Managing A Gap In Your Professional Career (Part 2)

January 5th, 2010 by ROZEE Team

As we all realize that regardless of the stability of the professional field in which a person is, and no matter how efficiently an employee performs, it is quite possible that anyone can face a layoff at any part of one’s career road. Other than a layoff, it is quite common for job seekers to leave the workforce because of a disability, illness, maternity, education, or even a challenging job search. Previously, we discussed several ways as to how to carry yourself through an employment gap in the most beneficial ways possible. Continuing to the subject, we will now discuss that, as a job seeker, how can you help employers feel confident about hiring you even after an employment gap. Read More »

Managing A Gap In Your Professional Career

December 29th, 2009 by ROZEE Team

Editor's ChoiceNo matter how hardworking and responsible an employee you are, it is quite possible that you might find yourself out of job for a significant period of time at some point in your life, especially in the era of this global economic recession, which is wiping out jobs at an alarming pace, with tens of thousands of new layoffs by some of the biggest names in business. However, the trick is to keep this period from hurting your long-term professional career. A gap in job history is one of the things that causes the most stress and fear in the hearts and minds of the job seeker. This tactic is called managing the gap in your professional career in case of a layoff.

People are much concerned about getting back in the workforce after a gap in their employment. Especially when one considers the bad experiences some employers have had when they take a chance on people with a gap in their employment history. Additionally, the job market Read More »

Career Stability – A Sound Employment History On Your Resume

December 17th, 2009 by ROZEE Team

affiliate-marketing-294x300In most professional fields, career stability is a very important trait that companies look for in new employees. It is important to demonstrate long-term commitment to your company and focus on the development opportunities within that company. Conventional HR wisdom holds that hiring managers prefer job candidates with years of experience at their previous companies. Employers want candidates with stable track records, the ones who have demonstrated loyalty and commitment to their firms.

The Dilemma of Career Stability

Some job candidates are penalized for too much job switching displayed on their résumé, while others are labeled Read More »

Career Networking – A Good Recipe For Professional Success

December 11th, 2009 by ROZEE Team

Editor's ChoiceCareer networking is a significant milestone in one’s professional life. In some organizations, especially in Pakistan, when employers are hiring new staff, their first inclination is typically towards employee referrals or internal searches. Both the job seekers and professionals need to have a network of contacts that can provide them career support, professional information and new vacancies, if any. Productive networking does not mean making use of your contacts for all they are worth. It means participating in a process of give-and-take, where people benefit from and help each other.

Career and professional networking means to establish relationships so that you can enlist support and comfortably ask for ideas, advice and Read More »

Email Etiquettes – An Important Aspect of Professional Communication

December 3rd, 2009 by ROZEE Team

editors-choiceEmail etiquette and manners have been around for years, but they are far more important in this age than ever before. Implementing proper email etiquette into daily cyber communication should be a custom for everyone. A person, who displays proper etiquette while writing an email message, not only feels good about himself he also makes those around him feel important and respected. Email etiquette are important in a social environment, as well as in a business setting. Displaying proper email etiquette will get you noticed and, obviously, being noticed is great in many aspects.


‘Netiquettes’ is the name given to the email etiquettes by the cyber gurus, which means the etiquettes of communication via Internet. Although netiquettes concerns all the various customs and conventions we follow when writing and sending messages through Internet, but in this article Read More »

Why Is It Essential To Keep An Updated Resume

November 24th, 2009 by ROZEE Team

editors-choice-imageAll of you must have read a lot about ‘creating’ an effective resume. Well, that is indeed very important in order to start a professional life and also to excel in your career. However, the most crucial  step after creating a resume is to ‘maintain’ and ‘update’ it. Whether you are on the hunt for a new job or already enjoying a professional career, keeping your resume up-to-date is of great significance.

Be Organized Beforehand

Coming up with an accurate and interesting resume in a very limited time can be very disorderly. In the professional world you never know when you might need to submit it, so you should regularly update your resume with relevant accomplishments, new job duties, recently achieved certifications, contact information and other similar achievements. This is Read More »

LUMS Marketing Colloquium – Unison Between Corporate And Academic Worlds

November 16th, 2009 by Rozee Team

editors-choice1“This may seem simple, but you need to give customers what they want, not what you think they want. And, if you do this, people will keep coming back.” – John Ilhan

The money-making machine of every industry is its product or services. The most important factor in determining how the products or services sell is, without a doubt, the customer itself. But if the formula for business success is indeed so straightforward, then why is it that companies are often seen struggling with sales targets? Why do products often fail to even meet their launch volumes? Why do even the most glamorous marketing campaigns crumble in front of the increasing demands of the consumer?

All the factors of market dynamics and ever-changing consumer behaviours that might provide answers to the above are further complicated by variations in global economy. And with the current financial fiasco threatening to bring down any business with a weak approach towards cash-generation, it becomes imperative that organizations brace themselves for the oncoming problems through a determined, cohesive business strategy built around strong theoretical support. Read More »

Fresh Graduates Vs Experienced Professionals

November 4th, 2009 by Rozee Team

editors-choice-nov-3rd-091Many successful companies, both national and multi-national, pride themselves on recruiting the best employees, and tag their workforce as being the secret of their success. This set of employees consists of a combination of both experienced and fresh professionals. Two key points in this regard would be the role of employees in the attainment and success of company goals and their own career and personal growth.

Young Vs Experienced Human Resources – An Overview

Starting out as a young professional one is more flexible, eager to work for longer hours and more passionate about coming up with innovative ideas for the company. On the other hand, senior personnel tend to have a great deal of experience; they have explored different phases of their professional life and use their previously learnt experiences to come up with better solutions in different situations. Read More »

Why Job Seekers Miss Out On Good Opportunities?

October 22nd, 2009 by Rozee Team

editors-choice-missing-out-on-job-oppJob Seekers who believe that they have an ideal educational background and job experience for a particular job, when later find out that another applicant has been selected, should know that they are not alone. Even with a perfect resume, excellent skills set and brilliant interview talent, things can go twisted.

This article contains some of the basic reasons of why job seekers miss out on good job opportunities. We have also included some key solutions that will help our job seekers minimize their chances of losing one of their dream jobs.

1. Importance of a Cover Letter

A well-presented Cover Letter definitely creates a good impression on the employers. Getting the basics right, easily makes a difference and allows an application to stand out in the competition. Read More »

Why ROZEE.PK is Pakistan’s # 1 Job Website?

September 30th, 2009 by Rozee Team

job1ROZEE.PK is built upon job seeker success stories – there are hundreds of jobs sourced annually for thousands of employers. Four years and growing, ROZEE.PK is Pakistan’s most sought after website for job seekers and recruiters.

To enjoy this level of support from its users, ROZEE.PK’s has 10 major factors contributing to this young company’s journey from zero-market share to becoming a household name in the country.

Easy to Use Site for Job Seekers

When asked about the priority list of the architects of ROZEE.PK, the first is to give the job seeker the fastest and easiest way to search and apply to jobs. Read More »