Sector. This goes not only for Pakistan, but the whole region. This in return helps us to attract the best talent available. In addition to this, our commitment with our employees has created some great partnerships with our existing employees with some going for more than 3 decades now. The best part about our organization is the management style of MASCO leadership. It gives its employee the opportunity to learn and grow and take decisions, when required. This results in development of employee skills and abilities, thus ending up in a very satisfied work force.

All of this makes us a very attractive company to work for.

Q.2. Human Resources are the first causalities of an economic slowdown. What is your company’s strategy to deal with this challenge?

Mr. Zulfiqar Maqbool: Actually we have other way around. Our company strategy is never for one or two years, we plan ahead and thus keep logical manpower to cater those strategically needs. In case of slow business season, we focus more on Human Resource Development to bring our competency level equal to match our future goals.

Q.3. How has ROZEE helped your firm regarding recruitment i.e. Have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE e.g. Job Fairs/Job Postings/CV Search?

Mr. Zulfiqar Maqbool: We are in constant use of ROZEE recruitment tools, Job Posting and CV search mostly. ROZEE has helped me in finding some really good talent in the past. I have all the plan to keep ROZEE as one of my sourcing partners for our next manpower requirement.

Q.4. What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Mr. Zulfiqar Maqbool: We have a well structured selection process. It includes panel interviews, behavioral interviews and technical tests. In my experience the below 4 traits in sequence makes a candidate stand out. Read More »

Networking No No’s!

March 1st, 2012 by Rozee Team

We have seen the importance of social media in our personal lives and we have also seen its effectiveness when it comes to our careers. These social networking websites have both work and play to offer; however, in the excitement of it all we do go overboard by mixing the two together. Be mindful one should have a clear partition between the personal and professional aspect. This article covers the five most ineffective networking practices

1. Not Keeping in Touch

Most of the times when we add someone to our buddy list, we don’t think twice before clicking the “add friend” button. Once added, we forget about them – not keeping in touch is considered very rude and if the person you recently added happens to be a professional, my friend you just hammered your own foot. Following up with your contacts is very important, once you establish connections with other professionals express your interest and show you are keen to keep in touch. Remember your interaction; make notes if you have to so the next time you interact you are up to date.

2. Pointless Profile Activity

Social networking websites are just like meetings; some are “hang outs” where you can crack jokes, relax and kick back – while others are like “meetings” or “formal gatherings” where you are required to wear particular attire and expected to behave accordingly. Posting inappropriate links, starting pointless discussions or making childish comments will only make your profile weaker. Read More »

Not Only Our HR Team but Our Technical Teams Have Also Shortlisted Resumes from ROZEE.PK’s CV Search Engine, Says Ms. Ayesha Lari, Manager Human Resource, InfoTech Private Limited.

January 27th, 2012 by Rozee Team

Q.1. What makes your company an attractive employer for job seekers?

Ms. Ayesha Lari: InfoTech Pvt Ltd being one of the leading organizations in the IT sector outshines as an employer for its friendly yet competitive environment. The vision encompasses to become a knowledge integration company renowned for its brilliantly build solutions. The provisioning of ample space to play and improve your professional arena and to develop oneself to take on tougher challenges in future.

Q.2. Human Resources are the first causalities of an economic slowdown. What is your company’s strategy to deal with this challenge?

Ms. Ayesha Lari: Well, at Infotech it’s the other way round. Alhamdulillah! We have taken this tough time as an opportunity to prove ourselves more in the industry. Hiring is a continuous process at InfoTech Pvt ltd where we strive to locate, hire and retain the best. Consequently, filtering the ones who cannot take up the challenge in the competitive times.

Here at InfoTech, a keen planning has been done keeping in view Read More »

My Previous Supervisor was Amazing; She was Posted to Another City and a New Manager Replaced Her. I am having Serious Issues with him…How should I proceed with this?

