Although I am Looking for a Decent Position Desperately, I Have Absolutely No Idea as My Temperament is Getting Rather Impatient

November 17th, 2011 by Rozee Team

I have been unemployed for a while now. The company I was working with last had employed me on contract basis. I had a fabulous time there, the management was very kind and cooperative; the nature of the employment required me to be out in the field more than on my desk. I loved every bit of it; sadly, my contract ended and I had to leave. I was sure I will be able to find another position just as rewarding, but after months of desperate searching, I stand corrected. Now, at home and mostly in my room – I have absolutely no idea what to do besides looking for jobs and applying for them. Recently, I noticed a drastic change in my temperament and attitude; I feel agitated most of the times, hyperactive and unsure. What should I do?

Faheem Mushtaq

Answer From ROZEE

Dear Faheem,

Many all over the world particularly in our beloved Pakistan share your situation – so you are not the only one. All is not lost you see, I believe it was Freud who once said Faith often deals a hand of time out – when nothing you do seems to work. However, it is only a question of perception, you can use this down time to worry and be anxious, or you can take this time out as a pit stop during a race where your car gets a fuel top up, new set of tires and your windscreen is cleaned. Faheem, in order to understand the solution you need to make peace with what happened. You were working in an environment that required a lot of moving and physical activity; needless to say you thoroughly enjoyed your time there.

Now that you seem to be idle and not doing much, your mind does not know what to do with all the free time at hand. Here is a solution to that, keep your mind occupied with many opportunities of distraction. What you are slipping into a common state of mind called “fixation” – you are so occupied and focused on getting a job that nothing less than achieving that goal will do. Fixation if left unattended develops into obsession that then brings out aggression and depression and the list of uglies continue. So here is what you do then; polish on your qualifications, read about recent advancements in your field of degree.

If possible, take on a short diploma course; you seem like an “outdoors” guy, join a gym – make sure you get out of your room and home as much as you can, a simple walk can do wonders. If money is a problem as well, consider taking on freelance projects that interest you. Remember, a positive mind will manifest only positive around you. So cheer up! You will secure a good job soon enough, just keep your chin up!

Good luck!

The ROZEE Team

Being the Company’s “Blue Eyed Employee”

November 17th, 2011 by Rozee Team

If we boil it down, there are two basic kinds of employees; those who are liked by all and then there are those who are not. We all have had encounters with colleagues and seniors who seem to be a little too harsh, the “in your face-know it alls” and we do feel a repulsion from them. On the other side, there are also people we appreciate and are keen to interact with. If we observe, the employees who seem to be kind and gentle often climb that company ladder quicker compared to those who are a little over the limit. Why is that so, and if one needs to be kind and professional to grow within the company how does one go about it without the risk of being too sweet?

Step 1: Blending in the Company:

The first step towards becoming the blue-eyed employee of the company is to blend; this might bring up the argument “those who blend are not noticed”; the Chinese came up with a response, “the nail that sticks out, gets hammered”. Read More »

Getting a Good Job, Securing a Stable Career– The Monis Rahman Way!

October 13th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Back in January 2011, Superior University invited Mr. Monis Rahman, the CEO of Naseeb Networks, to enlighten the attendees of the prestigious event in aspects of securing a good job that is not only secure but also leads to a stable growing career. Mr. Monis Rahman is an Electrical Engineer by education but his entrepreneurial nature took him to the stars with his ROZEE.PK venture. As insightful as he is, the fairly young CEO explained the entire process of landing a good job meticulously. Observe the points he laid out:

 Starting the Job Hunt – Grooming Yourself

The hunt for that “good job” does not start by searching for jobs – although most of us would like to think so. In order to secure a good job you will need to be pro-active rather than being reactive. A successful job hunt starts from “self-grooming”. Education; your GPA will only take you that far; because universities and educational institutes no matter how highly rated they are will only be able to educate you that much. Mr. Monis illustrated this by saying that he uses only 5% of the knowledge he picked up at an educational institute, the rest comes from grooming and his observations. Read More »

How Can I Answer Experience-Related Questions at my First Job Interview?

October 13th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker:

 Dear ROZEE.PK, I am a big fan of your blog; as it provides me with great suggestions for my career and professional development. I have recently finished my studies and currently job hunting. Using the tips you have provided I have also made an effectual and up to date resume. However as a newcomer into the job sector, the only thing that worries me; is my lack of experience. Furthermore, I get nervous and doubtful on the prospect of being asked any experience-related or situation based questions, when competently I’m just a novice. Therefore kindly advice me and others like myself that; how can fresh graduates, with no previous work experience, answer tricky questions related to past experiences or problem-solving situations at our first job interviews?