January 27th, 2012 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker

The company I work for is highly professional; there are proper rules and regulations strictly enforced. A proper check and balance ensures a steady smooth work flow. I started having problems when my superior was transferred to another branch; with her I had absolutely no issues. We used to work together brilliantly and I could feel my productivity increased with every passing day since I used learn something new all the time. Now, there sits a new manager in her seat; he has a flirtatious attitude towards almost all the females working in the office, and particularly towards me – perhaps because I am her direct subordinate. Now, I know I have to keep my superiors happy to be successful in the company and I have all the intentions to stay and grow. However, he often suggests me to do things that go against my values. With a performance evaluation coming up, I have no idea what to do. Please help!


Answer from ROZEE

Dear Anonymous,

It is sad to say the least, to hear that you are suffering from an issue that plagues most of us. On the other hand you should consider yourself lucky for being at an organization that has proper policies and procedures for issues. Well, the first thing you do is Read More »

Fluttering Butterflies at the Office???

January 27th, 2012 by Rozee Team

Human beings are emotional animals at the core; a strong affection or attraction can develop anywhere – the street, the neighborhood, universities (ah yes, we have been there haven’t we?). Well, when romance springs up in an office setup it can lead to one of two things; it can either bloom into a beautiful tube rose, tall and magnificent – or, Read More »

Effective Communication

January 3rd, 2012 by Rozee Team

“Communication is not only the essence of being human, but also a vital property of life”. John A. Piece
Communication is around us everywhere. It is lifeblood of every organization and even relationships of all kind. Communication is an interpersonal process of sharing information, knowledge, ideas, opinions, expressions, emotions and many other such things in form of speaking, symbols, thoughts, signs and body language. Communication consists of transmitting information from one person to another, Communication is a learned skill. Speaking, listening and the ability to understand verbal and nonverbal meanings are skills in communication. Communication is the base for whatever we do we would not be able to do even the everyday things that we do on a daily basis. When it comes to the work world, whether it’s a small family run company, or a giant, corporation, communication is the only way to run a business smoothly. Without effective communication, messages can get mixed, and information can be skewed. Whenever communications occur between employees of a business we call it Internal Communication and when businesses communicate with people or other organizations outside we call it external communication. Effective Communication links together all the different activities involved in a business and ensures all employees are working towards the same goal and know exactly what they should be doing and by when. Effective communication is therefore a key to the success of a business. Read More »

Crash Course – Leadership Basics!

January 3rd, 2012 by Rozee Team

Leadership is somewhat an enigma for most of us; we try to be our best at what we do yet still often in our performance review we get to read “lacking leadership skills”. There is a ton of information available over the internet and many articles that define leadership and the skills required to be a leader are free to read – but since all this information is scattered, we only sift through and think we got enough information out of the few articles we found. This article is a summation of all the secrets of the Holy Grail we call “Leadership Skills”

It’s About Making Things Happen

To be a leader, you need to make things happen. Should you come across something that needs to be done, get up and do it. Leadership is not only required in the professional facet of your life, it plays a vital role in your personal as well. If you have dishes to be washed, get it done! If you have assignments to complete, do it! Don’t be lazy or distract yourself from the task at hand. Remember, being professional starts way before you are formally employed, so start today, start now – and get it done, whatever it is you need done!

A Good Listener before a Good Leader

We all know and agree nothing in existence around us is without reason or purpose. Ever wondered why we have two ears and one mouth – think deeper, why do we have 32 bars around our tongue? Read More »

I Find it Hard to Put a Resignation Where I Have Worked for Two Years. How to Go About it?

January 3rd, 2012 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker

I have been working for a company for the last two years. My experience over there has been a roller-coaster ride filled with cheers, fears and a few screams here and there. Recently, I came to know about another opening that seems more promising. Shortly after applying, I was called in for an interview and it was concluded with me that I was selected for the position. Here is where the complication comes in; the company I am presently working with has a knack for clinging on, and it is very hard to part ways decently. How should I go about putting in my resignation without leaving any hard feelings?

Akhtar Ahmad

Answer from ROZEE

Dear Akhtar,

It’s good to hear that you have found a way to climb up that career ladder. Resignation can sometimes be hard, particularly when you have been associated with the company for a while. The key is to keep the entire affair as “brief” as possible. Take it in two steps, the first is a formal resignation letter; the second is Read More »