 Imi Malik

 Answer From ROZEE:

 Dear Imi,

 First of all, thank you so much for appreciating our blog and the efforts we put behind it. We hope to continue on playing our role in your career development.

Experience-related or situation based questions are not only tricky and stressful to answer for first timers, but can also prove a hectic ask for most experienced personnel as well. Read More »

A Viewpoint on Working from Home

October 13th, 2011 by Rozee Team

How would you like the idea of being able to sit on your sofa couch while making the next business report for your boss? Or maybe the flexibility to watch your favorite TV show while work hours? These are a couple of possibilities linked to the latest trend of working from home. Not only is working in an office stressful and demanding, but also costly for both employee and employer. Therefore, most people have always considered the idea of working from home at some point, and thanks to technology almost all of them have the options now as well. Considering the financial and personal advantages that full-time employees would have, even if they only worked a couple of days per week from home, most people would consider it the ideal set-up. However, like everything else in life, working from home has both its pros and cons. Read More »

The Management Terminated My Employment; Now They Are Exploiting Me To Come Back. How Should I Respond?

September 16th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker

I have been working in a newly formed Media related company for a year; unfortunately I was terminated without any intimation or warning. The management often praised me for my performance and showed confidence in me as a valuable resource. However, one fine day the HR manager called me and said the management was not satisfied by my performance and they have decided to let me go. The HR manager further added that it would be my choice to either continue working for the rest of the month or leave the position after handing over the official matters to my supervisor. I decided to leave immediately so I handed over everything to my superior and left. Read More »

Avoiding “Bad Company”

September 16th, 2011 by Rozee Team

We often see attractive advertisements from companies; “JOIN US”, “INTERESTED? WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOU”, “WALK IN INTERVIEWS!”, “COMPETITIVE PAY, JOIN UP NOW!” All these seem very interesting and they do tickle the mind of the humble and sincere human resource. However, in some cases companies posting these advertisements are not professional at all – regardless of the time since they opened their doors to business. “How can a company be bad?” that is the question that most of us ask, we look at the advertisement and we apply – right? Read More »

We are Continuously Looking for High Quality and Value Adding People, says Shahzad Saleem, Manager HR, Huawei Technologies

August 17th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Q. 1. Human Resources are the first causalities of an economic slowdown. What is your company’s strategy to deal with this challenge?

Mr. Shahzad Saleem: Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, we have established end-to-end advantages in Telecom Networks, Global Services and Devices. With comprehensive strengths in wireline, wireless and IP technologies, Huawei has gained a leading position in the All-IP convergence age. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries and have served 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom operators, as well as one third of the world’s population.

 Q. 2. How has ROZEE.PK helped your firm regarding recruitment i.e., have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE e.g. Job Fairs/Job Postings/CV Search?

 Mr. Shahzad Saleem: ROZEE.PK has been one of the most effective tools for finding right kind people in a very short period of time, with features like CV search, on-line tests, possibility of shortlisting & sharing CVs on the website with Line Managers; its saves the HR team as well as hiring managers a lot of hassle. Read More »

What Is Better For My Career – Seeking Professional Experience After Bachelors Or Continuing with Masters Right Away?

August 17th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Question from the Job Seeker

 I have recently completed my undergraduate studies with my majors in Finance. My family and friends strongly believe that I should do my Masters without delay. They say that this will offer me better or well-paid job opportunities. However, there are few instructors who say that the job experience is always a better option after Bachelors because it increases the exposure and learning of the professional world. I applied to certain entry level jobs and received job offers. They are surely paying less (as compared to my expectations), but they say that this will increase over the period. My family members are still against it and want me to make the decision. Can you help me figure this out?

Tehreem Sajid

Answer from ROZEE Team

 Dear Tehreem,

 Many fresh graduates experience such career crossroads after their entry in the job market. It is important to make an informed decision at this stage In order to have better future prospects. Your family and friends have genuine concerns because:

 - Many reputable organizations consider Masters as their minimum degree criteria

- Completing Masters/MBA from a prestigious institute increases your chances of well-paid placements Read More »

Telephonic Job Interviews – Five Ways To Ace Them

August 17th, 2011 by Rozee Team

Many employers are resorting to telephonic interviews for recruitment and selection of their employees. In the fast-paced job market, companies try not to compromise on their workforce productivity (as well as costs). For convenience and cost-effectiveness, several organizations perform their job interviews over the phone.

 Telephonic interviews are not restricted to any specific level of job. Fresh graduates to top-managers could be interviewed for a job over a phone call. You might also have experienced a pre-screening conversation from a prospective employer or even a detailed final interview conducted over the phone. Apparently, some people would consider telephonic job interviews as relatively “easier” since you are not required to show up in person Read More »